Ludwig LC175 Accent Drive Complete Drum Kit (5-Piece)

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Build a solid foundation for a beginner drummer. An excellent starter kit, Ludwig's LC175 Accent Drive drum set comes complete with cymbals and hardware.

Any serious musician will tell that mastering your instrument happens much more quickly when you start with a solid foundation. Your Ludwig LC175 Accent Drive complete drum kit gives you everything you need to get your feet off the ground (and onto the kick and hat pedals). This all-inclusive beginner's kit includes a kick drum, a snare drum, two mid toms, a floor tom, a hi-hat stand, 13" hi-hat cymbals, a crash cymbal, a snare and hi-hat stand, a kick drum pedal, and a throne. Get everything you need to get going with Ludwig's Accent Drive drum set!

The Ludwig Name

Many of the world's best drummers use Ludwig kits. Ludwig has been designing and building kits for over 100 years, and a long history of production means this company knows how to create a drum set that will stand tall and sound great gig after gig. Your LC175 Accent Drive kit packs quite a punch for a starter kit and comes ready to rock right out from the box, so you can start working on your technique without delay.

Comes with a Crash Cymbal to Keep Both Arms Busy

One very important skill for any drummer to learn is complete limb independence. Since this beginner's kit comes with a crash cymbal, you can place it away from your hi-hat and treat it like a ride cymbal -- playing it lightly to get the right sound. This way you'll not only work on your dynamics, but you'll also always have something to do with your right hand -- besides hitting your hi-hat or toms -- to get each limb locked into its own world read more of rhythmic perfection.

Three Toms and a Snare for Wild Fills

How much fun would a drum kit be without an array of toms to color in your fills? Your LC175 Accent Drive drum kit comes with a 6.5" by 14" snare drum and three toms -- an 8" by 10" tom, a 9" by 12" tom, and a 16" by 16" floor tom. You'll never find yourself short on skins to hit with this complete kit, and your fills will never be empty of flair or finesse.

Double-Braced Hardware

Your kit will always stand up to the task, practice session after practice session, and gig after gig. That's due to Ludwig's durable double-braced hardware. Your stands and your throne will hold your cymbals, drums, and your body securely, so you can keep your complete focus on your technique and simply enjoy all the delights that a full kit has to offer.


- Complete kit with five drums, hi-hat and crash cymbals, and double-braced hardware
- 6.5" by 14" snare drum
- 8" by 10" tom
- 9" by 12" tom
- 16" by 16" floor tom
- 16" by 22" kick drum
- Snare stand
- Cymbal stand
- Drum throne
- Hi hat stand
- kick drum pedal
- 13" hi hats
- 16" crash cymbal
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Ludwig LC175 Accent Drive Drum Kit

The Ludwig LC175 Accent Drive drum set is an all-inclusive drum set designed for the beginning drummer. The Accent series upgrades include Micro classic lugs and contemporary drum sizes; all of this at an affordable price.


- 8 x 10" tom
- 9 x 12" tom
- 16 x 16" floor tom
- 16 x 22" bass drum
- 6.5 x 14" snare drum

200 Series Hardware Pack:

- Double braced
- Snare stand
- Cymbal stand
- Hi Hat stand
- Bass pedal
- Drum throne
- Cymbals:
- 13" hi hats
- 16" crash

Pictured in Black and White finish.

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Submitted November 17, 2014 by William C in Rochester, MN

"Ludwig Drums"

Overall: 5 out of 5 stars
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I love the drums. These are NOT a starter drum set as the quality is way to high for that. I put a pillow in the base drum as many of the youtube drum video people say to do and it sounds great. I left the front head on the base drum uncut and its got a deep powerful sound. These drums are worth much more than the price. You will be VERY happy with the drums. When you can you will want to upgrade the cymbals as they are cheap. I bought the Zildjan ZBT Cymbal set from zZounds and later added a couple Zildjan ZHT Fast Crash Cymbals from zZounds too. They will take very good care of you.

Musical Background:

Use to play in a Rock band when I was a kid and now 45 years later I'm playing drums at home and maybe will start at Church play

Musical Style:

Rock and now Christian.
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