Gibson SG Special Faded Electric Guitar (with Gig Bag)

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The Gibson SG Special Faded offers the raw Gibson experience. With a stripped-down finishing process and classic neck profile, the SG Special Faded shreds.

You've paid your dues. You've built up your calluses. You've memorized your chords, and picked a few favorites. You've worked on your scales. You took a few guitar lessons, and spent many times as long teaching yourself the guitar parts to your favorite songs. Maybe you've even started playing in a band, and played a couple gigs around town. In almost every way, your sound is developing admirably. However, your old guitar isn't playing any better - maybe you're getting frustrated with it losing its tuning, or annoying buzz on a couple frets. It's time to step up to a professional guitar. It's time to step up to the Gibson SG Special Faded.

Legendary Rock Sound

The SG is quite simply one of the most highly regarded guitars in rock history. Angus Young, Tony Iommi, Duane Allman, Robby Krieger, Eric Clapton - from metal to the blues (and everything in between), the SG has been a companion to some of the music world's brightest lights. The SG Special Faded carries on in that tradition, offering a beefy tone courtesy of a solid mahogany body and Gibson's 490 pickup set. This setup - matched with the Faded Special's beloved 50's neck - offers an awesome playing experience that only Gibson can offer.

Gibson Quality

The SG Special includes the features that Gibson fans know and love about the company, but at a much lower price. What gives? Well, Gibson has boiled the SG down to its essential elements - keeping vital features like a hand-sanded 50's neck and solid mahogany read more body, while trimming other options to keep the cost as low as possible. The most notable of these options is the SG Special's Faded finish process, which offers a hand-applied stain in lieu of the SG Standard's paint coat. This scaled-back finishing process cuts down on one of the most time-consuming - and expensive - pieces of constructing a real Gibson SG, while offering an authentic rock and roll aesthetic. read less

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"Amazing guitar, extremely versatile."
Overall: 5 out of 5 stars
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I absolutely love this guitar, theres nothing I can think if that I dont like about it except maybe the fact that it dents and scratches pretty easily. But if your careful you should really have a problem. I dont think I will ever replace it unless it gets stolen, but it does everything Ive wanted it too so far.

I have always been a tone freak and could never get what I wanted guitars. Once I picked this thing up I knew it was what I was looking for. I went into guitar center to try out tue epiphone g400, and played it and it was alright, but then one of the workers mentioned this and there was an amazing difference. Ive never had a problem getting the tone I want with this guitar. It is extremely versitile and Ive never felt the need to look for another guitar.

I feel like this guitar is made out of quality parts and wood. Ive always heen tired of the bad materials used with other guitars and wanted to upgrade to the big guns. And this did the trick.

Ease of Use
It took me a while to figure out exactly how low I liked the action, but once I found it I feel like the instrument becomes a part of me when I play. I dont see how you could not like it. It is very easy to adjust the action and doesnt take much getting used to before you like you know what your doing.

This guitar feels very solid and like it will last for years. I plan on read more keeping it for a very long time and Im not worried about outliving it. I love the finish, except sometimes when the light hits it at a certain angle, but usually it looks great.

Deffinately worth the price and would buy it again if it got lost or stolen.

Manufacturer Support
Well Ive never had any experience with gibson, but the zzounds staff seem amazing and were always very helpful.

The Wow Factor
I love it!! This guitar looks great and always gets comments from people after they see it. I personally think it looks better than the sg standard just because it seems darker and more......vintage I guess, thats the best way I can think of describing it.

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