Behringer ECM8000 Measurement Microphone

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- Type: electret condenser, omni-directional
- Impedance: 600 Ohms
- Sensitivity: - 60 dB
- Bandwidth: 15 Hz to 20 kHz
- Connector: gold-plated XLR
- Phantom power: +15 V to +48 V
- Weight: 120 g, approximately

Behringer ECM8000 Measurement Microphone

Behringer's ECM8000 measurement microphone can be used with nearly any Real-Time Analyzer that provides a phantom power within +15 V to +48 V, such as the Behringer DEQ2496 Ultra Curve Pro. Due to the ultra-linear frequency response of the microphone, the analyzer only gets the signal that is in the room.

The quality of a job ultimately depends on the quality of the used tools. For such a critical task as measuring a room's frequency response, only absolutely reliable tools can be used. Rely on your ears -- and on the ECM8000 microphone!


- Sophisticated electret condenser measurement microphone
- Ultra-linear frequency response for absolute measurement-precision
- Evenly weighted, true omnidirectional pattern
- Phantom powered +15V to +48V
- Rugged construction and sleek, modern design
- Low Noise XLR output with gold-plated contacts
- Perfect in combination with the Ultra-Curve DSP8000


- Checking the frequency response characteristics of studio control monitors and PAs.
- Automated room measurements in combination with the Ultra-Curve DSP8000
- As a room-microphone for recording
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Submitted September 15, 2015 by Gil E in Upland, CA
"Exactly what I was looking for"
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I use an ECM8000 every weekend as an RTA mic to monitor the room from the FOH position. In addition to getting the frequency real time analysis I also get the SPL reading. This helps me put a set of eyes in conjunction with my ears of what's going on in the room and make the necessary adjustments to the "sound" of the room. I also use this mic as an ambient mic on stage for IEM's. Everyone can add as much "room" to their mix as they want. The flat response and omni direction pattern of this mic works perfect in this application. Based on how well this has performed for me in these applications and the price point - I typically recommend this mic for these apps. Oh yeah, I also use it in conjunction with various speaker management boxes.
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