Apogee Symphony Desktop USB Audio Interface

Apogee Symphony Desktop USB Audio Interface

With the same high-quality converters and preamps from Apogee's rackmount Symphony, this desktop-sized USB audio interface for Mac or PC offers 10x14 I/O.

Avid Mbox Mini USB Audio Interface (with Pro Tools Express)

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Get the essential features of the industry-standard recording software with Pro Tools Express on the Mbox Mini -- including 32-bit floating-point processing.

The original Mbox jump-started the home-recording revolution. Over the past decade, the Mbox family has expanded to include larger and smaller models -- with vastly upgraded preamps, soft limiters, and A/D converters that put the Mboxes on par, sound-quality-wise, with Avid's high-end rackmount interfaces. Yet Avid's commitment to budget-minded aspiring audio professionals hasn't changed. The tradition continues with the release of Avid's Pro Tools Express -- a streamlined 16-track version of Pro Tools -- bundled with the third-generation Mbox Mini 2-in / 2-out USB interface. The ideal introduction to Pro Tools and the Mbox, this bundle is perfect for singer-songwriters recording at home, electronica artists who want to lay down solo vocals or acoustic instruments, aspiring mixing engineers, and more.

Pro Tools Express: It's Not Called Pro Tools for Nothing

As a 16-track version of Pro Tools 10, Pro Tools Express includes the essential features of the full version of Avid Pro Tools. Though it was designed to work exclusively with Avid's third-generation Mbox and Mbox Mini interfaces, Pro Tools Express can open and work on sessions created in all other versions of Pro Tools. That means your band can track into a Pro Tools HD rig at a recording studio, take the session home on a hard drive, and open it up on your Pro Tools Express system to overdub guitar solos at home. As a streamlined version of Pro Tools, PTE limits your sessions to 16 stereo tracks, and it read more doesn't include a few of Pro Tools' more recent or advanced features such as Clip Gain, Beat Detective, the Timecode Ruler, and MP3 export. However, PTE's automation features are here in full force, along with powerful tools like Playlists -- a must-have for comping together vocal tracks or overdubbing solos.

Automatic Delay Compensation, 32-bit Float Processing

For you audiophiles, Avid has built a few of Pro Tools 10's most gear-nerd-worthy specs into Pro Tools Express. PTE has a full 16k Automatic Delay Compensation -- the same as full Pro Tools -- meaning you can add more plug-ins to your tracks while maintaining phase accuracy, a must-have for mixing and mastering "in the box." And you'll have plenty of plug-ins to choose from, since Pro Tools Express ships with over 30 plug-ins included -- from software instruments like the Boom drum machine to effects processors like the Eleven Free guitar amp emulator. Like the full version of Pro Tools, it's compatible with third-party AAX Native, RTAS, and AudioSuite plug-ins. And best of all, Pro Tools Express supports 32-bit floating-point processing for unlimited headroom -- the same bit depth found in the full version of Pro Tools 10. There's no skimping on audio quality here, so if 16 stereo tracks is plenty for your needs, Pro Tools Express is the software for you.

Mbox Mini: Two Inputs To Take Anywhere

With one clear, warm, detailed microphone preamplifier identical to those found on larger Mbox models, and two instrument-level DI 1/4" inputs, the Mbox Mini affords you a surprising amount of recording flexibility. For example, the Mbox Mini can track a vocal microphone plus an acoustic guitar pickup, or a simultaneous electric guitar and bass. You can also use the Mini's two 1/4" line-level inputs to capture a keyboard or electronic drum kit's stereo output. With one high-quality mic preamp with +48V phantom power, the Mbox Mini is all you need for laying down vocals on top of beats you build in Pro Tools. The Mini is even the ideal solution for voiceover artists who want to edit their auditions on the industry's preferred audio editing software. As the most compact and portable Mbox that Avid makes, the Mini is easy to stash in your laptop bag with a pair of headphones and a microphone for on-the-go recording and editing. And when you get back to your home studio, just plug your monitor speakers into the Mini's 1/4" balanced monitor outputs.

Beyond Pro Tools Express

Although it comes bundled with Pro Tools Express, the Mbox Mini is compatible with most major audio software: Apple Logic, Ableton Live, Cubase, and more. And should you ever need to expand your track count and processing options, the Mbox Mini works like a charm with the full version of Pro Tools 10. Until then, Pro Tools Express requires your Mbox Mini to be plugged-in in order to run. But should you decide to upgrade your Mini to the full-size third-generation Mbox -- for example, if you need more microphone preamps or MIDI I/O -- you'll find that Pro Tools Express works equally well with that Mbox, too. Bottom line is, the Mbox Mini is a great choice for anyone who wants to gain familiarity with the industry-standard recording and production software -- without paying an arm and a leg.

Pro Tools Express Features:

- 16-track version of Pro Tools software with most of PT10's features
- 16k Automatic Delay Compensation
- 32-bit floating-point processing for unlimited mix headroom
- Comes with over 30 plug-ins: virtual instruments, AIR effects processors, utility plug-ins, and more
- Virtual instruments include Boom drum machine/sequencer, Structure Free sample player and Xpand 2 multi-timbral synth
- Compatible with third-party plug-ins: AAX, AudioSuite, and RTAS
- iLok included

Mbox Mini Features:

- 2-in/2-out bus-powered USB audio interface
- Under two pounds -- the most portable Mbox
- Up to 48 kHz/24-bit recording resolution
- One clear, detailed Mbox microphone preamp with +48V phantom power
- Two 1/4" DI direct instrument inputs
- Two 1/4" line-level inputs
- Two 1/4" outputs for stereo monitors
- One 1/4" stereo headphone output

