Emagic A26 USB Audio Interface (Macintosh and Windows)

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Formerly called the EMI 2|6. High-quality Audio I/O. Portable and easy-to-use.
The A26 mobile audio interface for the Universal Serial Bus (USB) is the perfect portable Surround solution. It's a multi-channel interface delivering 6 playback and 2 recording channels at professional 44.1/48 kHz, 24-bit audio quality.

High Quality Audio I/O
The A26 is the ideal USB audio solution for all audio applications on both MacOS and Windows platforms. It provides 6 analog outputs, 2 analog inputs and stereo S/PDIF digital I/O at 16 or 24 Bit resolution, more than meeting the needs of today's and tomorrow's audio professionals. Also included is a stereo headphone jack, with independent volume control, for quick and convenient monitoring of input and output signals.

Portable and Easy to Use
The stylish A26 is lightweight and compact, approximately the size of a videocassette. It is the perfect match for modern Windows notebook or Apple PowerBook computers equipped with a USB port. It is equally at home on studio-based desktop machines where high-quality audio I/O and ease of use are a priority. Installation is simple and trouble-free. The computer automatically recognizes the EMI 2I6 and power is supplied via the USB port, with no need for additional cabling or the need to open your computer's casing.

Zero Latency Monitoring
The A26 features latency-free hardware monitoring. This allows the monitoring of audio recording channels with no audible delay. The stereo monitor signal can be routed to the analog, digital, or integrated headphone outputs. read more

Ideal for Virtual Instruments
Thanks to Emagic's advanced Low Latency technology, software-based virtual instruments such as Emagic's EVP88, EXS24, ES1 and VST2.0-compatible instruments can be played in real-time.

Surround Sound Solution
The A26 provides an affordable Surround mixing hardware solution via suitable audio software, such as Logic Audio Platinum. All Surround formats up to, and including 5.1, are supported. This makes the A26 the ideal companion for the production of Surround sound audio mixes for DVD or film distribution.
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System Requirements Mac
Mac OS 9.1 or higher

G3 or G4 with integrated USB port

Free USB port **

CD-ROM or DVD drive

Compatible with Sound Manager and ASIO applications ***

** Power is supplied via the USB port. An optional Emagic power supply is available.

*** SoundManager supports 16-bit stereo audio only. ASIO does not have this limitation.

System Requirements Windows
Windows Me (full compatibility), Windows 98SE*, Windows 2000*, Windows XP

Pentium or compatible - 233 MHz or higher


CD-ROM or DVD drive

Free USB port**

Compatible with DirectSound, MME

ASIO and EASI applications

* Limited support of the digital input under Windows 98 SE and Windows 2000.

** Power is supplied via the USB port. An optional Emagic power supply is available.
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Submitted May 3, 2003 by a customer from rihmasto.com
"Pretty nice unit with only few design mistakes."
I guess I seek something more portable (metal case please) in near future but dont know if I keep this anyway since placing AD/DA inside PC isnt 1st idea when getting good quality.

Sounds awesome. Used other mid/pro-class audiocards like Terratec, ST-Audio(hoontech), Creamware, RME-Audio... and This do sound pretty damn good.. perhaps thanks to its external case where noise is not that big problem.

good what it is made for. anyway I missed multiclient drivers so I need to use SBLive! for recording stuff into Cool Edit Pro while playing VST synths etc. on emagic. (hopefully I can use S/PDIF so quality is pretty decent)

ITS PLASTIC!!!! even there is bag for it, it still feels easy to brake. too bad it needed to be this candy mac look and not professional aluminium casing like most other manufacturers have done.

it's ok priced.

Manufacturer Support
dont know since no support needed.

The Wow Factor
After using it almost 1 year I still like to use it but I would like to have nice features like optical S/PDIF in/out, midi, metal case, balanced input etc. but again there is nothing wrong in it in what it is made for. I can play VSTi's with VERY LOW LATENCY!!!! also this seems to be about only USB card that does work with most USB controllers found on AMD computers (Lucient and Intel are best but rarely read more seen on VIA/SIS/AMD chipset computers). Edirol did not work and Midiman said in manual that it does not work with my SiS or VIA chipset. I've used this device in several PC's and Powerbook macs and PC laptops without any problems.

Musical Style:
ambient, electronic
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