Avid Pro Tools Studio Music Production Software (Perpetual License) with 1-Year Software Updates + Support Plan

The industry-standard DAW! Own the full version of Pro Tools Studio software in perpetuity, plus a year of free Avid upgrades, with access to bonus plug-ins.

This version of Pro Tools Studio includes a Perpetual License, plus a 1-year Software Updates + Support Plan, which provides access to all new Pro Tools releases, renewable annually for $99/year. Plus, you get access to an amazing collection of bonus plug-ins -- included free for the first year.

Avid Pro Tools includes major improvements and new features for the industry-standard digital audio workstation (DAW) software. From new MIDI editing enhancements and retrospective MIDI recording, to track presets that enable you to save your favorite effects chains and instrument sounds, Pro Tools keeps your creativity flowing. That’s why top artists, musicians, and audio professionals choose it for everything they do. Because when you need to sound your best, nothing delivers like Pro Tools.

Pro Tools redefined the music, film, and TV industry, providing everything you need to compose, record, edit, and mix audio. From powerful recording and editing tools, easy loop workflows, and groundbreaking cloud collaboration, to top-notch effects and automated mixing, Pro Tools enables you to sound your best. And it keeps getting better, with new MIDI features that enable you to create at the speed of inspiration, tons of timesaving tools, and more flexible licensing.

Pro Tools Sketch

Capture and play with ideas anywhere inspiration strikes with Pro Tools Sketch, a nonlinear, clip-based creation tool in Pro Tools, and also available as a free iPad app. Start with non-linear, clip-based read more Sketches in which loops, MIDI, and recordings can be freely organized and played and then exported to be shared with friends, or take ideas into the Pro Tools timeline for further editing and mixing.

Features added in Pro Tools 2022.6 (June 2022):

Offline bounce Dolby Atmos re-renders. Link to ADM file with import session data. Export ADM files faster with optimized ADM export performance. View timecode overlay in the video window or on a hardware monitor. Get MIDI workflow enhancements, including quantization improvements. Gain the ability to use Pro Tools | Sync X in Standalone Mode. Explore all this and more in Pro Tools 2022.6.

You can now quickly generate channel-based mixes without going through the process of generating an ADM, importing it into the Dolby Atmos renderer, and then doing a separate export of the re-renders from the renderer. This is great if you need to send off any temp mixes for review.

Timecode may now be displayed in the video window or on a hardware client monitor. This makes it far easier for the talent or engineer to see the position of the session when working with picture.

Features added in Pro Tools 2022.4 (April 2022):

With the 2022.4 release, Pro Tools is now available in three new options. Start making music with Pro Tools Artist. Create professional-level music productions with the advanced tools of Pro Tools Studio. And get the advanced tools and workflows for high-end music production with Pro Tools Flex.

In addition, Pro Tools 2022.4 also delivers numerous new features and enhancements, including:
- Custom Keyboard Shortcuts
- Pro Tools Search
- Video Color Space improvements
- Dolby Atmos improvements
- Getting Started tab in the Pro Tools Dashboard
- Improved support for built-in and third-party Windows audio devices (WASAPI)
- See what else is new in Pro Tools 2022.4 >

Features added in Pro Tools 2021.10 (October 2021):

Control Pro Tools | Carbon mic preamps remotely. Get deeper integration with Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol MIDI keyboards. Further customize the Dark and Classic UI themes for accessibility and fun with the new high contrast mode and background colors. Plus, Pro Tools will now automatically downmix when routing between different track widths, saving time and minimizing complexity. Discover all this and more in the latest version of Pro Tools.

Move seamlessly between tracks and get instant hands-on control of a wide range of plugins with your Komplete Kontrol MIDI keyboard. Now, Komplete Kontrol will automatically sync with the selected track in your Pro Tools session. Plus, you can control many Pro Tools functions directly with Komplete Kontrol's buttons, knobs, and the 4D encoder.

Conveniently adjust, save, and recall Pro Tools | Carbon preamp settings remotely, either from your Pro Tools session in the Edit and Mix windows or using your Avid control surface. This means you can place your Carbon interface where it makes the most sense in your studio and without the need to remember preamp settings for each session.

