Fender John Mayer Signature Stratocaster Electric Guitar (with Case)

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The Fender John Mayer Stratocaster is made to Mayer's exacting specs, with 3 Big Dipper single-coils voiced with scooped mids to let your vocals cut through.

What's special about this item?

Feature: What it does:
African rosewood fretboard Bright, snappy, focused tone
Big Dipper pickups Scooped midrange voicing; vintage output
Dunlop 6105 frets Durable, narrow and tall frets
5 tremolo springs Increased vibrato stability, tension

With a beefy neck and pickups designed in collaboration with the artist, the Fender John Mayer Signature Stratocaster recreates the sound and feel Mayer experiences onstage. From bedroom covers of "Gravity" to 12-bar jams at the blues bar, there's no better electric guitar for Mayer devotees.

Built for the Blues

Fans of John Mayer's electric catalog of work know what to expect from his signature Stratocaster. An alder-body Strat, the guitar features many appointments for blues and rock players to really dig into. The maple neck has a satin urethane finish and is given a slightly chunkier C profile for players who prefer a thicker neck. The bridge is fitted with an American Vintage synchronized tremolo to really make your notes shake. Fender/Gotoh vintage-style tuners help to keep strings in tune through wild bends and runs.

Scoop Out Rich Tone

The John Mayer Signature Stratocaster is equipped with three exclusive Big Dipper pickups, designed to Mayer's specifications. These single-coil pickups are wound to provide a "scooped" tone, where the highs and lows are boosted while reducing the mids. This voicing ensures the sixth string booms with low-end authority, and your leads on the high frets will ring out and cut through the mix, while leaving a spot in the middle for vocals. Five-way pickup switching allows guitarists to find their own sweet spot.

Make it Your Own

Though this is a signature Fender Strat, it is not dominated by gaudy autographs or custom graphics, read more making it appealing to those who like the John Mayer Stratocaster's playability and sound but want the instrument to feel like it's their own. The signature touches, like an included but factory-removed backplate and vintage Fender headstock decal are subtle nods to the artist.


- Alder body
- Maple neck with satin urethane finish in larger C profile
- African rosewood fretboard
- Three Big Dipper single-coil pickups provide scooped tones
- Master volume and two tone controls
- American Vintage synchronized tremolo bridge
- Fender/Gotoh vintage-style tuners
- Vintage '50s Fender decal on headstock
- Case included

Built to the specifications of a modern icon, the Fender John Mayer Signature Stratocaster is crafted not only for Mayer's fans, but any blues aficionado looking for a rich and bold sound.
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Model Name: John Mayer Stratocaster

Model Number: 011-9700-(800), 011-9705-(844) and 011-9705-(869)

Series: Artist Series

011-9700-(800) 3-Color Sunburst,
011-9705-(844) Shoreline Gold with Red Competition Stripe,
011-9705-(869) Charcoal Frost Metallic with Inca Silver Competition Stripe, (100 Piece Limited Run)
(Polyurethane Finish)

Body: Select Alder

Neck: Maple, Thick 'C' Shape, (Satin Urethane Finish on Back of Neck, Gloss Finish on the Face of the Headstock)

Fingerboard: African Rosewood, 9.5 in. Radius (241 mm)

No. of Frets: 21 Dunlop 6105 Jumbo Frets (Narrow)

Pickups: 3 Big Dipper Single-Coil Strat Pickups with Special 'Scooped' Mid-range Voicing to Meet John Mayer's Specifications

Controls: Master Volume, Tone 1. (Neck Pickup), Tone 2. (Bridge/Middle Pickup)

Pickup Switching:
5-Position Blade:
Position 1. Bridge Pickup
Position 2. Bridge and Middle Pickup
Position 3. Middle Pickup
Position 4. Middle and Neck Pickup
Position 5. Neck Pickup

Bridge: American Vintage Synchronized Tremolo

Machine Heads: Fender/Gotoh Vintage Style Tuning Machines

Hardware: Nickel/Chrome

Pickguard: 4-Ply Tortoise Shell

Scale Length: 25.5 in. (648 mm)

Width at Nut: 1.650 in. (42 mm)

Unique Features: Thick C-Shape Neck, Vintage Hardware, 5 Tremolo Springs installed at Factory, Per the Artist's Request, the Back Tremolo Cover Plate is Not Installed nor Included with the Guitar, String Tree is Farther from the Nut, 3 Big Dipper Single-Coil Strat Pickups with Special 'Scooped' Mid-range Voicing to Meet John Mayer's Specifcations, '50s Spaghetti Logo Decal, Satin Urethane Finish on Back of Neck, Gloss Finish on the Face of the Headstock

Strings: Fender Standard Tension ST250R, Nickel Plated Steel, Gauges: (.010, .013, .017, .026, .036, .046), p/n 0730250206

Case: Included

Introduced: 7/2005

Notice: Product Prices, Features And Specifications Are Subject To Change Without Notice

For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Phone: 800-488-1818

Fender John Mayer Signature Strat

Grammy winner John Mayer has teamed up with Fender for this must-have signature guitar. Its Alder body is a wonderland, and the satin urethane-finish Maple neck has a slightly larger C-shape topped by a buffed headstock with a vintage '50s decal. The African rosewood fingerboard has a 9.5 in. radius and Dunlop 6105 frets.

