Korg Mini KAOSS Pad 2S Touchpad Instrument

Korg Mini KAOSS Pad 2S Touchpad Instrument

Korg added a sampler to the MiniKP2! Record from the 1/8" input or built-in mic, then swipe the X/Y pad to add fat filters, glitchy stutter effects and more.

Korg MINIKP2 miniKAOSS Pad 2

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Play tracks from the MiniKP2's microSD card or an external 1/8" source -- then swipe the touchpad and ribbon to apply 100 FX, from filter sweeps to stutters.
Since the introduction of the Kaoss series in 1999, Korg has been perking up ears and turning heads with its novel and intuitive series of performance-ready effects processors. Korg continues the tradition with a very compact unit -- the Korg MINIKP2 miniKAOSS Pad 2. It's a truly pocket-sized, battery-powered effects processor. User input is provided by a two-dimensional touchpad which lets you manipulate and warp your effect parameters in real time. A microSD/SDHC card slot is provided, from which you can play samples, loops, or even whole tracks, applying effects via the touchpad as you go.

Check out this video from Korg comparing the miniKAOSS Pad 2 vs. the Kaossilator 2:

Effects At Your Fingertips

The miniKAOSS Pad 2 grants you the power to shape and sculpt new sonic creations right at your fingertips. The unit comes loaded with 100 programs including 70 effect programs, 20 looper programs, and even 10 synthesizer programs so you'll have no trouble diving in and finding an effect that works with your mix. You can even save your three favorite effects to memory locations for conveniently recalling them at a later time. What's more, the miniKAOSS Pad 2 has been upgraded from its predecessor, with more powerful effects like vinyl break and ducking compressor, which have been adapted from Korg's Kaoss Pad Quad.


- Ultra-portable digital effects processor with touchpad
- 100 built-in effects read more for playing all styles of dance music: 15 filter programs, 15 modulation programs, 20 LFO programs, 10 delay programs, 5 reverb programs, 20 looper programs, 5 vocoder programs, and 10 synthesizer programs
- Includes effects distilled from the Kaoss Pad Quad like looper, vinyl break, and ducking compressor
- Includes 6 preset demo loops for use with house, hiphop, electro, breaks, dubstep, and drum & bass music
- Control and modulate the effects in realtime using the x-y touchpad
- Virtual crossfader for transitioning between onboard media files and audio inputs
- Three programmable memory locations let you recall your favorite programs instantly
- Record external audio with the built-in microphone or plug an external microphone into the mic in port
- MicroSD/SDHC card slot for saving loops and recording performances (SDXC cards cannot be used)
- Supported file formats: WAV (16-bit, 44.1 kHz/48 kHz, stereo), MP3 (44.1 kHz @ 128, 192, 256, 320 kbps, stereo, VBR supported)
- Play WAVs or MP3s from a docked card and alter playback speed or add effects on-the-fly
- 48 kHz sampling frequency
- 24-bit AD/DA conversion
- 1/8" stereo minijack microphone input
- 1/8" Stereo minijack headphone output
- Built-in speaker for previewing audio anywhere
- Powered via two AA batteries (optional power supply sold separately)
- Battery life of approximately 5 hours with fully charged nickel-metal hydride batteries
- Approximately 5x3x1 inches; weighs less than 4 ounces
read less
- Connectors:
-- LINE IN jack (Stereo 1/8" mini phone jack)
-- PHONES jack (Stereo 1/8" mini phone jack)
-- DC 4.5V jack
- Power supply: Two AA batteries (alkaline or nickel-metal hydride batteries)
- Battery life: approximately five hours (POWER SAVING : ON with nickel-metal hydride batteries)
- Dimensions (W x D x H): 76 x 128 x 25 mm / 2.99 x 5.04 x0.98 in.
- Weight: 100 g / 3.53 oz. (without batteries)
- Included items: Owner's manual, two AA batteries
For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Phone: 631-390-6800

Korg MINIKP2 miniKAOSS Pad 2

Ready for the stage, the studio, or the DJ scene, the self-contained miniKAOSS Pad 2 offers dazzling performance effects and onboard MP3 playback! Korg's Kaoss Pad Series products have become the must-have effect units on in every musician's rig - especially on the DJ scene. In addition to inheriting powerful effect programs from the Kaoss Pad KP3 and the Kaoss Pad Quad, the miniKAOSS Pad 2 provides an MP3 player with adjustable pitch, making it ideal for creating DJ-Style performances. Use it as a DJ playback device, or use it to process the entire output of your DJ rig with Korg's famous KAOSS effects. Instrumentalists, guitarists, sound designers and even just music fans will enjoy using the miniKAOSS Pad 2. Offering a built-in mic, onboard speaker, and convenient battery power, the miniKAOSS Pad 2 is completely self-contained and ready wherever you go!

Realtime touchpad control

The intuitive design and amazing flexibility of the touchpad allows miniKAOSS Pad 2 users to easily control multiple effects and parameters by simply stroking, tapping, or rubbing the KAOSS touch pad with their finger. Using this remarkable design, you can easily control effects in complex ways that would be impossible on a conventional effect unit, almost as though you were playing an instrument.

