Emu 0202 USB 2.0 Audio Interface

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Premium 24-bit/192kHz A/D and D/A converters. Ultra-low noise preamps. Ultra-low latency USB 2.0 drivers. Hardware zero-latency direct monitoring.
E-MU's new 0202 USB 2.0 Audio Interface is the ultimate portable USB audio interface for PC, offering pristine 24-bit/192kHz recording and playback, direct monitoring, and a host of professional features in a compact, USB bus-powered package. The 0202 USB sets a new standard in portable USB audio, providing users with two Class-A preamps that can be run independently or in stereo to amplify guitars, keyboards or microphones, with individual ground lift switches for optimal audio performance.

Premium 24-bit/192kHz A/D and D/A converters (A/D: 113dB SNR, D/A: 112dB SNR) deliver unmatched USB audio fidelity -- gold-plated connectors for pristine audio quality

Ultra-low noise Mic/Hi-Z/Line preamplifiers enable you to plug microphones, keyboards and guitars straight into your computer with professional results (XLR, 1/4 in. TRS, and 1/8 in.)

Ultra-low latency USB 2.0 drivers offer accurate timing and playback of your recorded audio and software instruments

Hardware zero-latency direct monitoring (mono/stereo) allows you to record and overdub with no annoying delay

Plug-and-play operation with hands-on control of all major functions like direct monitoring level, headphone level, preamplifier gain and more

Compatibility with most popular audio/sequencer applications -- ASIO2 and WDM drivers

* Mac OS X drivers available late 2006

I/O Configuration:
Class-A Ultra-low Noise Mic/Hi-Z/Line Preamp XLR, 1/4 in. TRS and 1/8 in.* Inputs (113dB SNR)

Class-A Hi-Z/Line Preamp 1/4 in. Input (113dB read more SNR)

Two 1/4 in. Outputs (112dB SNR)

1/8 in. Stereo Speaker Output (112dB SNR)

Stereo Headphone Output (108dB SNR)

E-MU Production Tools Software Bundle
Everything you need to create, record, edit, mix and master your music is in the box, including:

Cakewalk SONAR LE -- Audio/MIDI Production
SONAR LE is production environment for Windows that provides musicians with a host of potent features that include: 64 audio and 256 MIDI tracks; 24-bit/192kHz recording support; 14 studio quality real-time effects and 6 MIDI effects; audio loop construction tools; dynamic console view; multi-port graphical drum grid editor; multitrack piano roll view; staff notation; ReWire 2.0 support; DirectX/DXi and VST/VSTi support; MIDI clock and MTC slave; Cyclone DXi groove sampler; Audio Simulation's Dreamstation soft synth DXi; and more. Registered owners of SONAR LE will be able to upgrade to the full version of SONAR Studio Edition for a special price.

Steinberg Cubase LE -- Audio/MIDI Production
Cubase LE is a powerful music software workstation that offers: 48 audio and 64 MIDI tracks; 24-bit/192kHz professional audio quality; a full set of audio effects plug-ins; LM-7, VB-1 and USM virtual instruments; and MTC, MIDI-clock and VST System Link support. Steinberg offers all registered Cubase LE customers to purchase the virtual instruments set (SE versions) at a special price, and Cubase LE is upgradeable to Cubase SX/SL.

Ableton Live Lite 4 for E-MU Systems -- Audio/MIDI Production
Ableton Live is the music-production solution that allows you to spontaneously compose, record, remix, improvise and edit your musical ideas. Live brings your acoustic, electronic and virtual instruments, as well as your digital audio recordings, together in a single interface with unparalleled ease of use. Live's specialty is composition by improvisation. Record musical ideas, combine or create new songs, and compose on the fly, and offers complete multitrack recording and editing for any acoustic source, hardware synthesizer or software instrument.

Steinberg WaveLab Lite -- Audio Editor
WaveLab Lite is a light version of the popular mastering and wave editing program.

IK Multimedia Amplitube LE -- Guitar Amp & FX Modeling Plug-In
AmpliTube is a powerful plug-in for guitar players that puts a virtually unlimited array of tones and effects at your fingertips. AmpliTube's stomp-box, post-effects and amp simulation capabilities make it easy to craft everything from rich, vintage tones to unique cutting-edge sounds.

SFX Machine LT -- Audio Multi-effects Plug-In
SFX Machine LT is a powerful audio multi-effects plug-in for musicians and sound designers, featuring 21 presets such as BackwardsFragment, RoboTalk, Sitar Drone and Stutter. The plug-in provides up to six sliders for fine-tuning of each preset and allows automated parameter control via a simple "MIDI Learn" interface. It also provides a Randomize button for quick experimentation. SFX Machine LT is a subset of the RT version, which includes hundreds of presets, and a special upgrade price is available for registered E-MU users.

