Big Joe Power Box Li2 Lithium Pedalboard Power Supply

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Submitted September 23, 2019 by Ariel Glassman in Chicago, IL
"I used the PB-109 for a live performance Friday, and it’s really the only reason I was even able to use my board!"
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I performed for a Sofar show, which is basically a business that puts on live performances in untraditional locations. We were in someone’s house to play a set with a single outlet at the corner of the room that had a surge protector in the wall. I have a One Spot that’s maybe 2 feet, I didn’t have my power strip with me, and even if I did there were 2 other groups with their own power set ups plugged into this one surge protector. There just wouldn’t have been a reasonable way to get power to my board.The fact that I was able to just take out my pedals, already plugged into a portable power source and without needing to risk knocking over a Rhodes that was between me and the outlet was, honestly, kind of a life saver. It seems like a really good idea to purchase for anyone that plays small venues that aren’t necessarily prepared with a lot of power options, or just to be prepared for a weird gigging scene.The battery life really is kind of insane. I left it on through a 2 hour rehearsal, 1 hour sound check, 2 hour show, and it’s still at 71%. I don’t have the most intense pedal board, but it’s 6 pedals it was powering, which is very impressive. I thought I’d have to worry about it dying in the middle of the show, but obviously that wasn’t a problem.

It didn't change the sound of my guitar or board at all, which is the ideal

The battery life being so long is amazing, and the simplicity of design makes it completely read more intuitive. Having everything labeled on it is also helpful

Ease of Use
Just plug in and play like any other power source

Musical Background:
Professional Guitarist, 15 years playing

Musical Style:
Jazz, Hip Hop, Singer Songwriter
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