Behringer SL3242FXPRO Eurodesk 32-Channel Mixer

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24 mono + 4 stereo channels. 3-band EQ with semi-parametric mids.

Behringer's new SL2442FXPRO and SL3242FXPRO consoles unite studio perfection with live performance. They are loaded with technology like studio-grade acoustically "Invisible" IMP Mic Preamps, ULN (Ultra Low-Noise) circuitry, dual 24-bit Virtualizer-level FX processors and an amazing feedback detection system. Features include incredible connectivity, a talkback section, comprehensive solo-in-place and PFL functions, 9-band stereo graphic EQ and even a mono subwoofer output with a sweepable low pass filter. Also, all mic channels can be muted during breaks by pressing a single button, and you can still play music via CD/tape inputs. The SL2442FX-PRO provides 24 channels (16 mono + 4 stereo), 4 subs and 4 pre/post aux sends per channel, 3-band EQ with semi-parametric mids and low cut filters for the mono channels, high-headroom stereo input channels with 4-band EQ plus additional stereo input channels with level and pre-fader aux facilities. The SL3242FX-PRO is an even larger 32-channel (24 mono + 4 stereo) version. SL consoles are built with a super-sturdy metal cabinet, and an efficient, oversized power supply that automatically adapts to mains voltages (100 to 240V).


Channels: 24 mono + 4 stereo

Mono Mic/Line Channel Inputs: 24 ("Invisible" Mic Preamps +1/4 in. TRS balanced)

Stereo Line Channel inputs: 8

Channel Inserts: 24

EQ Mono Channels: 3-band mid-sweep + low cut

EQ Stereo Channels: 4-band

Phantom Power: +48V

Aux Sends: 2 (pre/post fader switchable)

FX read more sends: 2 (post fader)

Stereo FX Returns: 2

Subgroups: 4

Main Mix Outputs: 2 (with XLR & 1/4 in. TRS connectors each)

Main Mix Inserts

Mono Subwoofer Output: Adjustable from 30-200 Hz

2-track I/O RCA Connectors

Phones/Control Room Output

PFL/Solo Section

FX Units with Footswitch Connector: 2 (24-bit/99 presets each)

Stereo Graphic EQ: 9-band

FBQ Feedback Detection System

Talkback Section with Internal Mic

Standby Switch (mutes all channels)

Auto-Range Power Supply: 100-240 V

Behringer SL Series Mixers
What was previously available as either a studio or a live mixer is now combined in our revolutionary SL Series mixing consoles. It's an entirely new generation of mixing consoles that provides unheard-of audio quality and unifies a complete feature set from both worlds in just one unit, giving you an extremely powerful tool for both studio and live applications. So you don't need to decide now where to use it later.

Designed to Conquer Both Worlds
Both the EURODESK SL3242FX-PRO and the SL2442FX-PRO embody top-notch, no-compromise designs like the studio-grade, acoustically 'Invisible' IMP Mic Preamps and 24-bit dual FX processors of VIRTUALIZER fame. In addition, they boast 4 subgroups and 4 pre/post switchable aux sends per channel, mono channels featuring 3-band EQs with semi-parametric mids and low cut filters, fullfledged high-headroom stereo input channels with 4-band equalization plus additional stereo input channels with level and pre-fader aux facilities.

Studio Perfection
For the studio, the new SL consoles feature two high-end 24-bit FX processors, unbelievable connectivity, an integrated talkback section plus comprehensive solo-in-place and pre-fader-listen functions.

Live Performance
For live performances, the SL consoles feature an ultra-musical 9-band stereo graphic EQ with the amazing FBQ Feedback Detection System and even a mono subwoofer output with a sweepable low pass filter. The integrated auto-range power supply is immune against fluctuating mains voltage and nasty spikes that you'll find in typical live environments. Plus, the supersturdy metal cabinet and the overall construction will withstand even the most punishing road conditions.

Ultra-Pure Sound and Crystal-Clear Audio
You can never place too much emphasis on clean sound. For that reason, both SL EURODESKs feature our state-of-the-art, studio-grade 'Invisible' Mic Preamps (IMPs). Here, 'Invisible' means acoustically invisible: what comes in also comes out - but nothing more. You'll be working with mic preamps that deliver crystal-clear audio and more headroom than you'll ever need. With their extreme bandwidth of 5 Hz to 100 kHz and the amazingly neutral, noise and distortion-free circuitry, you may rest assured that they will pick up and amplify every single bit of your sound without coloring it. All of this is hugely important because no matter how good your mics are, they are only as good as what they plug into. Until now, this kind of performance was only possible with extremely expensive outboard preamps.