Pro Tools and Mbox audio interfaces have always been at the forefront of the home-recording revolution. The first Mbox meant hobbyists could tap into the power of Pro Tools for an affordable price, while professionals could record, edit, and mix anywhere they could plug a USB interface into a laptop and headphones. It's no wonder that the Mbox's ultra-portable design became a modern classic -- and today's Mboxes continue to earn respect from industry pros. Get started with Avid's most affordable, portable Mbox bundle: Pro Tools Express and the Mbox Mini.
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System requirements

- Mac OS X 10.6.8, Mac OS X Lion (10.7)
- Windows 7 Home Premium, Professional, or Ultimate (32- or 64-bit)
- 2 GB of RAM (4 GB recommended)
- 5 GB of free hard disk space for Pro Tools Express installation
- USB port for Mbox Mini connection
- USB port for iLok authorization (iLok 2 included)

- Compatibility Interface: Works with ASIO, Core Audio, WDM, MME, and multi-client drivers

What's Included:
- Mbox Mini interface
- Pro Tools Express software activation card (download required)
- Drivers installation disc
- iLok 2 USB key
- USB cable
- Mbox Mini quick setup guide
- Registration card

For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Phone: 888-456-3444

Avid Mbox Mini with Pro Tools Express

The Avid Mbox Mini USB Audio Interface with Pro Tools Express is designed for solo musicians and audio creators to record, edit, and mix performances with stunning sound quality. The Mbox Mini is an incredible value and now is even better with Pro Tools Express software included at no additional charge. Connect mics and instruments to capture studio-quality productions on your Mac or PC with ease using the Avid Mbox Mini interface and Pro Tools Express!

Use Pro Tools Express to sound your very best, or pair Avid Mbox Mini with your favorite third-party audio software such as Logic, Live, Fruity Loops, Cubase, and more. No matter what you choose, you'll always sound amazing, as the Mbox Mini USB audio interface was designed by the same team who created Avid's top-of-the-line Pro Tools HD Series interfaces, giving you the sonic clarity of interfaces costing much more.

Mini Hardware

Avid Mbox Mini is designed by the same engineering team behind Avid's top-of-the-line Pro Tools HD systems. That means you get the exceptional audio quality and ease of use enjoyed by commercial studios in the comfort of your own home, project studio, or wherever inspiration takes you.

Sound amazing with Mbox Mini

- Whether you want to record yourself or a friend, you'll sound better than ever with the Mbox Mini computer USB audio recording interface.
- Get best-in-class sound quality and performance with professional-grade circuitry and premium audio conversion
- Capture and mix high-quality sessions, with up to 24-bit/48 kHz audio resolution
- Connect and control your gear with:
- 2 x 2 simultaneous channels of I/O
- One XLR mic/line combo input with a professional-grade mic preamp and 48V phantom power
- Two 1/4 inch instrument inputs (one DI, one line-level/DI)
- Two balanced 1/4" monitor outputs
- One 1/4" stereo headphone output
- Mix control for low-latency monitoring
- Dedicated monitor volume knob
- Use Mbox Mini with your favorite recording/music creation software, including Pro Tools, Logic, Live, Cubase, and more

Pristine quality, powerful performance

Get best-in-class audio quality, exceptional performance, and the lowest possible latency in everything you do with Avid Mbox Mini interface, featuring pro-grade converters, advanced recording technology, and a premium analog signal path. With Avid's stringent testing standards, you're assured of rock-solid performance in even the most demanding environments, whether you create with Pro Tools Express, upgrade to Pro Tools, or use third-party audio software.

Maximize Creativity with Pro Tools

While Pro Tools Express recording software will satisfy the creative needs of many aspiring pros, you can upgrade to the full Pro Tools software at a great discount whenever you're ready. With Pro Tools, you get more tracks, ultimate performance, and tons more advanced features to take your talent to the next level.

Included Pro Tools Express and Plug-ins

Compose, record, edit, and mix at the speed of your creativity and get the professional tools you need to sound your very best. Pro Tools Express, included with the Avid Mbox Mini interface offers many of the same industry-standard tools of its big brother, Pro Tools 10, to help you turn the song in your head into reality, with professional results.

Software Features

- Create music and sound for picture using many of the same industry-standard tools used by top producers, engineers, and artists
- Take your projects to the next level with session file compatibility across all Pro Tools systems
- Record and mix up to 16 stereo audio tracks at 48 kHz (Mbox Mini) resolution
- Compose music easily with virtual instruments, MIDI editing, and Sibelius notation tools
- Create pro-quality mixes with a collection of high-quality plug-ins and Automatic Delay Compensation
- Get a gigantic leap in sound and speed, and save over 40 percent, when you upgrade to Pro Tools

Complete Features

- Get best-in-class audio quality and performance with professional-grade hardware
- Create studio-quality productions with audio resolutions up to 32-bit, 48 kHz
- Compose, record, edit, and mix with Pro Tools Express using many of the same industry-standard tools as Pro Tools
- Have the flexibility to use Mbox Mini with your favorite software (Core Audio, ASIO, WDM, MME, and multi-client drivers included)
- Record vocal and instrument performances with a complement of analog I/O
- Create anywhere inspiration takes you, thanks to its robust USB-powered housing

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"Avid Mbox Mini w/ProTools express"
Overall: 3.5 out of 5 stars
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The product is fine, and does what it purports to do. However the Authorization process that one has to endure, before using the product is hellacious. Spent hours bouncing around the computer to comply with so-called security demands. Almost returned the whole package out of frustration. Suggest that zZounds give consumers a warning that inane virtual "assembly required".
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keyboard professional
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many contemporary musical styles
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