Apogee Ensemble Thunderbolt Audio Interface

Apogee Ensemble Thunderbolt Audio Interface

With 8 mic preamps, front-panel guitar inputs with inserts, built-in talkback, monitor control and much more, the Ensemble is the heart of your Mac studio.

Apogee Ensemble FireWire Audio Interface (Macintosh)

No longer available at zZounds
- 8 channels of premium 24-bit 192K AD/DA conversion
- 4 digitally controlled 75db microphone preamps
- 2 fully balanced inserts on mic pre channels
- 4 Hi-Z instrument inputs capable of handling high level instruments
- 2 individual, controllable and assignable high level headphone outputs
- 2, 6 or 8 channel monitor outputs
- 8 channels of ADAT I/O
- FireWire 400 I/O, compatible with OS X Core Audio (no driver required)
- 2 channels of SPDIF I/O
- "Soft Limit" for maximum digital input level without overs
- "UV22HR" for superior dither of 24 bit resolution down to 16-bit
- Advanced, dual-stage "Intelliclock"
- Complete integration and control with Apple's Logic Pro Software
- Compatibility with any CoreAudio software applications
- Apogee's Maestro Software for advanced control and routing outside of Logic Pro

Stand-Alone Mode:
Ensemble will now operate without a FireWire connection to a Macintosh*. Ensemble's Stand-Alone Mode offers professionals the option to use their Ensemble as a high-end converter and mic pre, independent of the computer.

Ensemble Stand-Alone Mode
Using Maestro and a Mac, configure your low latency and routing settings only once, Ensemble remembers the settings, even when disconnected from the computer and allows access to all front panel settings, such as mic pre gain and output levels, which are fully functional while in Stand-Alone Mode.

Ensemble's Stand-Alone Mode at a Glance:- Maestro mixer and routing settings, now located in Ensemble's non-volatile memory, enable storage of settings in Ensemble.
- Allows the use of Ensemble as a converter from analog to optical, coax and optical, or coax to analog, as well as other possible configurations.
- Changes to routing or settings in Maestro still require connectivity to a Macintosh computer.

System Requirements
- Computer: Mac G4 1GHz or faster, G5 or Intel CPU
- Memory: 1 GB RAM minimum, 2 GB recommended
- OS: 10.4.10 or greater
- Connection: FireWire 400 port or 800 port**
- Dimensions (WxLxH): 4 x 6.3 x 1.5 in.

**A special FireWire 400 to 800 conversion cable is required.

Stand-Alone Connection: To any audio interface, card or computer with ADAT or SPDIF I/O

Note: Stand-Alone mode requires Ensemble to be set-up on a Mac computer via FireWire 400 or 800
If you have additional warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer at 310-584-9394
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Submitted July 22, 2010 by a customer from gmail.com
"Apogee Ensemble - An extraterrestrial look for serious work!"
This saves me money on the converter. In fact i will shortly be selling one that i used before, before i got this piece. It does not have a built-in midi i/o, but seems to be integrated with mac platform. Becomes like a soundpiece already within your mac. The volume from the keyboard also works. Thats it by now. I own it for about a week or less.

This is my best audio interface i have ever had. For the past three months i have changed around five of them. This one has the best converters out of all (the list includes TC, RME & MOTU). Now i have to re-do certain tracks, cause it sounds like: "what in the world was i listening with?!". Answer: Another interface..

Mine was bought used so i got it wrapped up in a plastic bag. I wish i have seen all the additional features that get boxed with a brand new unit. Im a straight mac user, but if i have to run windows based software (like cubase) i get stuck since ensemble is mac only platform.

Ease of Use
It is all very simple, but i have had some troubles figuring out how to use the maestro matrix correctly. Seems like this one differs from how the RME's matrix thing works. Hopefully i would be able to find how to route the same signal out of two separate stereo pairs..

It has a sexy look that reminds me of extraterrestrial technologies. Intergalactic.. Bright lights. That sort! Makes my studio read more look impressive :)

A little pricey, but all good with mine. I got a used unit with a discount.

Manufacturer Support
By giving "10" i simply state that i believe that the support matches the overall score of the unit (which is "10")

The Wow Factor
I think ive stated the sexiness of the unit before. I still cant fully realize its right beside me in the rack!

Musical Background:
Recording Engeneer, Producer & Artist

Musical Style:
Rap, Dancehall
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