Defender Micro Cable Crossover Protector

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Made from super durable thermoplastic polyurethane, this Defender protector keeps two of your cables safe from being stepped on or tripped over.

Originally developed to guard electrical cables and prevent tripping hazards at rock concerts, Defender cable protectors have become the standard in a wide variety of industrial, commercial and public applications.

Designed and made in Germany from ultra-rugged, recyclable TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) the Defender range comprises various modular protection systems for cables and hoses with diameters up to 113 mm [4.5"]. Stringent raw material and production controls ensure that Defender protectors meet exacting specifications and the highest quality standards. Defender cable ramps are DEKRA certified in conformity with DIN 31000 and EN 61537, B2 fire rated according to DIN 4102 (B1 also available) and compliant with the Low Voltage Directive.


- Highly tread and slip-resistant 3D LaserGrip surface
- New ergonomic design for improved stability when walked or driven on
- Patented self-cleaning hinge and convenient locking system
- 2 channels, 35 x 30 mm each, for high-voltage cables and water hoses
- Load capacity approx. 2 t/20 x 20 cm
- Fire protection class B2 (DIN 4 102), DEKRA-certified (DIN 31000, EN 61537)
- Resistant to oil, acids, solvents and petrol
- Dimensions 1005 x 273 x 48 mm, weight approx. 5.2 kg
- Manufactured with extremely robust and non-breakable TPU
- Customized branding possible
- 5-year guarantee

- Product type: Cable Protectors
- Type: 2 Channels
- Width: 273 mm
- Height: 48 mm
- Length: 1005 mm
- Channels: 2
- Width channel 1: 35 mm
- Height channel 1: 30 mm
- Width channel 2: 35 mm
- Height channel 2: 30 mm
- Material: thermoplastic polyurethane
- Max. load: approx. 2 t on a surface area of 20 x 20 cm
- Chemical resistance: acid-resistant , oil-resistant , petrol-resistant
- Hardness range: 88 Shore +/- 4 Shore
- Fire protection class: B2
- Temperature range: -30*C to 60*C
- Weight: 5,2 kg
- Special features: DEKRA-certified

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No longer available at zZounds

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