EMG SA Active Single Coil Pickup

Get the quintessential early Strat sound, combined with an added midrange, higher output and increased sustain with this EMG SA active single-coil pickup.

EMG SA Active Single Coil Pickup
EMG's most popular system for Stratocaster type guitars combines the best features of the early Strat sound with added midrange response and higher output. Its 'bell like' ringing harmonics and increased sustain give the EMG-SA greater versatility than normal single-coil pickups. Single pole alnico magnets help deliver classic overdrive with smooth midrange distortion, while still retaining the familiar high end of a single-coil pickup.

Traditional single coil pickups have great tone, but along with those beautiful highs you usually get a big dose of hum and buzz. The noise changes as you move under stage lights or in the studio. Add even a moderate length cord, and the crystalline shimmer turns to mud.

EMG single coil pickup systems solve these problems. With internal shielding and an independent preamp in each pickup, you get great tone over a background of silence. The low-impedence preamp also gives you a higher output level so that all your tone makes it to your amp. Vacuum sealed coils reduce squeals and other microphonic effects.

EMG's exclusive Tone Modeling technology allows them to carefully shape the tonal response and sensitivity for added definition and crisp attack. How does this all sound? Check out the incredible sound of Pink Floyd's David Gilmour who uses the EMG-SA System with SPC and EXG exclusively on all his Strats for both stage and studio.

EMG's most popular system for Stratocaster type guitars was originally read more developed in 1974 but was redesigned along with all the other models in 1979. It was voiced with the help of guitar Repairman/Luthier John Carruthers and his professional clientele. The first professional who spread the gospel about the EMGSA was Peter Frampton who visited EMG in 1979. By 1985, Peter had turned Steve Lukather on to the system along with a host of others. The folks at EMG can't recall when David Gilmour got his first SA System, but Rob remembers delivering a system in L.A. for David and meeting Phil Taylor (David's main man) for the first time. Over the years EMG has sent David all of the newer models, but he's maintained his support of the SA System.

The EMG-SA combines the attributes of the early Strat sound but with an added midrange response and higher output. Its 'bell-like' ringing harmonics and increased sustain give the SA greater versatility than normally found in single-coil pickups. A single Alnico bar magnet delivers classic overdrive with a smooth midrange distortion, while still retaining the familiar high-end of a single-coil pickup. The internal preamp rejects every bit of hum and buzz for noiseless operation.

Note: This pickup is the short shaft version.
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Logo Color: Gold

Resonant Frequency: 3.75kHz

RMS Output Voltage: 0.6

Peak Output Voltage: 0.85

Output Noise: -90 dBV

Output Impedance: 10kOhms

Current @ 9V: 80 Microamps

Battery Life: 3000 Hours

A Brief FAQ

What's an active pickup, and why would I use one?
An active pickup is one that uses electronics to improve the sound and enhance its operation. There are a variety of ways to 'Activate' a pickup. A simple 'buffer' pre-amp will do the trick, but it will also amplify the hum and buzz the pickup produces. Just because a pickup is 'active' doesn't guarantee you'll get great results. EMG pickups utilize an internal pre-amp (inside the pickup), which not only makes the pickup louder, it also reduces the noise!

What are the advantages of an EMG pickup?
The greatest is reduction in noise. No longer will the dimming of the house lighting system cause your guitar to buzz incessantly. You can use an extra long cable, or a wireless, and you'll get the same great tone every time.

Why an internal pre-amp?
It's the most efficient way to create an active pickup. All the coil connections are shielded, the pre-amp is shielded, and the output of the pickup cable is low-impedance, which makes it less susceptible to noise. Also, it avoids a spider web of wires and possible loose connections in your guitar and the installation is simple. All the benefits with none of the hassle.
Dimensions and Weight in Packaging
Shipping Weight: 0.5 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 5 x 4 x 2 in
Manufacturer Part Number (MPN): EMG SA

For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Phone: 707-525-9941


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