Arturia Flanger BL-20 Effect Software

Add chewy, swirly flanging to your tracks with the Flanger BL-20, a classic-style, zero-through flange with highly versatile controls and warm, analog tone.

The flanger effect but not as you know it. Based on a beloved studio classic, Flanger BL-20 is unpredictable and inspiring in equal measure, pushing the familiar jet-engine effect into endless modulation territory. Add massive movement and harmonic depth to your mix with the only flanger you'll ever need.

An elusive classic
An unsung hero in the world of modulation effects. A rare gem that's renowned for its mysterious complexity. Flanger BL-20's hardware predecessor may not be a household name, but its hypnotic sound and radical feature set speaks for itself.

Toggle and combine multiple modulation sources, manipulate the LFO shape and stereo spread, plunge harmonic sweeps to uncharted depths. Flanger BL-20 is no ordinary analog emulation - it's an FX toolkit gone supersonic.

Reaching Absolute Zero
The flanger effect is achieved by modulating a delayed version of your signal using an LFO. Flanger BL-20 expands this principle in multiple directions.

By applying an undetectable delay to the dry signal, the modulated signal is able to reach - and eventually pass over - the original starting point of the signal.

This totally cancels out certain frequencies - resulting in distinct dips in the sound. This is known as 'zero-crossing' or 'through-zero' flanging, perfect for that dynamite '80s guitar sound.

Finally, the option of multiple modulation sources gives Flanger BL-20 a uniquely animated quality. Use the default LFO, a responsive envelope follower, or a static manual override read more - there's nothing quite like it.


- Ultra-flexible stereo flanger with enhanced controls
- 3 combinable modulation sources: Auto (LFO), Env and Manual
- Perfectly emulated BBD response for coveted warm sound
- Arturia's advanced features enhancing the original unit:
- Zero crossing effect for deeper and more prominent flanger sounds
- Stereo Offset and Reverse Sweep controls for stereo spread manipulation
- 2dB/oct Hi-pass filter on input signal
- The addition of the Function Generator from Pigments, which can override the Manual modulation mode
- Choose from 4 additional Auto (LFO) modulation shapes
- LFO and Function Generator feature tempo sync rates
- External envelope option for extra-responsive modulation
- Mono and stereo plugin modes
- A selection of 28 curated presets for instant iconic modulation sounds
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