Arturia Comp FET-76 Effect Plugin

Squeeze your mix with this impeccable 1176 style compression plugin with advanced sidechaining, an SSL-like EQ section, and user-friendly gain linking.

A fantastic all-rounder for both compressing and heating up your tone, the Arturia Comp FET-76 is a must-have plugin. All of the tone, all of the dynamic-shaping power, but with the convenience and versatility of software.

While a rack full of hardware FET compressors is a dream setup for many, that sort of setup is confined to only the world's top studios. However, thanks to Arturia's award-winning skill and heritage of breathing new life into vintage equipment, and reimagining it as software, you can now live out your fantasies, and make the famous 1176 sound part of your creative setup.

Input-output Link
Rather than the now standard "threshold" parameter, the original hardware compressor made you crank the input to engage the effect. This will obviously give you volume boosts and alter levels in your mix, but you can simply hit the "link" button to keep volume levelled as you boost the input, so you get compressed sound with steady volume.

Advanced Sidechain Control
Ever wondered what sidechaining a legendary FET compressor would sound like? Spoilers: it sounds awesome. The advanced panel gives you access to contemporary sidechain controls with SSL-style EQ, as well as mid-side processing so you can carve exactly the sound you want to control the compressor.

Let's do the Time Warp
Because we're working in the digital domain, it's easy to introduce a couple of milliseconds of pre-delay without you even noticing. The "Time Warp" function lets you take advantage of this, read more so you can get creative with your placement of the compression envelope as it engages and releases. This is a dream come true for experimental producers and sound designers!


- Virtual recreation of famed classic tube compressor
- Original tube electronic path accurately modeled, using Arturia's state-of-the-art TAE(R) analog modeling
- Original ultra fast attack & release parameters down to 20 microseconds
- "All Buttons" British mode ratio for explosive sound
- Additional Arturia creative side-chain features:
- External side-chain source to trigger the compressor to an external source
- 5 creative detection mode, including M/S processing
- Advanced Side-chain EQ
- Monitor Side-chain signal directly
- Compression range parameter to limit the amount of gain reduction applied, with 0dB position for FET-76 with no compression/distorsion only sound
- Monitor Side-chain signal directly
- Dry/wet Mix knob for parallel compression
- Input-Output gain link switch
- Switchable Analog VU meter with 3 calibrations mode (-18dBFs, -12dBS, -8 dBFs)
- Analog clipping LED indicator
- Comprehensive set of presets
- A/B comparison setting
- Integrated tutorials and unique dynamic preset tips
- Resizable window
- State-of-the-art TAE(R) analog modeling
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