Bjooks Patch and Tweak Hardcover Book

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Explore modular synthesis in Patch and Tweak, a guide to modular with tips, detailed explanations, and more. Great for beginner and veteran synth heads.

Patch and Tweak provides an opportunity for new and experienced users to become true masters of their modular systems. Its 368 pages include inspirational interviews with creators and artists who share their passion for modular and invite the readers to explore their systems, philosophies, patching secrets, and performance tips. Chapters on the elements of synthesis, as well as VCOs, VCAs, LFOs, etc., are concluded with a select history of modular synthesis.

368 pages, 700+ modules, 38 interviews, hundreds of tips.

Written by Kim Bjorn and synthesis educator Chris Meyer of, with a foreword by Suzanne Ciani.

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No longer available at zZounds

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