E-MU Proteus VX Software Sound Module
Proteus VX is a 24-bit/192kHz standalone/VST instrument for your PC that offers the pristine sound quality and powerful Z-Plane filters of E-MU's powerful Proteus X2 Software Sound Module, plus over 1,000 sounds from E-MU's legendary Proteus 2000 sound module. You can also expand your Proteus VX with any soundset from E-MU's comprehensive sound library. Proteus VX offers you an intuitive sound module interface to quickly dial in your sounds, with easy-to-use librarian and search functions to find that perfect preset in seconds, as well as 2 discrete effects processors with comprehensive MIDI modulation per preset.
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Sample Rates: 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192kHz from internal crystal (no sample rate conversion)

Bit Depth: 24-bit I/O, 32-bit processing

USB 2.0 Hi-Speed:
Full 24-bit resolution at all sample rates
Stereo in, stereo out at all sample rates

Zero-latency direct hardware monitoring (disabled at 176.4-192kHz)

ASIO2 and WDM drivers

Anti-Pop speaker protection minimizes noise during power on/off

Ultra-low jitter clock subsystem: < 100ps RMS

Combo Preamplifiers (2)
(1) Ultra-low noise combo preamplifier with Mic/Hi-Z/line inputs
(1) Combo preamplifier with Hi-Z/line balanced input

Max Level: +6.5dBV bal/unbal (+8.7 dBu)

Frequency Response (min gain, 20Hz-20kHz): +0.0/-0.07dB

Dynamic Range (A-weighted, 1kHz, min gain): 113dB

Signal-to-Noise Ratio (A-weighted, min gain): 113dB

THD+N (1kHz at - 1dBFS, min gain): -103dB (.0007%)

Ultra-low noise preamplifier (Mic/Hi-Z/line inputs):
Input Impedance: 1.5Kohm
EIN (20Hz-20kHz, 150ohm, unweighted): -127dBu

Combo preamplifier with Hi-Z/line balanced input - Input Impedance: 1Mohm

Analog Line Outputs (2)
Type: unbalanced, AC-coupled, 2-pole low-pass differential filter

D/A converter: CS4392

Max Level: 6.7 dBV (unbalanced)

Frequency Response (20Hz - 20kHz): 0.00/-0.01dB

Dynamic Range (1kHz, A-weighted): 111dB

Signal-to-Noise Ratio (A-weighted): 112dB

THD+N (1kHz at -1dBFS): -98dB (.0013%)

Stereo Crosstalk (1kHz at -1dBFS): <-120dB

Headphone Amplifier
Type: Class-A power amplifier

D/A converter: CS4392 (shared with Line Out)

Gain Range: 60dB

Maximum Output Power: 16mW

Output impedance: 22ohms

Frequency Response (20Hz-20kHz): +0.02/-0.08dB

Dynamic Range (A-weighted): 110dB

Signal-to-Noise Ratio (A-weighted): 108dB

THD+N (1kHz, max gain): 300ohm load: -98dB (.0013%)

Stereo Crosstalk (1kHz at -1dBFS, 300 ohm load): <-91dB

Internal crystal sync at 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192kHz

Minimum System Requirements
Intel or AMD processor -- 1.2 GHz or faster

Intel, AMD or 100% compatible motherboard & chipset

Microsoft Windows XP (SP 2 or greater) or Windows XP x64

1 available (Hi-speed) USB 2.0 port*

256MB System RAM

900MB of free hard disk space for full installation

CD-ROM/CD-RW or DVD-ROM drive required for software installation

XVGA Video (1024 X 768)

* When using a USB 1.1 port, performance will be limited to 16-bit and 44.1/48kHz recording and playback

Box Contents:
E-MU 0202 USB 2.0 AudioPod

USB cable

Quick Start installation guide

E-MU Software/Manual CD-ROM
If you have additional warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer at 831-438-1921
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Submitted January 21, 2007 by a customer from rpa.net
"E-mu 0202, the "secret weapon" interface!"
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The perfect interface in terms of sound quality. I'd certainly buy it again. The only thing that would steer me to something else would be the need for more inputs or channels.
Evaluating this for transfering analog recordings, it's close to flawless. No artifacts, no sound of it's own.
The level/clipping indicators are handy and accurate. Controls are simple and easy to use.
Ease of Use
Installation was trivial. No problems co-existing with other sound cards and drivers on my computer. The input connector scheme is a bit peculiar, but once you understand how and why they did it that way, it makes sense. Very flexible input scheme for single ended or balanced, but the manual could be clearer as to the actual signal routing. A stereo line and mic input connector would be nice, but certainly isn't essential.
Excellent fit and finish, a beautiful little unit. Very well made at its price point, but I'd avoid stepping on it or yanking on the connectors. The combination DIN/1/4" phone jack is plastic. On the road, you might want a backup. In the studio, no problem.
I'm not aware of any other interface that offers this level of performance at this price.
Manufacturer Support
No problems yet.
The Wow Factor
Nice styling.
Musical Background:
electronic designer- couldn't hold a tune in a bucket
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