ENGL E633 Fireball 25 Guitar Amplifier Head (25 Watts)

Add some heat to your backline with the Fireball 25. Powered by 6L6GC tubes, this all-valve amp also has a built-in power soak for killer tone at any volume.

The ENGL E633 is as hot as a Fireball. The Clean channel offers chimey, shimmering cleans and starts to smoothly break up as you edge past 12 o'clock on the gain knob. At higher gain settings, you can wring chimey, shimmering crunch sounds out of this channel. The Lead channel starts where the Clean channel ends, offering up endless amounts of gain. This channel is perfect for any style of rock and metal music. The built-in Noise Gate helps you tame any extraneous noise at higher gain settings.

The Mid Boost function is a great option for cutting through any band mix, for example when you need to take center stage for a solo! The power amp is equipped with 6L6GC tubes, just like the amp's bigger brother, the Fireball 100. Thanks to the power amp design, the Fireball 25 has enough punch and headroom for every live and studio situation. The built-in Power Soak offers you the opportunity to play late at night or whenever higher volumes are unacceptable, and also gives you the chance to push the power amp to break up at lower volumes.

- Clean Gain: Gain control for the Clean channel.
- Lead Gain: Gain control for the Lead channel.
- Bass: Bottom end voicing control of the preamp's passive EQ.
- Middle: Mid-range voicing control of the preamp's passive EQ.
- Treble: Upper range voicing control of the preamp's passive EQ.
- Lead Volume: Volume control for the Lead channel (pre-FX Loop, influences the send level). Use this knob to dial in the desired balance of levels between read more the Lead and Clean channels.
- Mid Boost: This voicing feature operates globally, affecting both channels by boosting specific midrange frequencies when activated. The red LED above the button lights up to indicate Mid Boost is activated. It may also be controlled remotely using a footswitch. Once a footswitch is connected, the function of the Mid Boost push-button is deactivated.
- Clean/Lead Channel: Selector push-button for Clean and Lead channel, red LED indicates Lead channel. This function can also be activated via the respective footswitch connected. Once a footswitch is connected, the function of the channel selector push-button is deactivated.
- Master: Master volume knob, located post FX Loop. It controls the power amp output level.
- Presence: This control defines the Treble response in the power amp stage.


- 2 Channels: Clean, Lead
- All Tube Head
- Tube buffered FX Loop
- Noise Gate
- Master Volume Boost (M.V.B.)
- Line Output (0 dB)
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- Sound Options:
- Mid Boost
- Controls
- Gain (for each Channel)
- 3-Band EQ
- Lead Volume
- Master
- Presence
- Noise Gate Threshold
- Outputs:
- Poweramp Output (1 x 8 ? - 16 ?, 2 x 16 ? ||)
- Line Output (0 dB)
- Footswitch: Z4 (Channels, Master Volume Boost, Mid Boost, FX Loop)
- Preamp Tubes: 4 x Engl ECC83 / 12AX7
- Output Tubes: 2 x Engl 6L6GC
- Output Wattage: 25 W
- Input sensitivity:
- Input: from -20 dB to approx. 0 dB max.
- FX Return from -20 dB to approx. 0 dB max.
- Output level:
- FX Send from -20 dB to approx. 0 dB max.
- Line Out approx. 0 dB / 1 kOhm at nominal power output
- Power consumption approx. 100 Watts (115VA) max.
- Fuses:
- 220 / 230 / 240 supply voltage 1 AT L (T: slow-blow)
- 100 / 115 / 120 supply voltage 2 AT L (T: slow-blow)
- Power Tube Fuses 2 x 0,16 AM (M: medium-blow)
- Important: Replace these with fuses with the same type and rating only!
- Dimension: 42cm x 23cm x 23cm
- Weight approx.: 10.7 kg
Dimensions and Weight in Packaging
Base Item
Shipping Weight: 26 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 21 x 14 x 13 in
Manufacturer Part Number (MPN): ENGLE633


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