You can now route outputs and sends to nearly any bus, regardless of the width, eliminating the need to create sub-paths. Pro Tools will automatically downmix or map the signal. This means, for example, you can route a 5.0 track directly to a 7.1.2 bus, or easily send surround tracks to stereo effects or headphones.

Pro Tools gives you unprecedented control to make the UI your own. Now, you can dial-in custom background colors and toggle on high contrast UI elements, in addition to having control over nearly every element in both Classic and Dark themes. This means you can further fine-tune the UI to meet accessibility needs or personalize your work environment for different times of day or even different moods.

Features Added in Pro Tools 2020:

- Bring focus to your session with Folder Tracks: Take command of large sessions by organizing tracks into collapsible folders, enabling you to work more creatively and productively. Without the distraction of seeing numerous tracks on screen. Arrange, consolidate, and route tracks with drag-and-drop ease. And group folders in folders and color-code them for even easier navigation.

- Edit sound to picture with greater precision: Work with 4K/UHD video, H.264 media, and higher frame rates with new Avid Video Engine improvements that smooth the collaboration between editorial and sound mixing. Not only does this eliminate time-consuming transcoding or conversion, it enables more accurate audio work, so you can edit with confidence and deliver the perfect mix.

Features Added in Pro Tools 2019:

- Double your MIDI track count: Pro Tools now supports 1,024 MIDI tracks (up from 512), giving you the freedom to create colossal, richly orchestrated pieces.
- Create more fluidly during playback: Interact with and make updates to tracks and timeline selections during playback without interruption. Freely experiment with different effects, presets, loop points, and more as your music plays on, keeping you in your creative groove.
- Create with the latest Apple products: With support for macOS Mojave (10.14), you can now use Pro Tools on any Mac running Apple's latest OS to boost your creative performance.
- Name tracks faster: Name new tracks as you create them, providing a new "Name" field in the New Track dialog. This makes it faster and easier to name multiple new tracks in one fell swoop. If you don't immediately give a new track a name, Pro Tools will automatically create a default name for you, respective of the track type, making it easy to understand what it is if you forget to name one.

Features Added in Pro Tools 2018:

- Retrospective MIDI Record: Capture MIDI performances when not recording
- MIDI Editing Enhancements: Arrow keys editing, transpose in-key, extract chords
- Track Presets: Browse presets with embedded media and build sessions on the fly
- Improved Import Session Data: New Track Data To Import dialog with presets
- Playlist Comping Enhancements: Comp playlists in Waveform view, target playlist
- Mix Window EQ Curves: Shows combined EQ effects inserted on a track
- Mixing UI Enhancements: Color indicators for Automation and Pre-Fader Sends
- "Start Collaboration" File Menu Item: Convert to project files and invite collaborators
- iLok Cloud Support: Cloud licensing option available
- Network Site Licensing: Administer Pro Tools across your enterprise, team, or facility
- UVI Falcon hybrid software instrument

Create your sound with UVI Falcon

Give your music that fresh edge you're looking for with UVI Falcon, an incredible-sounding hybrid virtual instrument that offers infinite creative possibilities. Generate sounds fast with drag-and-drop ease. Or roll up your sleeves with a deep set of tools that enable you to create and tweak sounds extensively with abandon.

With the UVI Falcon hybrid virtual instrument, you can...
- Quickly build sounds and layer parts via drag and drop using presets and sample library content
- Create something totally unique using 15 state-of-the-art oscillators and over 80 effects
- Layer multiple parts together to generate bold new sounds that are rich and complex
- Freely manipulate, mix, and modulate sounds, synthesis modules, effects, and more with finesse and precision
- Script events to take your sound creation even further

Get started with Plugsound Avid Edition. Gain inspiration from a great-sounding 2.6 GB sample library included with Falcon. Designed by some of the industry’s top sound designers, this deeply editable collection offers everything—from high-quality keyboards, drums, synths, and fretted instruments, to loops and atmospheric soundscapes—to enhance any music or sound design project. Plus, you can fuel your creativity even further with additional UVI curated expansion packs available in the Avid Marketplace.

