Boss ODB-3 Bass Overdrive Compact Effects Pedal

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Uses 9-volt battery or PSA-120 adapter (not included).
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Submitted April 26, 2007 by a customer from
"filthy ruthless distortion!!!!"
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i don't think i will ever need another pedal.this one fits me like socks on a rooster!!if it was ever stolen, i would run out and get another that day.

i play sludge/doom/powergroove, and so far this pedal has given me the bonecrunching filthy sound that i have ben looking for. sure it does feedback at high gai, but i have found that if you position yourself and the pedala few extra feet away from your amp , then no problem.( and what is wrong with alittle feedback anyway?)i play both an ibanez soudgear 5 str. and a washburn fretless, tuned to b they both resonate excellently through this pedal.

i gave this a seven , not because the onboard features deserve it, they are great! just wish it cme with an ac eats up batteries fast enough to warrant one. why should i have to pay $20 for something that should come standard? WTF?!

Ease of Use
plug it in,dial it in,stomp and destroy the audience!!!!!! it even comes with a few suggested setting in case you need some help, or if you are just learning. just about every tone is coverd in the owners manual.

it's a boss, what more can be said? you could pobably beat the s#*) out of this thing with a sledgehammer and then bring it to a gig

i searched for a long tim for a pedal that would give me the sound i wanted for under $100. this is the only one i could read more find. definitely worth every penny.

Manufacturer Support
don't know; never needed to use them(refer to the quality comments)

The Wow Factor
not that pretty, taxicb yellow and all, but i still can't imagine playing hat i play without it

Musical Background:
16 years on the strings, bass for life

Musical Style:
sludge, doom, powergroove, thrash and all things metal
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