Line 6 Mobile In iOS Audio Interface for iPhone and iPad

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Record a guitar, bass, or stereo keyboard directly to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. With the Mobile In audio interface and Mobile POD amp-modeling app.

The Line 6 Mobile In interface and free Mobile POD app bring rich guitar tones and best-in-class audio quality to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Just plug your guitar or bass into the interface for studio-quality sound and enjoy great results when you record into GarageBand and other iOS music apps. With Mobile In, it's easy to make the most of your favorite apps.

Studio Quality for Serious Sound

The Mobile In digital interface features pro specifications for full, clear guitar tones: up to 24-bit/48 kHz audio quality throughout, and 110 dB dynamic range on the guitar input. Unlike other devices that connect to the analog headphone jack of an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, Mobile In attaches via the 30-pin connector for a high-quality, all-digital signal path. Clean tones sparkle and sing, effect-laden tones are rich and colorful, and high-gain tones are powerful and feedback-free.

Mobile In is also the high-quality way to record stereo audio sources to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Simply connect a keyboard, mixer, CD player or even another iOS device to the stereo line input.

32 Amps, 16 Cabs and More

Leading guitarists depend on POD for amazing tone in studios and on stages around the world. The Mobile POD app brings these legendary guitar tones -- the same ones found the award-winning Line 6 POD 2.0 and Pocket POD products -- to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

32 amps, 16 stompbox and rack effects, and 16 speaker cabinets give you immediate access to read more an impressive array of sounds. The intuitive graphical display makes it easy to tweak and save your custom tones. You can also take advantage of over 10,000 Mobile POD presets designed by artists, Line 6 and other players, right on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. To top it all off, Mobile POD also lets you play along with your entire iTunes library.

The Ultimate Jam-along Experience

Designed to work together, Mobile In and Jammit let you immerse yourself in your favorite artists' original recordings and play along with incredibly authentic guitar tones. The award-winning Jammit app is the first to let you jam with real, multi-track master recordings from a wide variety of popular artists. Just plug your guitar into the Mobile In interface to access legendary POD tones perfectly matched to a variety of Jammit songs.

Jammit is available as a free download from the App Store. You can purchase individual songs through the app or the Jammit website.


- Mobile In digital interface delivers superior audio clarity
- Up to 24-bit/48 kHz audio quality
- 110 dB dynamic range on guitar input
- Stereo line input
- Compatible with GarageBand, Jammit and other music creation apps
- Powered by your iOS device, no additional power supply or batteries needed
- Mobile POD app (free download)
- 32 amps, 16 stompboxes and 16 speaker cabinets
- Over 10,000 presets designed by artists, Line 6 and other players
- Built-in chromatic tuner; Auto Mute lets you tune in silence
- Includes 6' guitar cable
- Works with iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPad (3rd generation), iPad 2, iPad, and iPod touch

More on the Jammit iOS App

Digital audio technology innovators Line 6 and award-winning iOS app makers Jammit have partnered to create the ultimate guitar jamming, recording and learning experience for iPhone(R) and iPad(R).

The companies have collaborated to create a system that allows the guitarist's sound to instantly match that of the guitar part played on the original song. By integrating the Jammit software with artist sounds and the Line 6(R) Mobile In(TM) guitar interface, the experience of playing with the original master recordings is taken to a nearly magical level for players of all abilities and styles.

"The Jammit app gives guitarists a uniquely inspiring way to do what they've always wanted to do: play their favorite songs with their favorite bands," said Line 6 co-founder Marcus Ryle. "What used to be complex and costly is now easily accessible to all guitarists--so they can focus on playing instead of on how to get a certain sound."

"Line 6 is known for great guitar tones and rock-solid interfaces, which are a perfect fit for Jammit," commented Scott Humphrey, CEO of Jammit. "This is the missing link that delivers a turnkey solution for a deeper, more robust Jammit experience."

Released in 2011, Jammit is the first music software to isolate individual audio tracks within original multi-track master recordings. Jammit allows musicians to learn, jam and record along with their favorite songs as played by a variety of popular artists. Each guitar, bass, drums, keyboard or vocal track can be isolated for closer scrutiny, looped for extended practice or slowed down to a comfortable pace for beginning players.

The Line 6 Mobile In digital interface connects a guitar to the iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch, and also unlocks added functionality within the Jammit app. When Mobile In is connected, Jammit will load amp and effect sounds custom matched to the song, automatically changing the sound when appropriate as the song plays.

As the highest-quality guitar system for iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch, the Mobile In digital interface features professional specifications for rich, clear guitar tones: up to 24-bit/48 kHz audio quality throughout, and 110 dB dynamic range on the guitar input. Unlike other devices that connect to the analog headphone jack of an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch, Mobile In attaches via the 30-pin connector for a high-quality, all-digital signal path. Mobile In also features a stereo line input for connection additional devices.

Jammit is available as a free download from the App Store. Songs range in price from $1.99 to $5.99.

iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch are trademarks of Apple, Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc. Apple is not responsible for the operation of this device or its compliance with safety and regulatory standards.

Note: This product uses a 30-pin Apple dock connector.
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For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Phone: 818-575-3600

Reviewers gave this product an overall rating of 2.5 out of 5 stars. (5 ratings)
Submitted January 31, 2012 by Marc B in New Haven, CT
"Compatibility problems, iffy physical connection"
Overall: 2.5 out of 5 stars
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If you're primary interest is in running Line 6's Mobile POD app, then this accessory is fine. Otherwise be warned that, despite the CoreAudio designation, this accessory has compatibility problems (i.e. it's presence is not acknowledged) with most other CoreAudio apps I've tested. It's up in the air at present as to whether this is Line 6's issue or Apple's issue. (Some reports indicate it is specific to iOS 5.) In either case, the product is largely unusable until one or the other takes the initiative and fixes the problem. So... sound quality is excellent; as advertised it is a HUGE improvement over any accessory that plugs into the headphone jack. Ease of use: well it's dead simple to plug it in, but then it may or may not work, so sort of a loaded question. Features: limited support for 3rd party apps = not good. Quality: I am really unimpressed with the physical design - the way it sits off-center on the iPhone, and the way it feels like it might detach (or even damage the IO port) in a stong breeze. Wow factor? Hmm, well I guess I did really want it before I tried it. :/ As for mfr support, here is a point of concern. Line 6 was always an excellent company in this regard, but I feel they are beginning to diversify too much, and it has taken its toll on their customer support. Their reps simply don't understand their own product line anymore, and realistically, how could they? I've read Line 6 reps posting misinformation about Bluetooth compatibiltity online, read more and more importantly I infer that Line 6 hasn't quite gotten this product working with iOS 5. In summary: If you want to Mobile POD, buy this. Otherwise, test first and be wary of OS updates.

Musical Background:
Hobbyist, many years

Musical Style:
Rock, and a little of everyhing else.
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