Bogner Ecstasy Mini Guitar Amplifier Head (30 Watts)

Transcend your tone into pure sonic bliss with the Bogner Ecstasy. This mini version of the '90s staple features a wide array of sound-sculpting controls.

Reinhold Bogner's compelling, respected and sought-after tube amplifiers have graced the stages and studios of elite players throughout the world. The Ecstasy amplifier was born in 1992 and decades later, Bogner is still hand building each amp, one at a time, in Los Angeles, California.

Hear Justin take the Bogner Ecstasy Mini for a test ride in a livestream:

The Ecstasy Mini 30-watt amplifier captures the mystical tone of the now legendary red channel, famous for its incendiary higher gain crunch and lead tones. The Ecstasy Mini Head delivers a wide range of expressive tones from vintage overdrive to ripping modern high gain with interactive controls and a wide array of tone shaping switches. Ideal for aggressive playing styles, the Ecstasy Mini amp boasts the outrageous heavy tones that get Bogner amps into the backlines of rock's most notable players. The Mini's compact size and weight and onboard effects loop makes Ecstasy Mini perfect for the stage, home and studio.

On the back panel you'll find a high-quality effects loop ideal for using time-based effects. The included 24V universal-voltage power-supply means you can take your Ecstasy wherever you travel.


- Inspired by the legendary Bogner Ecstasy amplifier
- 30-watt power section is ideal for most applications
- Easily access everything from bluesy crunch to metal
- Signature Bogner Ecstasy look
- Familiar control layout with gain, volume, 3 band EQ and presence
- Tone-shaping mini-toggle switches:
- read more Variac: Determines the preamp's headroom and response
- Gain: Lets you toggle between a Crunch and Overdrive setting
- Mid Freq: Lets you select one of three different mid frequencies to be adjusted by the MID control
- Pre EQ: Offers mellower and more aggressive settings for driving the amp's high end
- Onboard effects loop
- Compact, studio-friendly size
- Universal 24V power supply
WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -
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- Dimensions: 9.5" (w) x 6.25" (d) x 5.25" (h)
- Weight: 4 lbs
Dimensions and Weight in Packaging
Base Item
Shipping Weight: 5.5 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 13 x 8 x 8 in
Manufacturer Part Number (MPN): ECSTASY MINI HEAD
Warehouse Resealed
Shipping Weight: 5.5 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 13 x 8 x 8 in
Manufacturer Part Number (MPN): ECSTASY MINI HEAD

For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Phone: 818-575-3619

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Submitted April 15, 2023 by a customer from

"Worth the money and then some"

