Hammond XK3 61-Key Modeling Organ

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61 keys. 96 digital tone wheels.

This new instrument does what has never been done before, offering you the classic "tone-wheel" sound by utilizing 96-digital tone wheels! This new Vase III sound-generator now makes it possible to reproduce all of the characteristics of the vintage Hammond B-3. Additionally, the Hammond XK-3 houses two internal vacuum tubes that will change continuously from pre-amp mode to overdrive mode via control knob.

But wait! The new Hammond XK-3 also includes 12 reverse color key presets, 3 sets of drawbars, a 2-rotor digital Leslie, and a 6-position rotary vibrato-chorus knob, all the features you would expect to find on a Hammond Vintage B-3.

But there's more. The XK-3 will perform like no previous tone-wheel Hammond could ever do -- a library of 132 programmable patches allows you to save and store your own drawbar combinations, MIDI information, whatever you like. And just think, all this in a 43-pound package that won't break your back or your budget.

73 keys (61 + 12 preset keys)

Waterfall keys with velocity

Drawbars: 2 sets of 9 and 1 set of 2 drawbars

Sound Generator: Vase III sound generator creates 96 digital tone wheels. Tone-wheel leakage noise and motor-noise are adjustable wheel by wheel

Presets: original B-3 reverse colour keys, 11 presets x 12 banks + cancel

Polyphony: full polyphony (unlimited)

Leslie R: next generation digital Leslie and scanner vibrato

Pre-amp & Overdrive: real dual tube amp for pre amplification and Leslie overdrive

Reverb: read more 8 Modes

Tone controls: bass, mid range, treble

Sustain controls: pedal drawbars

Wheel controls: pitch bend, modulation

Leslie controls: slow / fast, on / off, break / thru, effect, send / return

Vibrato / chorus controls: on, V1, V2, V3, C1, C2, C3 with 6-position rotary knob

Percussion controls: second, third, decay fast, soft

Control controls: Manual bass, split

Effect controls: tube amp, reverb on

Demo controls: demo / pedal sustain

Display switch controls: page up / down, parameter, value + / -, rotary encoder, memo / exit, play, rec, bank

Volume control: master volume, tone control, tube overdrive

Display: 20-character, 2-line back-light LCD

Terminal: AC input, line out L / R, Leslie switch, adding lower keyboard and pedal possible via midi compact flash

Power supply: 230V (CE), 240V (BS)

Dimensions: 46.85 in. (W) x 15.75 in. (D) X 4.72 in. (H)

Weight: 43 lbs

Finish: walnut finish
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For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Phone: 630-543-0277

Reviewers gave this product an overall rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. (98 ratings)
Submitted April 8, 2007 by a customer from epix.net
"Short of a B-3, this is it!"
Overall: 4.5 out of 5 stars
This is a keeper. If and when I have the bucks and the space I'll gie in and buy the lower, case, stand and pedals.

Having owned several B-3's over the years I feel qualified rate the XK3 sound. Overall, it's as good as it gets. It's also nice to have reverb, both percussion choices at once, and all the other things that are not available on a "real" Hammond console. There's no way anyone might be disappointed if sound is all you care about.

Paying extra for the volume (swell) pedal sucks. Positioning of the Leslie switch is fine if you've never played the real thing. If you have, it takes some getting used to. I thought Suzuki's having placed another switch on the optional volume pedal would be an advantage. It's not unless you're a ballet dancer.

Ease of Use
Real Hammond players will find most menu options useless and confusing. Just sit down and play. Use the drawbars, and pre-sets... percussion, etc. You'll feel right at home until you reach for the lower manual. Having it is a must for former Hammond players. Too bad that 2nd manual, little more than a controller keyboard, is so expensive.

Seems well built. Very heavy, therefor easy to damage. Keep the box. It's as good or better than most cases. Electronic controls seem hefty enough. Surface is easily marred, but that's the price you pay if you're careless. Not as easy to read more cover up as the old woodies.

I love it. Right combination of portability, sound, and price for the main unit, but lower keyboard and all accessories is too expensive for what you get. Hopefully prices on those will be adjusted downward.

Manufacturer Support
Mine actually died the first day I had it. Not DOA, but all effects, Leslie, volume control and more, died within 12 hours of plugging it in. I tried a re-set with no results. Had to send it back to Hammond at my expense. They claimed diagnostics failed to locate the cause of the problem so they replaced EVERYTHING, one component at a time. It took a month, but I had told them there was no hurry. (I'm retired form playing professionally) There have been no problems since. They were friendly, accessible and seemed to really appreciate my patience since this was one of the first off the line. (I dealt direct with Hammond)

The Wow Factor
Keep in mind you "play" this keyboard. You "ride" a real B-3. It just don't feel the same.

Musical Background:
Composer, studio owner, former touring musician.

Musical Style:
Playing Hammonds for 47 years. Rock
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