Line 6 PowerCab 112 Speaker System (250 Watts, 1x12")

Get authentic amp responsiveness when using your favorite modeling system with the Line 6 PowerCab 112, complete with flat response and six speaker models.

The Line 6 Powercab 112 is a 1x12 active speaker system that delivers an authentic "amp-in-the-room" playing experience when paired with any modeler. When set to Flat mode, you simply plug your modeler in and play; Powercab 112 amplifies the sound of your presets as they are, much like a standard "FRFR" speaker system -- but with the response and feel of an actual guitar amplifier.

Now imagine having an empty 1x12 speaker cabinet that you can instantly load with any one of six classic speaker types just by pressing a button. Setting the Powercab 112 to Speaker Modeling mode enables you to do just that -- virtually -- using a new technology developed by Line 6. Simply bypass the speaker cabinet models in your modeler's signal chain and let Powercab 112 provide the sound and feel of playing through those classic speakers.

The Powercab 112 guitar speaker system accomplishes this by combining a clean 250-watt power amplifier with a custom hybrid coaxial speaker. The speaker combines the range, clarity, and power-handling capabilities of a PA speaker, with the rapid transient response of a guitar speaker, in just the right measure to function optimally in both Flat and Speaker Modeling modes. And Powercab 112 is loud, producing a room-filling 125dB SPL maximum volume.

In addition to sounding and responding like a true guitar cab, the Powercab 112 guitar speaker system also looks like one. Sturdily constructed of plywood, with a unique curved back that adds rigidity and decreases read more weight, Powercab 112 weighs a gig-friendly 35 pounds (16 kgs). And a flip-out kickstand allows it to be angled toward the performer, whether used in the backline or as a frontline monitor.


- 1x12 active speaker system for use with amp modelers
- Provides an authentic "amp-in-the-room" playing experience with any modeler
- Choice of flat response or six classic guitar speaker models
- 250-watt amplifier delivers up to 125dB Peak SPL
- 12" custom hybrid coaxial driver
- 70 Hz - 20 kHz neutral frequency response in Flat mode
- Curved plywood construction results in a cabinet that is solid yet lightweight

Need even more? Available separately, the Powercab 112 PLUS active guitar speaker system offers all of the above, plus powerful advanced features such as a 2-inch LCD, 128 user preset locations, MIDI In/Out, AES/EBU and L6 LINKTM digital I/O, a multipurpose second input, a USB audio interface, and loading of up to 128 third-party speaker cabinet impulse responses (IRs).


The Powercab 112 guitar speaker system for modelers looks, sounds, and responds like a professional guitar amplifier, because that is essentially what it is. In Flat Mode, Powercab 112 delivers a neutral frequency response from 70Hz to 20kHz with plenty of headroom. There is no need to adjust your modeler's settings—your presets will sound just the way you expect them to. But what most clearly differentiates the Powercab 112 from other products is Speaker Modeling.


The sound of great amplifiers is due to the speaker as much as from the other components, yet until now no one has modeled an actual speaker driver alone, independently from the cabinet it happens to be loaded into. Line 6 has done just that by creating models of six classic and boutique speakers which drive a custom-designed hybrid coaxial loudspeaker. A lightweight cone and high-temperature 2" voice coil deliver the punch and dynamic response you expect from a guitar speaker, along with the wide range of a PA speaker. This design adds unparalleled authenticity to the speaker models, and consequently the sound of your amp modeler, preamp, or even your stompbox amp-simulator.


The Powercab 112 features a highly efficient 250-watt power amplifier capable of producing up to 125dB Peak SPL—enough volume to fill a small club or medium-sized venue. And Powercab 112 is constructed to withstand the rigors of the road, while also being compact and weighing a mere 35 pounds (16 kgs). There's also an XLR output featuring optimized microphone emulation for direct connection to a P.A., and foldout kickstands facilitate angled backline placement or use as an angled floor monitor.


Although Powercab 112 was engineered to deliver superb results with any modeler, it is the perfect sonic complement to Line 6 Helix guitar processors, completing the chain -- from guitar input to guitar speaker.
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Dimensions and Weight in Packaging
Base Item
Shipping Weight: 42 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 28 x 22 x 18 in
Manufacturer Part Number (MPN): 99-010-7005

For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Phone: 818-575-3600

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Submitted September 16, 2019 by Johnathan Nance in simpsonville, SC

"Kinda On the fence"

Overall: 3.5 out of 5 stars
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Usually I'm pretty optimistic. Honestly, I connected my helix and expected to be blown away. I was not. After about 30 minutes I had repackaged it and planned to return it. At conception it sounded horrific. What they dont tell you is that you probably need to re-tweak EVERYTHING when you go this route. So I spent atleast 2 hours a day for a solid week working on amp/cabinet modeling. Tip: increase your output signal +20db is probably the only way you'll get some salvageable volume out of it. Its not that it's a bad product or a bad idea, but its not sliced bread. Think about it like raisin bread: it requires more time. Anyway, my goal is not to use it as a monitor 100% of the time but to use it as a stand-alone in venues that don't offer house PA (which some don't) so this is replacing my solid-state amp. Again, not bad, but it took me a week to get to the point where I may keep it, but its going to take another week to finish tweaking my overdrives and EQs. I just expected a more plug-n-play type of situation. Please visit the Line 6 forums and threads before purchasing.
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