Spark ideas with tons of presets. Falcon also comes loaded with Factory Sounds, an extremely high-quality and versatile collection of 1,000 patches from some of the most respected sound designers in the world. Explore your sonic possibilities—from classic synths, percussion, and physical modeling, to sample-driven multi-granular soundscapes and multi-oscillator hybrids. Use them as they are for instant gratification or as fuel to Frankenstein into your own sound design.

Build Sessions On the Fly with Track Presets

Kick time-consuming tasks to the curb. With Track Presets, you can quickly save, catalog, and recall your favorite effects chains, vocal processing, session import criteria, and other track settings, and spend more time exploring the depths of your creativity.

Capture Performances Retroactively

Capture MIDI performances and advance your musical ideas, even when Pro Tools is not recording. Quickly add your improvisations and practice runs into your session with a simple key command.

Take Deeper Control of Your MIDI

Making music has never been easier. With numerous MIDI improvements and enhancements, you can fix and finesse every note to perfection from transposing and trimming notes with the arrow keys, to building chords and scores faster than ever before.

Comp Together the Best Takes

Build a Target Playlist of the best performances from multiple playlists right in Waveform view. It's ideal when working with grouped tracks, making playlist management and viewing no longer a challenge. You can also now cycle through different takes within a clip using the arrow keys for faster review.

Retire Your iLok Key

Pro Tools and all Avid audio plug-ins now support iLok Cloud. That means you now have the option to work iLok-free, and reclaim an extra USB port for a MIDI keyboard or audio interface. Or continue using your iLok as before.

Get a Better View of Your Mix

With new EQ curve graphs on all Mix window channel strips, you can see how your settings and automation are impacting each track in real time even those with multiple EQs (supported plug-ins only). In addition, pre-fader sends and Automation lane view menu entries are now color-coded, making them easier to distinguish.

Start Collaborating More Easily

Got a session that you're dying to work on with others? Select File > Start Collaboration, and Pro Tools will automatically save your current session, close it, and reopen it as a project in the cloud, with all tracks converted and ready to be shared.

Get Easy Network Licensing

Need Pro Tools for your post facility, broadcast enterprise, or educational institution? You can now purchase a multi-seat Pro Tools Network Site License, which offers many benefits for larger organizations.

Search to access the plug-ins and busses you need

Forget scrolling through lengthy menus to find the plug-in or bus you need. With tag-like search capabilities integrated into the Inserts, Sends, Inputs, and Outputs menus, you can simply start typing and Pro Tools will instantly display all matching items, enabling you to assign VIs, effects, and busses much faster than before.

Speed up multi-item menu selections

Pro Tools now makes it easy to select multiple items in a menu in one fell swoop to boost your workflow speed. Control-click (Mac) or Start-click (Windows) on a track Insert, Send, or I/O mapping slot and select as many items as desired from the context menu. And quickly select multiple view, toolbar, window, and other preferences using checkboxes in pop-over menus.

Edit audio in the groove

Don’t want everything to perfectly align to the beat when rearranging a session? You can now have Pro Tools maintain the relative grid position when copying, cutting, and pasting audio and MIDI clips and note selections. Not only does this expedite the editing process, it preserves the perfectly imperfect feel of unquantized music by retaining all correct offsets established in your timeline.

Regular feature-rich releases deliver value throughout the year

Avid continually delivers meaningful Pro Tools updates to subscribers throughout the year -- so you don't have to wait for infrequent, monolithic releases.
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Included with Boxed Version:
- Pro Tools software (shippable box)
- Pro Tools software activation card -- download required (includes software/plug-in installers and user guides)
- Drivers installer disk
- Registration information card
- 1-year Annual Upgrade Plan (includes access to all new Pro Tools releases for one year)
- 1-year plug-in bundle access
- Installation support (for use within the first 7 days after activation)

System Requirements: Avid-qualified Mac or Windows-based computer

iLok not required -- iLok Cloud Support cloud licensing option available
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Manufacturer Part Number (MPN): 1143-191

For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Phone: 888-456-3444

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