Line 6 DT50H Guitar Amplifier Head (50 Watts)

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- Advanced HD modeling technology
- Reinhold Bogner's most flexible tube design
- (2) 12AX7 preamp, (2) EL34 power amp (25W/50W)
- Simple and straightforward 2-channel design
- Each channel: Drive, Bass, Mid, Treble, Presence, Reverb, Channel Volume
- Master volume
- High and Low inputs
- Reconfigurable analog components (Class A/Class AB; Pentode/Triode)
- Complete, one-touch analog reconfiguration (via Channel select switch)
- Low-power mode
- MIDI in and out
- L6 LINK in/thru connection for POD HD integration
- Footswitch jack for channel switching
- Serial effect loop with level control
- XLR direct out with cabinet simulation and ground lift switch
- 4, 8 and 16-ohm speaker outs
If you have additional warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer at 818-575-3600
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Line 6 DT50H Amp Head Customer Review
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I like this amp very very much. With the HD500 the tone dialing seems endless. As far as I can tell, I won't need anything else for a guitar rig/setup. I'm always looking for guitars(I have G.A.S.)but my main 3 now seem to help dial, with the HD500/DT50 setup. any sound I can imagine. So in closing, the tones are the most I like about the DT50 and the least I like about it is the weight, I am over 50, but will still haul it around to have the sounds/tones that this thing puts out.

The DT50 is the best sounding amp I own, I've had Marshall, Peavey, Crate, and Harmomy tube amps, The tones are very nice by itself. Along with the HD500, I can dial in any tone I desire. For a live situation it sounds great in a band mix.

There are plenty of features for using this as a straight up amp, ex. Channel A/B select,4 voice selects, Class A/B select, Pent-ode/Triode select, Low/High (25W/50W)select, Link6 with the HD500, Midi capabilities, Direct line out. To me that's pretty feature orientated for a stand alone amp. I had read that there wasn't any casters on the cabinet, I was pleasantly surprised when it came shipped with removable casters. Nice!!

Ease of Use
The tones you desire can be dialed in simply, by turning a couple of knobs and toggles. With the HD500, the dialed in tone can be saved as a patch for future use.

I haven't had it that long but it seems sturdy and built to last.

A read more bit pricey, but the tones are simply beautiful, The last time I was this giddy (I'm an old fart, I shouldn't be getting "giddy") about a peace of music equipment, was when I purchased a pair of Mackie studio speakers for my little project studio. My take on the price part is you get what you pay for. Kudos and Thanks to ZZounds for selling this to me. Very easy to deal with.

Manufacturer Support
Yes, Line 6 does have support, and it takes a while to get a hold of "a person" to talk to. best time to call is in the morning Pacific time. The reason I had to call was because of a slight "static noise", that is kind of irritating at lower volumes in a quiet room. The reason I rated this a "9", really is Line 6's fault. but the nearest service center is 60 miles away.

The Wow Factor
In the past, never quite satisfied with the sound of my rigs, but now I can dial in a tone that states, SEXY.

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Musical Style:
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