Dual FX Engines for Unlimited Creativity
Both SL consoles boast 2 independent 24-bit digital stereo FX processors with 99 great-sounding presets of VIRTUALIZER fame like reverbs, delays, chorus, compressor, tube distortion and a host of special effects. No matter what your application - you will welcome not having to carry additional external FX processors around.

See and Remove Feedback in a Second
The revolutionary FBQ Feedback Detection System instantly reveals critical frequencies using the illuminated faders of the 9-band stereo graphic EQ. This is a powerful built-in solution that eliminates the need for external frequency correction and will make your life a lot easier during live gigs.

Noise What Noise
The SL series embodies our superb ULN (Ultra Low-Noise) circuitry with extremely low-impedance that keeps thermal-inherent noise and crosstalk at an absolute minimum. The result: your console is dead quiet, and crosstalk is virtually non-existent.

High-End, Leading-Edge Components
SL consoles feature state-of-the-art 4580 operational amplifiers, which not only deliver musically unsurpassed sound but also lowest noise and distortion. They are extremely linear, with noticeably less low-frequency noise than other op amps. Match them to our Ultra Low-Noise circuitry, and you have one powerful solution that lets you make a tremendous leap forward in preserving the purity of your sound.

Quality You Can Feel and Touch
Quality components are not just on the inside. SL consoles feature longwearing logarithmic-taper ALPS® faders and sealed rotary controls that will survive the brutal reality of every-day use and are even shock-absorbing.

Features for the Real World
Another nice touch for live gigs: all channels can be muted during breaks by pressing a single button, so music can be played via CD/tape inputs without the mics picking up noise from the stage.

The Sound of Silence
SL consoles use our built-in, oversized state-of-the-art switch-mode auto-range power supply that automatically adapts to mains voltages from 100 to 240 Volts. Furthermore, due to its greater efficiency, it consumes much less energy than a conventional supply unit and therefore runs much cooler. Plus, unlike conventional power supplies, it does not induce line-frequency hum (check it out on other desks when you turn up all volume controls)! Our auto-range power supply lets the console run absolutely quiet.

Get the Best of the Studio and Live Worlds
Have you ever wished you could use your studio mixer for live gigs as well - or wished to use your live mixer to mix down a CD With the new SL series, you can do both. No matter if you need a high-end studio console or a high-performance live mixer - the new revolutionary SL series will rise to the occasion.

Finally, mixing consoles with the quality, features and connectivity needed by both studio and live musicians have become one. At last, you get the best of both world.
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Dimensions (H x W x D): 3.94 x 35.30 x 16.15 in. (100 x 896 x 410 mm)

Weight: 25.3 lbs. (11.5kg)

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"A great mixer for many applications. Terrific value!"
Overall: 5 out of 5 stars
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This is a great mixer for the money. I don't imagine it will last as long as one that costs several times the price. So when it gets tired I will likely replace it with whatever works best at the time. I will say you could buy two and keep one as a spare and still not spend as much as some other mixers.

The mic preamps are excellent, extremely quiet. It is possible to achieve almost any thing you might want in the way of sound. I am using this mixer for live sound at present. I am currently using the built in EQ, and it is pretty effective, but I will want to add a 31 band EQ at some point. I actually found the feedback detector useful, by dropping the indicated band, I could achieve higher levels, while maintaining a natural sound. Using this mixer with a pair of Behringer EP2500 power amps, JBL MP225 mains, and 4 Behringer F1520s as monitors. Makes an outstanding PA System. As has been said elsewhere here, the FX while useful and rich in variety are not very flexible within the specific effect selected.

This unit has just about anything you could ever want for a live sound mixer. Lots and lots of inputs and outputs. I would like to see the AUX outs spaced a little farther apart like the subgroup outs. As a recording mixer, some would want more busses, sends, etc. It can do the job for recording.

This is a well made unit. Worked very well right out of the read more box. It is a large, complex device, so I feel it will need a good strong case for road use. When I was going through the selection process, I compared it with Yamaha, Mackie, other Behringers, and I felt this model had a quality feel, despite its low price.

Nothing even comes close to offering this performance, feature set, function, flexibility, and quality at this price, except other Behringer models.

Manufacturer Support
Not enough experience yet to say over the long haul, but I haven't had a need to use support on any of my Behringer products.

The Wow Factor
Its a mixer. Sexy? Well it looks pretty cool. Control freaks will salivate I am sure.

Musical Background:
Active Musician

Musical Style:
Rock, Blues
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