BassBoss DV12-MK3 Active Loudspeaker

Want to fill a big space with one or two full-range 12" loudspeakers? The BassBoss DV12-MK3 has you more than covered with a mind-blowing 3200 watts RMS.

The DV12-MK3 is a high-fidelity, high-output, ultra-wide horizontal coverage, broad frequency range, long-throw portable main. Its low frequency extension and sound is mind-blowing in full range mode and its satellite preset modes offer an enormous SPL increase when paired with subs.

The MK3 series deliverers a suite of updates to the BassBoss line, improving clarity, performance, functionality, and safety via the updated amplifiers, DSP, custom control software, waterproof connectors, and more.

The updated amplifiers + DSP feature much more powerful 96 kHz processors with pristine sound quality and eight touch-of-a-button on board presets. This state-of-the-art asymmetrical Class D amplifier provides a true 3200 Watts of RMS power and features enhanced power allocation between the HF and LF drivers, thus offering exceptional dynamic resolution and detail along with precise control, and low current draw. This fully integrated and comprehensive digital processing ensures smooth response and reliable operation thanks to meticulous filter alignments and multi-stage limiters that protect the drivers from excessive peaks & thermal overload by monitoring real power output over time.

The processing features multiple preset configurations. The first is full-range mode, with response down to 45Hz (-3dB). The DV12-MK3 can be combined with any BassBoss subwoofer. Each preset offers different advantages that suit certain applications and preferences. No matter which preset you choose, read more your BassBoss subs and DV12-MK3 tops will always play in harmony. Scalability is another key benefit, one DV12-MK3 can provide enough mid and high output to match an impressive number of LF elements.

"Control BassBoss" software provides additional computer-accessible presets, networked remote control, and future proofing remote DSP update capabilities as BassBoss programming is developed and released. Each unit features dual ethernet ports with a built-in network switch for computer connectivity and cascading networking ability.

IP65 waterproof connectors have been added to provide peace-of-mind in unpredictable environments, and the MK3 line offers 90-250VAC global power compatibility for use all over the world.

The DV12-MK3 uses a line-array derived 1.4" throat isophasic wave guide instead of a conventional horn. The result is a combination of very wide and consistent horizontal coverage (120*) with a tight vertical pattern (20*) that extends high frequency projection farther than a conventional horn and a smooth unrivaled response. Its invertible array feature allows perfect summing of two speakers, which provides a significant increase in output and projection without compromising the crystal-clear definition. To further utilize the advantages of the line-array waveguides, the DV12-MK3s are designed to stack with the HF lenses vertically aligned. This allows the high-frequency sections of two boxes to sum perfectly as they would in a line-array while the low-frequency sections sum in a column for improved low-frequency directivity and greatly increased output.
The lower frequencies are produced by an extraordinarily robust 12" woofer Neodymium magnet for light weight and high efficiency, a 4" voice coil for high power handling, and a symmetrical, long-excursion suspension for accurate and extended bass response.

The cabinet is made from premium selected 15mm Baltic birch. The design incorporates a 4-degree down-angle that ensures even distribution of high-frequency energy from front-to-back of a venue when the DV12-MK3 is placed at the appropriate height on a tripod or support pole. Additional features include a 35mm metal pole socket, eight fly points, and six handles. The amplifier is recessed from the back of the cabinet to protect it in transit. A perforated steel grill protects the woofer, and its progressive perforation pattern serves to broaden midrange dispersion.


- 2-Way Bi-amplified, loudspeaker
- 12 in. woofer with 1.4 in. exit compression driver on wide dispersion isophasic wave guide
- Inverted array expansion ready
- 3200W 2-channel universal power supply Class D amplifier with signature DSP featuring full range and satellite presets
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Loudspeaker Description:
- 2-Way Active Single 12" Self Powered, Vented, Direct-radiating Full-range
Frequency Response (±3 dB):
- 45 – 19,000Hz +-3 dB
Maximum Sustained Output:
- 128 dB SPL 1m half-space
Max SPL (Peak)*:
- 134 dB SPL 1m half-space
Nominal Dispersion (H° x V°):
- 120 x 20
- 3200 Watts Class D
- Integrated comprehensive DSP. 96kHz sampling rate with 8 pushbutton presets. All presets include high pass filters, low pass filters, phase alignment, equalization and multi-stage limiting. Storage apacity for up to 100 presets
Electrical Connector Amp:
- Neutrik powerCON True 1 TOP - IP65 rated waterproof connectors
Electrical Connector Mains:
- Standard US 3-pin grounding 120V electrical plug: NEMA 5-15 (Edison)
Voltage Operating Range:
- 100-240V AC, 50-60Hz (Auto-sensing, auto switching universal supply)
Current Draw 120V:
- 4.6 Amps (Nominal)
Current Draw 240V:
- 2.3 Amps (Nominal)
Signal Input Connector:
Signal Output Connector:
- XLR-M (direct pass-through only)
Enclosure Type:
- Self-powered, bi-amplified, 2-way full-range. Direct radiating vented LF section, wave-guide-loaded HF section
Transducer Low Frequency:
- 1 x 12" diameter (300mm) neodymium motor woofer with 4" (100mm) voice coil
Transducer High Frequency:
- 1 x 3 in. (76mm) diameter diaphragm compression driver with 1.4" (35mm) exit mounted to isophasic wave guide
Cabinet Construction:
- CNC machined 15mm Birch plywood with internal bracing and dado joinery. 8 M10 fly points. 1 x 35mm steel pole socket
Exterior Finish:
- High-pressure, bonded polyurea coating. Rugged, waterproof. Textured black
- Perforated, powder-coated steel
Dimensions (HxWxD):
- 24.63" x 14.5" x 19.1" (62.6 cm x 36 cm x 48.5 cm)
Net Weight:
- 65 lbs
Shipping Weight:
- 74 lbs
What's Included:
- Loudspeaker, 15' (5m) Power Cable, Manual, Warranty Card
Optional Covers:
- Heavy-duty padded nylon transport cover
Optional Hardware:
- Stacking Bracket: mounts second cabinet inverted for near-perfect summed response and line-array style performance. Provides splay-angle adjustment from 0 to 8 degrees. Flying Bracket: Two DV12s can be arrayed together and flown from the DV12 array flying bracket. M10 Shoulder Eye Bolts, M10 Side-Pull anchors
Dimensions and Weight in Packaging
Base Item
Shipping Weight: 69 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 28 x 20 x 18 in
Manufacturer Part Number (MPN): AMS-BB-DV12-MK3

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