100 Dynamic KAOSS effects

100 diverse, ready-to-play effect programs are packed into the miniKAOSS Pad 2, including many inherited from the Kaoss Pad KP3. These include standard effects such as Flanger, Filter, Delay, and Reverb, as well as three effects that first appeared on the Kaoss Pad Quad: the powerful Looper, Vinyl Break, and Ducking Compressor.

FX RELEASE provides natural effects and transitions

When you take your finger off the touchpad, the FX RELEASE automatically adds a delay effect so that the effect blends smoothly into your song or performance, and avoids abrupt effect dropouts. When using an effect (such as aggressive distortion) that has a completely different character than the unprocessed sound, enabling the FX RELEASE ensures that the effect will blend naturally into the tracks of your song.

Extreme performance control

Excellent for DJ use and live performance, the miniKAOSS Pad 2 provides three Program Memories for instant recall of your favorite effects. The Hold function freezes the effect parameters based on your finger's current location on the touchpad for hands-free operation. Auto BPM detection syncs the applicable effects to the tempo of the song, so that everything continues to move in sync for a professional performance. These features provide the miniKAOSS Pad 2 with extreme DJ potential.

MP3 player

The miniKAOSS Pad 2 provides an MP3 player that can play back audio data from a microSD card*. You can save your favorite songs on a card, and apply real time effects to the song as it plays. Store sound effects or other audio material that you want to use during your DJ session, or save your favorite song data and then enjoy applying various effects to it. Unlike previous Kaoss Pad models, the self-contained miniKAOSS Pad 2 allows you to perform without requiring any additional equipment as input sources. Both the WAV format as well as the MP3 format is supported; you can use the miniKAOSS PAD 2 for professional performances that require high audio quality.

Serious DJ Toolkit

The playback speed of the internal MP3 player can be varied using the VALUE slider. The miniKAOSS PAD 2 also allows you to set a cue point specifying where in the song playback will start. In addition, the VALUE slider can be used as a fader to adjust the volume balance between the external audio input and the MP3 player, allowing the miniKAOSS PAD 2 to be used as a serious DJ player or a simple mixer. Add the miniKAOSS PAD 2 as the third player in a DJ set, enjoy exciting DJ play by combining two miniKAOSS PAD 2s, or load your miniKAOSS PAD 2 with sound effects or voice samples and use it as a sample player!

Built-In Mic & Speaker

Need to really whoop it up on the dance floor? The miniKAOSS PAD 2 offers a built-in mic that can be used as a "shout" mic during your DJ performance to further energize the crowd. And yes indeed, you can apply the effects to the mic sound. Equipped with a built-in speaker, the KAOSS PAD 2 is ready to share your exciting sonic creations wherever your music takes you. The headphone output provides privacy for playing and experimenting alone, and can also be used to connect the KAOSS PAD 2 to another audio device.

Record Your Performances

A microSD card can be used for saving MP3 data, and also to capture your miniKAOSS PAD 2 performance into the master recorder as WAV format data. Once you've found the perfect way to apply an effect, you can use this function to record your idea. This is a convenient way to share miniKAOSS PAD 2 performances on the Internet.

6 Preset Audio Demo Loops

6 preset audio demo loops are stored in the internal memory. These demo loops provide a handy audio source that can be used to immediately audition the various effect programs, without having to hook up an external audio player, or before any audio data or MP3 files have been stored on to a microSD Card.


- Control effects in real time using the intuitive touchpad interface
- MP3 player with microSD card slot for data storage/exchange; Perform on the miniKAOSS Pad 2 without needing any other equipment!
- 100 effect programs, ideal for DJ mixes or sound design
- 3 Program Memories provide instant recall of favorite effects
- Powerful Looper, Vinyl Break, and Ducking Comp effects borrowed from the Kaoss Pad Quad
- Internal mic plus external audio inputs
- Support for pitch change and cue point settings allows serious DJ play.
- Record your performances and save them to using the microSD card slot
- 6 preset audio demo loops

* SDXC cards cannot be used.
* Supported file formats:
WAV files (16-bit, 44.1 kHz/48 kHz, stereo)
MP3 files (44.1 kHz@128, 192, 256, 320 kbps, stereo, VBR supported)
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Submitted December 18, 2013 by Michael S in Poughkeepsie, NY
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This is awesome for a mini Rig! It uses just 1/8" plugs for Input and the output is headphones or line out. It is simple to use and fun too. I use this with my iPad Mini w/ Traktor Dj Software and Native Instruments Z1 iPad mixer..and let me tell you...it rocks!! The 100 different effects are awesome!! you can record on the fly and add your voice and put effects in to it! The MP3 player feature is really great for having it as 3rd deck in a DJ Setup. It is very lite and just need to be careful with it. You may have to get a pouch to protect it. I have a hard shell external hard drive zip case (case logic) to protect mine when im out. Its a DJs must have for your bag and making little mixes on the fly and on the go with your iPhone or iPad or Android too, you can DJ where you want!!
Musical Background:
DJ/Sound Engineer for 23 years
Musical Style:
EDM, House (Soulful, Jackin), R&B, Jazz
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