Other features include three Big Dipper single-coil pickups with a special 'scooped' mid-range voicing wound to Mayer's exacting specs, an American Vintage synchronized tremolo with five tremolo springs (the uninstalled back plate is in the case), Fender/Gotoh vintage-style tuning keys and a three-ply brown shell pickguard.

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Submitted January 14, 2014 by Cody M in Lock Haven , PA

"Round Peg, Round Hole. "

Overall: 4.5 out of 5 stars
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I was going to wait a little longer to write this review, I wanted to wait until I found something that I don't like about the guitar.. if I end up finding anything, it will be very minuscule. I have been playing guitar on and off for about 7 years now, I graduated high school last year and finally have time to pursuit it full time. I have gotten quite good over the years, I mostly write my own material. It's fun playing other artists material, but we only have a short amount of time during this life, and I want to make my experience as organic as possible and try to leave something behind for others to enjoy when I go. I have always played acoustic.. have owned several, prices ranging from 200-2500, and I never found ONE that I REALLY liked. Taylor, Martin, Takamine, Revival, Guild, none of them suited my taste. I was convinced that I was an acoustic man though, was never interested in electric. Funny enough, the very first thing that ever drew me to guitar in the first place was a Fender Squire that my Grandmother purchased for me at a flea-market in Philadelphia, I was about 11 years old if I remember correctly. I didn't know how to play the thing, I just wanted to strum some strings, and that's exactly what I did. Then I got a little older, started taking it a bit more seriously and became dead set on getting an acoustic. Eventually I got one, and never looked back at electric's. Years went by, and that entire time something was always never quite right about the tone read more of the instrument I was playing but I always made up an excuse; "I'm just not happy with the sound because I'm not good enough yet", "It's just the quality of my guitar, I need a more expensive better sounding model", etc., etc., etc. Before I purchased this JM Signature Strat, I was about to order a Taylor 314ce, but fortunately the order had some delays (which were my fault, not zzounds) and I ended up just canceling the order. I did some consideration before I made a new order, and thought, "I have owned sever acoustics, and every time I get one, I play it for a while and get sick of it because I end up not liking it". I started looking at some of the electrics, and naturally drifted towards the legendary Fenders. It was a toss up between the American Deluxe, and this JM sign., but after checking out some reviews on Youtube, this JM SIgn. was clearly the winner in my book. I placed the order Friday, didn't expect to receive it until Monday so I went out of town.... got a call from my roommate Saturday telling me the guitar arrived (such quick shipping) so I rushed home and tore right into the box not even thinking about having to return it.. pulled out the beautiful case it comes with, pulled out the strat, plugged her in, tuned her up, started playing, and the rest is history. I haven't put it down for two days now practically. Today I sat and played for 5 hours and didn't even realize it, I felt so out of it when I finally did realize though (like that feeling you get when you have been staring at a computer screen for hours). I changed up the compositions in some of my instrumentals because of the available tonal capabilities of this guitar. I have a lot of options than I do with an acoustic. I am still getting used to playing it, but the transition is much easier than I expected. I really enjoy the c shape neck john chose for this. I find you have to change up your right hand positioning a bit, but it's somehow a lot more comfortable than any other neck I have played. I am extremely relieved to say that I have finally found a guitar that sounds right to me, and that I really enjoy playing. No longer trying to make a square peg fit into a round hole. (acoustics lol) I am using a Fender 15g Front Man right now, obviously it's not the best amp in the world, but the guitar still sounds better than anything I have previously owned using it. I plan on trying to make a trade in deal for a decent amp at my local shop, but I'm not complaining with what I have now. If you have any doubts about this guitar, forget them, it's a stupendous guitar, and at a reasonable price. I think the guitar could easily be a couple hundred more. You've heard Mayer's signature sound in his songs, you love the tone, and if you purchase this guitar you can have it yourself.

Musical Background:
7 years, Electric, Acoustic, Piano, (about to add violin to this list)

Musical Style:
percussive/inventive fingerstyle, classical, blues, etc.
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