Fender Hot Rod Deluxe IV 112 Guitar Combo Amplifier (40 Watts, 1x12")

Squeeze 40 creamy watts out of this bona fide tone machine. Ready for both stage and studio, the Hot Rod Deluxe delivers clear articulation at any volume.

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Fender Exclusive Run Hot Rod Deluxe III Tweed Guitar Combo Amplifier

No longer available at zZounds
Rock out in vintage style with this tinted lacquered tweed amp. This all-tube screamer is equipped with a Jensen C-12N speaker for even more old-school vibe.

Fender's Hot Rod Series Combos are the hottest tube amps around and the Hot Rod Deluxe III is no exception to the rule. Pushing 40 watts through a 12 inch Jensen C-12N speaker, the Hot Rod Deluxe III pumps out that unmistakable Fender tone that is perfect for Punk, Rock, Country, name it. The Hot Rod Deluxe responds amazingly to stomp boxes making it an incredible canvas for designing your tone. Utilizing a 12AX7 and 6L6 tube compliments, the Hot Rod Deluxe III from Fender is easily setting a standard for gigging guitarists everywhere.

For over 15 years this series has stood the test of time.

Now for a limited time it is available in a very distinctive tweed covering that has a coat of tinted lacquer on it to add to the durability of the covering. This 'Tweed' Deluxe is also sporting a Jensen C-12N speaker. Jensen describes the sound this speaker has as, "Smooth and straightforward, full bodied tone with high frequency chime. It responds to overdrive distortion with powerful mid bite."

If old school 50's era appearance with modern day tones is appealing, this Fender tube amp is for you.

- Amplifier Type: Tube
- Output Power: 40 Watts
- Speaker: One 12 inch Jensen C-12N
- Speaker Ohms: 8 ohm
- Output Impedance: 4 or 8 ohms
- Preamp Tubes: 3 x 12AX7
- Power Tubes: 2 x 6L6
- Rectifier: Solid State Rectifier
- Inputs: Two
- Channels: Three Selectable (Normal, Drive and More Drive)
- Controls: Presence, Reverb, Master Volume, Middle, Bass, Treble, Drive Select Switch, Drive Volume, Bright Switch
- Effects: Spring Reverb
- Effects Loop: Preamp Out, Power Amp In
- Speaker Jack: Extension Speaker Jack
- Amp Covering: Lacquered Tweed with Oxblood Grille Cloth
- Included Accessories: 2-Button, 3-Function Footswitch, Amplifier Cover
- Dimensions (H x W x D): 18.75 x 23.5 x 10.5 inches (47.6 x 59.7 x 26.7 cm)
- Weight: 45 lbs (20.41 kg)

For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Phone: 800-488-1818

Reviewers gave this product an overall rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. (4 ratings)
Submitted May 17, 2016 by Eric Sander in Clare, MI

"Updated Review"

Overall: 4.5 out of 5 stars
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Well. I have had a chance to play my new Hot Rod Deluxe III Tweed amp for approx. 1-2 months now so I wanted to update my previous review. I still love the look of the tweed covering. It really is nice knowing that I truly have a limited edition item that has a vintage look. Also, the clean tone is still amazing. It matches up well with my pedals. I previously had a somewhat negative opinion regarding the amp's drive/more drive channel but I have grown to appreciate it now that I have been able to play it for a while now. My negative opinion towards the drive/more drive channel was based mainly on my unrealistic expectations when waiting to hear the drive channel. I expected the amp's drive channel to be something it was not designed to be. I thought I could get hard rock, more saturated/compressed overdrive from the drive channel. So, I was disappointed when I first plugged in and tried to rock out. I wanted to get Van Halen, Rage Against the Machine, Alice In Chains overdrive....but this amp's drive channel was not intended to put that sort of tone out. This amp has much more of a mid range bluesy overdrive tone. This tweed version HRD III drive/more drive channel has a different overdrive tone than the regular HRD III drive/more drive channel. This amp has less overdrive compared to the regular HRD III. I think mainly due to the Jensen C12N speaker that this amp has. I don't think this speaker reacts to the drive/more drive channel the same way the regular HRD III does. read more Anyway, I like the amp's drive channel much more now because I know what it can do and, more importantly, what it cannot do. The amp's drive channel is great for SRV bluesy overdrive and other blues rock tones. Very mid range overdrive tone. But this amp's drive channel will not get anywhere to hard rock overdrive. You WILL need a pedal for those tones. So, if you have realistic expectations of the amp's overdrive then you will not really be disappointed. Another thing, there are many reviews out these saying this amp cannot get quiet enough for in room/apartment levels. That is not true. This amp's volume can be reduced to levels for bedroom volumes. It really is not meant for that......this amp can get very loud at 40w. But, it can be lowered to acceptable bedroom levels. It does sound better, though, the louder it most tube amps do. I strongly recommend this amp.

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