Jet City JCA100 HDM Tube Guitar Amplifier Head Design by Soldano (100 Watts)

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Four 6L6 power tubes, five 12AX7 preamp tubes, selectable 50/100-watt output, included footswitch -- this 2-channel guitar amp head has everything you need!

The Jet City JCA100 HDM, designed by Soldano, gives you a boutique amplifier head with enormous power and tonal capability. This head uses a total of nine tubes throughout to give you a warmth and color that simply cannot be replicated on solid-state or digital amps.

Two Channels, Infinite Tones

A single input on the front panel of the JCA100 HDM gives you access to both Normal and Overdrive channels. These channels each have their own Gain knob. On the rest of the front panel you'll find controls for Bass, Middle, Treble EQ, plus the Master Volume for the Clean and Overdrive channels. There are also Presence and Depth knobs to help you contour your sound still further. On the rear panel you will find a footswitch jack and the inputs for the tube buffered FX Loop.

Select Your Wattage Output: 50 or 100

The JCA100 boasts a handy cut switch that you can use to bring the output down from 100 watts to 50 watts whenever you need to focus more on tone than roaring output -- like when you're in the studio!

All-Tube Awesomeness

This selectable 50-100 watt amp is powered by four 6L6 power tubes and five 12AX7 preamp tubes.

Usable with a Wide Array of Cabs

Speaker outputs include 1 x 16 ohms, 2 x 8 ohms, and 2 x 4 ohms for maximal versatility when experimenting with different speakers and cabinets.

Handsome and Tough

The metal mesh grille on the front glows an attractive blue when it's powered up! It's built ruggedly and is ready to travel at a read more manageable 28 pounds.


- 50-100 watt selectable output
- 5 x 12AX7 preamp tubes and 4 x 6L6 power tubes
- Bass, Mid, Treble and Depth Controls
- Blue glowing metal-mesh grille
- Footswitch Included
- Normal and Overdrive Channels
- Independent Clean and Overdrive Gain
- Bass, Middle, Treble EQ
- Clean and Overdrive Master Volume
- Presence and Depth controls
- Tube buffered effects Loop
- 1 x 16 ohms Speaker Outputs
- 2 x 8 ohms Speaker Outputs
- 2 x 4 ohms Speaker Outputs
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Output: 50 or 100 Watts (switchable)

Channels: 2, Normal and Overdrive (footswitchable)

- Clean and Overdrive Gain
- Bass, Middle, Treble EQ
- Clean and Overdrive Master Volume
- Presence
- Depth
- 50/100 Watt Switch

Effects Loop: Tube buffered

- Preamp: 5x 12AX7
- Power: 4x 6L6

Speaker Outputs:
- 16 ohms x1
- 8 ohms x2
- 4 ohms x2

Cabinet: Hardwood Multiply

Included Accessories: Footswitch for Channel Switching

Dimensions (HxWxD): 9.5 x 25 x 9.5 inches (24.13 x 63.5 x 24.13 cm)

Weight: 38.9 lbs (17.63 kg)

Jet City JCA100 HDM Guitar Amp Head

Designed by Soldano with pure power and versatility in mind, the Jet City JCA100 HDM offers incredibly bright clean tones as well as devastating distortion. The selectable wattage, 50 or 100 watts, allows you to get that extra headroom at a lower volume when required by the size of the venue. Powered by four 6L6 power tubes and five 12AX7 preamp tubes, the JCA100 HDM provides a very punchy tone similar to Soldano Amp Heads at an affordable price. Don't miss this incredible deal!


- 50 or 100 watts, selectable output
- Five 12AX7 preamp and Four 6L6 power tubes
- Bass, Mid, Treble and Depth Controls allow you to tweak your tone
- Metal-mesh grille glows blue when powered up!
- Footswitch Included

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"Glorious tube driven happiness!"
Overall: 5 out of 5 stars
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I'm extremely pleased with my decision to buy a Jet City amp. It's different, not many people have one. It really sounds amazing, and looks cool. This amp has truly exceeded my expectations, and I did a lot of research on it beforehand.

You really can dial in any sound you can think of. All of the knobs make a noticeable impact on the tone. It has a pretty clean, and you can conjure up some nasty distortion. You can get some nice fuzz and classic overdrive out of it too. This amp is great for a wide variety of sound.

It came with a one button footswitch to change between the two channels. It would be nice if it had reverb.

Ease of Use
Pretty straightforward, but if you're not sure about how to go about shaping your tone, the book gives you an idea of how to go about it. The outputs on the back make it easy, as there are different ones for different ohms. You can also change the power tubes without biasing, as long as you stick with the same type (6L6).

I don't think Mike Soldano would lend his name to a piece of crap. This amp looks to be built very well. Mine arrived in pristine condition.

This amp costs a little less than other amps in it's class, and is just as good, or most likely better, than others.

Manufacturer Support
I have not needed to contact the company read more for anything.

The Wow Factor
This amp looks as good as it sounds, and vice versa. The tolex is nice and smooth. The metal grill looks great. Even the back of the amp is pleasing to look at. The blue led inside looks nice, and casts a soft blue glow. When the overdrive is activated another blue light comes on. There is one on the pedal too.

Musical Background:
Active musician with over 20 years experience.

Musical Style:
Metal! Classic rock, blues, and funk.
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