Mackie Thump215 Powered Speaker (1x15", 1400 Watts)

Mackie Thump215 Powered Speaker (1x15", 1400 Watts)

With a redesigned 15-inch woofer, 1400 watts of power, and built-in feedback elimination and music ducking, the Thump215 is ready for any gig or rehearsal.

Mackie Thump15A Powered Speaker (1300 Watts, 1x15")

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Meet the updated, upgraded 15" Mackie Thump! Modernized design, 1300 watts of power, and DSP from Mackie's SRM series make these PA speakers a superb value.

Delivering proven, chest-thumping low-end in an extremely affordable package, the 1300W Mackie Thump15A 15" powered poudspeaker has been redesigned from the ground up to sound better than ever. Thump features an all-new amplifier design with Dynamic Bass Response for chest-thumping low end. Plus, the flexible built-in 2 channel mixer features Vita preamps with Wide-Z technology that handle mic, instrument or line signals with ease. Application-specific speaker modes let you dial in the system at the push of a button. And with an all-new professional enclosure and robust system protection, you can walk into your next gig with confidence.

Get a quick overview of the Mackie Thump loudspeaker series in this video:


- 15" high-output woofer / 1.4" titanium dome compression driver
- 1300W of ultra-efficient Class-D power: LF 1000W and HF 300W
- Next-generation system protection and thermal limiting keep your system safe
- All-new amplifier design with Dynamic Bass Response technology allows for incredibly fast transient response delivering more chest-thumping low-end than ever
- Built-in 2-channel mixer features Vita preamps with Wide-Z technology to handle mic, line and instrument signals with ease
- XLR Thru output allows for simple wired connection to other Thump loudspeakers
- Flexible mounting options including tripod and pole-mounting
- Dual-angle design perfect for use as a read more stage monitor
- Four application-specific speaker modes for instant system optimization
- Precision digital crossover
- Transducer time alignment
- Universal power supply (100-240VAC) with Power Factor Correction technology ensures consistent performance even with unstable AC power
- Completely redesigned professional enclosure designed for heavy use
- Loading in and out is easy with a 4-handle design
- 40 lbs. / 18.1 kg
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Height: 27.0 in / 686 mm
Width: 17.4 in / 442 mm
Depth: 14.0 in / 356 mm
Weight: 34.8 lb / 15.8 kg

For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Phone: 800-898-3211

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"For the money"
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My standard introductory precursor. Don't push them beyond the limits of their specific design criteria and they will serve you well. They're not an upper end EV, QSC or JBL so don't expect them to be. For the money, they're exceptional and do many things well. Best of all, they play hard with a reasonable degree of clarity. When I say reasonable I mean if you walked past them at a show you wouldn't have any complaints however compared to better speakers nothing jumps out at you and just grabs a hold of you. They can get a bit muddled in the mid bass region and mid-range which is critical for vocals but keep in mind 15-in woofers really aren't the best in those regions in terms of impulse response mid-range clarity or off axis response. Lower end polypropylene plastic enclosures also don't do the best job of controlling resonance so you've got to expect a loss of clarity. That's just going to be commensurate with the price point. It's designed to be bass heavy as a standalone but honestly some clever eq'ing along with a proper sub and a crossover point of 100 works quite nicely with these and frees them up to do a better job across the entire spectrum. Due to the prominent bass and fact that you can choose an EQ curve as one of the presets to exaggerate that even more, it makes a pretty good Kick drum monitor as well. As far as price to performance ratio goes I would have zero complaints. It will do everything a weekend musician needs it to do quite adequately. After auditioning read more and doing side by side comparisons, I do believe there are some other speakers in this price range that actually sound a bit better but I don't think any of those will play as hard as the Thump, When you consider anybody buying in this price range is looking for a compromise between sound pressure and clarity, I believe the thumb takes the win overall. It's money well spent.

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