Edirol UA1X USB Cable Audio Interface

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Submitted April 28, 2004 by a customer from bellsouth.net
"What it does, it does well."
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I use this thing to play music from a laptop, to a PA system. The laptops' headphone jack was noisy, and I wanted better quality sound. There is no detectable backgoround noise with this unit, into a Mackie mixer, using an iso transformer. It is a little noisy w/o the iso xformer, but thats probably power supply noise or other interaction between to laptop and mixer.
A very basic unit. Plugs into USB, Win XP recognizes it without any additional changes. It does what I want it to do.
Plastic, but nicely finished with good strain relief on the cable.
I havent seen anything comparable (that actually works) for this price.
Manufacturer Support
I dont know, I've only owned 2 Edirol devices and never had a problem with either.
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I got 2.
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No longer available at zZounds

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