Overall: 5 out of 5 stars
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My Marshall JTM30 had been misbehaving, and finally stopped putting out sound almost a year ago - which means no power section for my beloved ADA MP-1 preamp! Called around and found that fixing it will cost at least $200 - $300, and take months :( After trying everything I could think of to get a decent guitar sound at apartment-level volume, I finally decided it would be faster (and easier on the wallet, thanks to zZounds' EZ Pay) to just get another small amp with a series FX loop to stand in while I save up to fix the Marshall. I took a few weeks researching options and going through review videos, and this looked like the one to beat. - So I ordered it, waited FOREVER for FedEx to get it here (not zZounds' fault at all, they shipped it almost as soon as I ordered), and eagerly unboxed this adorable little lady. Plugged it into the Celestion V30 in the Marshall, plugged my Duncan-loaded Ibanez Xiphos into the front end, and powered up….. At which point my fiancee came into the room to say "Babe, the neighbors are gonna call the cops... Is that all the way up?" It was at about 2 (as in, 8 o'clock) on the master volume dial, with the other controls all at 12 o'clock. For only 30 solid-state watts, it's LOUD! - So, I backed off the volume most of the way, and started fiddling with the other controls. In the interest of not writing a full novel, I'll leave the detailed descriptions of what each control does to someone else, but I will say that this sucker sounds RAD. While read more I've always had a soft spot for a good solid-state amp, I don't expect them to sound like a tube amp - but this one really does replicate a lot of that feel! It doesn't sound EXACTLY like a tube amp, but it does a good enough impression that casual listeners won't know the difference - and again, the feel is more tube-y than any transistor amp I've ever played, and even some tube amps.- One of the reasons I chose this model over the Friedman, Soldano, or Diezel versions is versatility. Every review and video I found noted that the others have a decent range of medium-high to ultra-filthy levels of gain, but only the Bogner will let you get anywhere near a clean tone. I haven't tested the others to confirm this, but I CAN confirm that the Bogner does provide a mostly-clean tone with the gain control almost all the way down, and with some careful tweaking of the EQ and switch settings, there's actually a lot of range there too. You can get convincing jazz, blues, or even (shudder) country tones if you want to, but I was just looking for a nice Fender-y chime - and I got it! - Of course, that's not why we're buying an amp based on the Ecstasy's Red channel, are we? The dirty sounds are well-represented, and I was again impressed with the versatility here. The toggle switches, gain knob, and 4-band EQ will get you everywhere from Mesa to Marshall to extreme modern metal. All those switches look intimidating at first glance, but after a few minutes you'll be able to dial in just about anything you can imagine. I've literally pulled tones from the 60s, 70s, 80s, and today out of this thing without changing guitars - taking the time to get to know how it responds will be amply rewarded. I've read a few reviews complaining that this amp doesn't put out enough low end, and I would ask those reviewers what cab and speakers they're using - the single Vintage 30 that I'm plugged into is delivering plenty of whatever frequencies I ask for. - Finally, the reason I justified a new amp to myself: I have also been using it as a power amp for my ADA MP-1 rackmount preamp. If anything, it's BETTER than the tube amp I was using before, just because the Bogner's effects loop is post-EQ (unlike the Marshall). Plus, the solid-state power amp provides much more headroom that allows the MP-1's legendary clean tones to shimmer and sparkle like they were intended to, and the dirty sounds rip with authority that the Marshall's Class-A power section can't match. - I can go on and on about how wicked this amp is, but this is probably enough for one review. The TL:DR version is: It's killer. If you think you should buy it, I agree with you.

In a word: "WICKED". Great for both rhythm and lead in hard rock, metal, and shred styles, but almost ridiculously versatile when you start tweaking it. Surprisingly good almost-clean and light-overdrive tones if you want them.

Everything you need, and nothing you don't! We can qualify that a bit by noting that this is not a 4-channel 120W flagship head with built-in effects and MIDI, nor is it intended to be. This is a tiny, single-channel head that's designed for home, studio, rehearsal, and small gigs, and for that it's fantastic. Need effects? There's a series FX loop in back; plug 'em in! Need to switch between clean and dirty on the fly? This thing is so affordable that you can just buy two and use an A/B switch. If there's anything that you think deserves a complaint, check the price tag.

Ease of Use
With those four switches along the top of the front plate, I expected more of a learning curve than there actually is. After playing around with it for 5 or 10 minutes, I can get just about any sound I want out of it. Again, bear in mind that your choice of speaker and cabinet is going to have a HUGE impact on what you hear in the room (which is true of any amp), so try different speakers/cabs if you can.

They did not skimp on the QC for this unit! Corners, jacks, knobs, and switches are all tight; screen-printing on the chassis is clean; the Tolex is cut and glued evenly, even the wicker grille is installed straight. While its 4lb heft is a LOT less than any full-sized amp, it feels plenty sturdy.

This amp is MORE than worth the money! I'm already considering buying a few more as gifts for some tone-hunting friends, and maybe another one for the apartment for those times when my fiancee wants to play too. It is a fantastic deal.

Manufacturer Support
I've never tried to contact Bogner, and so far I don't expect that I will. One of the things I looked for in reviews was any mention of failure, and I couldn't find any. I did see that Bogner's website appears to be down, and found a few forums noting that this has been the case for a while - but those same users all noted that anyone who emails the company with a problem gets a quick and satisfying response, so I'm not worried about it.

The Wow Factor
I don't usually go all the way on "the WOW factor", but this time I have to. For what it is, it's spectacular, and even for what it isn't, it's still bloody good. Plus, it's adorable!

Musical Background:
Guitar player for over 27 years

Musical Style:
Metal, punk, funk, blues, rock
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