Arturia Bus FORCE Effect Software

This plug-in splits your signal into 3 paths -- Dry, Compressed, Saturation -- and harnesses the power of parallel processing to give tracks punch and bite.

Bus FORCE is a parallel processor effect designed with one aim: to make anything sound better. With built-in filter, EQ, compression, and saturation modules, and never-before-seen custom routing.

It offers three paths to work with including Dry, Comp, and Sat. Each path is configured to utilize a different combination of Bus FORCE modules. What's more, you have individual control over every aspect of the routing and individual module configuration. You also have control over how much of each path you want to include in the output signal, as well as how the paths interact with each other. There are over 36 possible routings to explore.

Four Unique Modules:
- Equalizer Module
- Filter Module
- Compressor Module
- Saturation Module

Imagine being able to incorporate the priceless outboard gear and advanced parallel mixing techniques favored by industry professionals for decades, straight into your DAW.

From delicate tweaks to bold cranks, Bus FORCE is built to ignite the energy of your mix, with ultra-powerful parallel processing that's a breeze to operate. Before you use any other plugin, use this one - whatever music you're making.

Parallel Processing Powerhouse
When used right, parallel processing can yield spectacular sonic results, unlocking a whole new level of detail and depth.

The ability to separate your audio source into different branches, each with its own array of effects and adjustments, then mix them all back together again may sound complicated - but that's read more where Bus FORCE comes in.

By uniquely combining several studio-grade modules and advanced signal routing in a single plugin, Bus FORCE makes parallel processing simple and accessible for everyone.

Choose Your Path: 3 signal paths are better than 1
To achieve true parallel processing, you need multiple signal paths, each one separately affected in different ways, then mixed back together again to suit your taste.

Bus FORCE gives you 3 paths to work with: Dry, Comp, and Sat. Each of these paths is uniquely configured to utilize a different combination of Bus FORCE's modules.
It really comes into its own, however, when you start to customize it. By having individual control over every aspect of the routing and individual module configuration, you can weave a web of sonic enhancement that's totally unique to you.

Smashed compression with some low-pass rumble? Soft analog saturation with a mid-boost sprinkling for that '70s sound? Bus FORCE is your bespoke mixing console and mastering suite rolled into one.


- Make drums smack, from perfectly-compressed snare impacts to trashy overhead saturation
- Bus FORCE on your drum bus will ensure that your rhythm section slams
- Make vocals sing by bringing out the harmonic richness, vowel depth, and emotional energy of a vocal performance with Bus FORCE's multiple-module stereo workflow
- Make guitars pop, whether it's funk popping lines, crushing power chord stacks, or the resonant chime of a jumbo acoustic
- Make synths glow with perfect stereo fatness, richness, and color
- Make sidechains pump by getting those dynamics pulsing to your beat for impactful drops and anthemic choruses
- Make your master bus shine with a subtle dose of shiny EQ and compression, or slam it with crispy stereo saturation - a one-stop shop for the perfect final mix
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