Lexicon I-ONIX FW810S FireWire Recording Audio Interface

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Get superior sound in one small rack unit with this interface, which features ultra low-noise dbx mic preamps on each channel.
With a wealth of features - including dbx high-voltage, ultra low noise mic pre's, Pantheon II reverbs, and a powerful software mixing board with dbx dynamics and hardware monitor reverb - the Lexicon Ionix FW810S is more than just an 8-in, 10-out FireWire audio interface. It's a pro recording studio contained in a single rack unit.

The high-voltage, ultra low noise dbx mic pre's on every channel provide optimal timbre and tonality on every track. And the newly updated Pantheon II plug-in provides smooth, lush Lexicon reverbs for creating ideal sonic spaces.

With built-in dbx Type IV(TM) conversion, your digital recordings will preserve their dynamic range even when levels get too high. They'll acquire that forgiving, oversaturated quality once only found on big analog recorders. Type IV conversion actually gives you more headroom, capturing subtle details in higher level signals instead of hard clipping them.

Plus, the Lexicon Ionix FW810S adds a powerful software Mixer with integrated dbx dynamics (compresser, gate, limiter, EQ) to your digital audio workstation. The Mixer's true-to-life interface design feels familiar from the second you start it, making it easy to adjust levels, route signals through 8 inputs and 10 outputs, and apply and preview reverbs and dynamics. And the Ionix FW810S does the processing, so you can mix and fine tune your recordings in real time with zero latency. You can even save and load snapshots of mixer settings. Save and load up to five monitor mixes - read more one for the main control mix, and up to four for individual band members. Or assign the Ionix FW810S to start up with a snapshot.

With so many powerful and useful recording studio tools, it's more than just a FireWire interface. It's the Lexicon Ionix FW810S.

The powerful software Mixer lets you easily route signal paths and apply real-time dynamics (compressor, limiter, gate) and EQ adjustments. The Ionix software suite also includes the new Pantheon II reverb plug-in from Lexicon and Toontrack's EZ Drummer Lite. And it all works together seamlessly in Cubase LE 4 (also included).
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Zero latency Lexicon monitor reverb

dbx(R) high-voltage, ultra low noice mic pre's on all 8 channels

dbx dynamics (compressor, limiter, gate, EQ) on all 8 channels

6 analog combi-jack inputs on the rear panel for mic/line inputs

2 front panel combi-jacks accept mic, line, or instrument signals

Type IV conversion feature emulates tape saturation at high levels

Zero latency mixer hardware plug-in with dbx dynamics and a hardware monitor reverb

44.1 to 96KHz sample rates, 24 bit processing

8 analog TRS outputs (7.1 surround capable) and stereo main (control room) outs

Stereo S/PDIF digital I/O

MIDI In and Out

FireWire 400 connection to DAW

Software suite includes Steinberg's Cubase LE 4, Toontrack EZ Drummer lite, and Lexicon Pantheon II reverb plug-in

Supports Windows(R) and Mac(R) platforms
If you have additional warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer at 801-568-7567
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Submitted September 29, 2010 by a customer from netcologne.de
"A ingenius low-cost Live-Unit!"
Lexicon was really early out on the market with this unit! I think that there will be a flod of similar units coming soon, most not being better - some improving things, but certainly being more expensive...

PreAmps are flawless! Has a truly warm and "un-digital" sound. When using the Pantheon Reverb, I must admit -as a Convolutin Reverb-fan - that it beats everything I have heard in Reverbs!! - if you listen to sounds solo through the PlugIn, it's not the "best" - but it does something with the mix if I use it!! - it's just like glue! It just sounds as it's supposed to sound... weird, but true!

I bought this unit for my Horn-Section for playing live! Having hi-quality pre-amps all with; - 48 V - Comp/Lim, EQ, Reverb - Easy access to a volume knob for each instrument - all in just 1 HE!! ..makes this unit quite incredible, actually! All the features are standard, nowadays (as of fall 2010) - but still now - not in this size, and absolutely not in this quality!

Ease of Use
Well. All good things have a flip-side; The software that controls the unit, is almost fancyfull spartanic... For all of those wanting bling and glowing colours... this is not for them. On the other hand; It works. It does exactly what it's supposed to do. That's good. The features are rather limited, though. One can make a setup, save it - and the unit will read more startup with this setup next power-up. Good for live-use, where no Laptop is wanted. (On the other hand; IF something is wrong - you can't change anything... so you better take the laptop along... just in case!)

If I would have gotten a "blind-unit" - e.g. a unit with no name/brand on it; I would NEVER had said that it's a Lexicon!! NEVER! This suprises me quite alot, actually. It reminds me more of the "Tank-design" of the Pro-Reverbs, like 480+960. It's really sturdy! All metal casing. No cheap knobs on the front (although not metal). All connections are perfect fitted. This is really no cheap unit, I can tell... - it's a unit for using, alot!

The actual value of the unit is faaaar underrated! You can get one really cheap today. Unfortunately - this means also that it's not good to own/sell, since there is no demand...

Manufacturer Support
hmmm. this is really not so good. If Lexicon fixes their support-side, and also create modern, and reliable audio-drivers; they will certainly get a better reputation... (I worked in a music-shop once, and nobody there ever said something good about the Lexicon audio-Interfaces...) Albeit; - I use this unit on a Mac with my "old" system 10.5.8 - and it works well. Sometimes strange things happen, but actually - not as often as with my mBox2 from Digidesign... now how's that...

The Wow Factor
...it's not sexy... It's not a unit for showing off! but it's doing all it should. And if it does - your products - the music - get's a better chance of being real sexy!

Musical Background:
Pro. Brass-player. Band-Leader. Arranger.

Musical Style:
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