Ibanez GRG120QASP Gio Series Electric Guitar

No longer available at zZounds
Looking for an affordable shredder that doesn't sacrifice quality and performance? The Ibanez GRG120QASP Gio Series electric guitar is the answer for you!

The RG is the most recognizable and distinctive guitar in the Ibanez line. Three decades of metal have forged this high-performance machine, honing it for both speed and strength. Whether you favor a hardtail (fixed) bridge or Ibanez's industry-leading locking tremolo system, the RG is a precision instrument.


A guitar doesn't have to cost a lot to sound great. The GIO series was developed for players who want Ibanez quality and performance in a more affordable package. Not only do they look and play better than many other offerings in their price range, but they are held to the same standards and come with warranty is the same as Ibanez's more expensive models.


- The Maple neck provides stability and bright tonal character.
- The Purpleheart fretboard emphasizes the beauty and the rich tonal character of this bass.
- Jumbo frets contribute to smooth playability, especially for single-note playing.
- The Quilted Maple Art Grain top sonically enriches the response for picking. The Poplar body delivers a well-balanced tone with incredible thickness.
- Ibanez Infinity R H-H pickups deliver an accurate and tight sound with excellent dynamics. Even under heavy settings, they do not lose tonal clarity.
- The T102 bridge with 10.5mm string spacing allows easier picking across strings

Neck: Maple neck
Fretboard: Bound Purpleheart fretboard
Top: Poplar body with Quilted Maple Art Grain top
Fret: Jumbo fret
Neck PU: Infinity R (H) neck PU
Bridge PU: Infinity R (H) bridge PU
Bridge: T102 Tremolo bridge
Hardware: Black hardware

For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Phone: 800-669-8262
Web: https://www.ibanez.com/usa/support/

No longer available at zZounds

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