Audio-Technica ATH-AD700 Open-Air Dynamic Headphones

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Get comfortable in your headphones with Audio-Technica's open-back ATH-AD700 headphones. These lightweight, flexible cans put no pressure on your ears.

With a lightweight honeycomb aluminum casing and magnesium frame structure, these open-air headphones produce no sense of pressure on the ears, offering a completely natural listening experience. The sound is smooth and relaxed, with deep resonating bass and vocal projection. The self-adjusting wing support automatically adjusts to your head size for easy-wearing listening comfort. A straight cord at the left earpiece terminates to a mini plug with included 1/4-inch adapter.

- Air Dynamic (open) headphones for natural and high quality sounds with deep resonating bass and vocal projection

- Full open-air type headphones produce no sense of pressure on the ears, resulting in a completely natural sensation

- Lightweight honeycomb aluminum casing and magnesium frame structure

- Large-aperture 53 mm drivers with neodymium magnet systems and CCAW voice coils for superior sound reproduction

- Self-adjusting 3D Wing Support Housing provides comfortable support for a more enjoyable listening experience

- High-quality hybrid PCOCC and titanium alloy cord

- Extremely comfortable velvet ear-fitting pads

- Gold-plated stereo 1/8 in. (3.5 mm) connector with 1/4 in. (6.3 mm) adapter

Type: Open-air Dynamic

Driver Diameter: 53 mm

Magnet: Neodymium

Voice Coil: Copper-clad aluminum wire

Frequency Response: 5 - 30,000 Hz

Maximum Input Power: 500 mW

Sensitivity: 98 dB/mW at 1 kHz

Impedance: 32 ohms

Weight: 280 g

Cable: 3.0 m (Single/Hybrid-PCOCC)

Connector: 1/8 in. (3.5 mm) mini stereo, gold-plated

Accessory Included: Detachable 1/4 in. (6.3 mm) adapter

For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Phone: 330-686-2600 x5000

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Overall: 4.5 out of 5 stars
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For my current desires, the AD700s are a necessity in my gear collection. If they were incapacitated, I would consider models from Sony, Sennheiser, Pioneer, and Audio-Technica (as I did when first shopping for these), but this particular model stands on the top of the pile for now.

Very wide frequency range - about as wide as my Pioneer HDJ-1000 - the ATH-AT700 reaches a very low bass register - the bass is audible, but does not rumble (this is how I EQ for progressive and tribal tech) - the upper midrange is pronounced without being excessive - the treble reaches high and adds sparkle without sibilance (I listen at very low volumes) - the open-back design makes it sound like I'm in the middle of a huge arena - vs. my Pioneers, which make me feel like I'm at a rave or a concert venue exactly the size of my head - I'm using these headphones with a Yamaha home theater receiver, Aiwa bookshelf stereo system, and iPod Touch with lossless tracks - as it turns out, only when combined with CDs played through the Aiwa (which has been going strong for 10 years) do I find the bass tones to be actually missing (accounted for by the limited range of the Aiwa, per the manual) - on my iPod, I keep the volume at the lowest setting - on a sound test iPod App, I was able to hear bass as low as 55Hz, and with max vol., I could feel bass as low as 13Hz

I was looking for something to contrast with my Pioneer DJ headphones read more (rockin for 7.5 years!) which I love. The Audio-Techinica ATH-AD700 gives me exactly what I was looking for; the open design gives a wide open sound for a more relaxing listening experience. The Pioneers emphasize a mid-midrange, while the ATs emphasize a hi-midrange. The way I use these 2 sets of hps, both cover all ranges of music with some tasteful EQing. Also, the angled speakers of the AT seem to add to the spatial effect. To me, the sound is like flawless. The physical design is comfortable, but not totally effcient for size adjustment; the hps fit me comfortably, but not securely, and they look funny. Fortunately, I don't wear these in public, and the Pioneers fill my DJing needs.

Ease of Use
Just plug and play to use these things; however, I took off a piont because it took a little effort to learn AD700 posture - basically, sit up straight all the time to keep them from sliding off.

Like the rest of my guitar, bass, DJ, home audio, and home theater gear, these headphones are not a toy. If you are rough with this stuff, it will break. The hps are light and delicate, but close inspection of joints, pivots, and internals shows that these AD700s are crafted well.

I took off a few points because there just doesn't seem to be any recognized standard price for these things. I paid $89.95, which is worth it for a fine consumer-grade audiophile-style product like these, particularly if they are in new/mint condition. However, I opted for an "open-box" discounted unit, but the box was smashed up and the headphones are in purely "used" condition - chipped paint, scrapes, someone else's hair, kinked cable. For a used product, I paid too much; they go for $79 on Amazon (brand new), $159 at the Audio Techinca website, and $169 at Best Buy. Madness! I have to still contact zZounds about the yuckie condition of these awesome headphones. Keep in mind, my Pioneer HDJ-1000s are in perfect condition, and I've been DJing small parties with them for 7.5 years.

Manufacturer Support
Never dealth with them, but the t-shirts they sell at the website look cool.

The Wow Factor
The crazy huge sound stage makes these the ultimate top choice for an open-bach headphone set for me. (I have awesome DJ headphones; all I need now are a Sony XB model to cover all my needs/moods.) I am not an audiophile; I am a lifelong audio enthusiast. I will pay anywhere between $0 and $30 for a replacement cable (not $3k), but I know how to twisty some knobbies to get the sounds I want.

Musical Background:
hobbyist, bedroom rockstar, sound freak

Musical Style:
grunge, thrash, progressive trance, hardcore breaks/jungle, Segovia
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