Mackie ProFX16v3 Professional USB Mixer, 16-Channel

Mackie ProFX16v3 Professional USB Mixer, 16-Channel

THE workhorse compact mixer! Mackie's 3rd-gen ProFX16 gives you 11 Onyx mic preamps, one-knob compressors on 8 channels, 2x4 USB I/O and 24 built-in effects!

Mackie Onyx 1640 16-Channel Mixer

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Mackie Onyx 1640 Mixer Customer Review
This is a nice starter board for the home studio and a great board for a small band. I'd say better for live sound than recording, but it depends on your preference. It would work fine with an outboard HD recorder.

The preamps are very nice, clean and uncolored. This board has many features that make it desireable.

Mine came with the firewire card. I would not recomend it for serious recording via the firewire card though. Totally do-able if you use tracktion (the mackie redording software) and are not interested in studio quaility recording. But if you use a cpu hogging program like Sonar (which gives a better end result than traction, despite being difficult to use by comparison)you better have a very up to date computer or you will not get good results. Seriously disturbing latency problems with high end recording software like Sonar Producer edition.

Ease of Use
The tlyaout for this board is a little tight i question the wisdom of the attempt at making it rack mountable. Whose rack is that deep?

The board fires up every time, but the firewire card is often not recognized by a typical PC. It's a firewire problem, and while not unsurmountable it is a little frustrating. Also, the thing should have had two signal paths available to the Firwire card, assignable by a button, rather than only preamp to card bypasssing basically the rest read more of the board. I'd love to try those perkins EQ's in my mix without having to patch through two cannels.

Manufacturer Support
Mackie support was fantastic at giving answers, although sometimes the answer was sorry that's just how it is.

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