Behringer XENYX 1832FX Mixer with Effects

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"Great mixer at almost unbelieveable price!"
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My last Behringer product was a Eurorack 802A mixer that I bought about 6 or 7 years ago; I still have it and it functions very well. I expect that this new board will last equally well...beyond the point at which I am ready to upgrade/upsize again.

I read a lot of reviews of this product prior to making my decision and one of the things that kept cropping up was how great the mic preamps are. I totally agree...these are awesome sounding preamps, regardless of price. In conjunction with the way the channel eq is voiced, esp with the quasi parametric mids, these things are crisp, clean, capable of nice warmth, since they can be pushed a bit without clipping unpleasantly. Also, the board as a whole is very quiet as long as the gain structure is managed correctly, and there are some very nice, useful effect presets with pretty good transparency, esp the large hall verbs.

This has a great many features for the price, which can sometimes be a red flag, since most of the time, feature-laden coupled with inexpensive means that cheap components were used...NOT the case here, as the routing flexibility, onboard FX, aux buses, feedback detection, all work together extremely well. I haven't yet tried the USB 2.0 interface that came with this board, but I have every reason to expect it to perform as promised, based upon the quality of the rest of the unit.

Ease of Use
Not for the faint-hearted read more or inexperienced. This is, in my opinion, a pro-level board and will require some background in recording and sound reinforcement fundamentals to get the best sounds with it. Also, the manual is not very complete and smattered with unnecessary plugs for the unit (c'mon, guys, I already BOUGHT the darn thing!) All in all though, I had little trouble getting crisp clean high-fi sound from this...YMMV.

Very good build quality...much better than one would have a right to expect at this price.

Superb value...I considered many other units before settling on this and I have no regrets.

Manufacturer Support
Haven't had cause to call support, but I hear they are very quick and knowledgeble.

The Wow Factor
I'm a pragmatist...I want it to sound great and function as complaints here. I like the compact size, though.

Musical Background:
active musician

Musical Style:
Rock, progressive, jazz, acoustic fingerstyle, blues
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