Korg A30950 KA183 9VDC Power Supply for AX-Series Pedals

No longer available at zZounds
Stop wasting money on batteries and power your AX-Series pedals with this 9V AC Adapter. It also powers a range of Korg products and other pedals.
Batteries are expensive. Save some money in the long run by using this handy adapter to power any of the AX series of Korg multi-effects pedals, and other Korg products.

AC Adapter for:
- MS2000
- MS2000R
- microKONTROL
- microKORG
- EA-1
- EA-1mkII
- ER-1
- ER-1mkII
- ES-1
- EM-1
- AX1G
- AX1B
- AX100G
- AX1500
- AX10G
- AX10B
- AX10A
- DT7
- DT10
- GT12
- OT12
- PX1
- PX2
- PX3
- PX3B
- PadKontrol

* This is the official adapter supplied by Korg, but it may not be branded with Korg's logo.
For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Phone: 631-390-6800