Alesis MultiMix 12R 8-Channel Compact Mixer with EQ

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8-Channel Rackmount Mixer. 2-Band EQ Per Channel. 8-Mic Preamps.

Alesis MultiMix 12R 8-Channel Compact Mixer with EQ
Ideal for mobile live PA/production systems, the MultiMix 12R is the world's most affordable 12-input, 2-buss analog rack mixer featuring 8 mic preamps with 2 stereo line channels, all in a compact, 3-U rack mount configuration. This versatile mixer has 2-band, fixed frequency EQ on each channel, 1 pre-fader aux send and 1 post-fader aux send per channel, and 60mm linear potentiometers (faders) for master level of each channel. The master section features an external stereo aux return level, stereo LED bar graph meters, stereo master L/R buss 60mm fader, and a separate phones/monitor level control.


12-channel analog mixer in compact 3-U rackmount design

8 XLR mic inputs with phantom power

2 Aux sends (pre- and post-fader) for monitor returns and effects

Insert points on 8 channels, plus 2 channels of stereo line inputs

2-band shelving EQ at 12kHz and 80Hz

60mm linear faders on each channel

Front-panel headphone jack


Frequency Response
10 Hz - 65 kHz +0/-1 dB (any input to any output at nominal operating levels)
-3dB Point: 125 kHz

MIC IN jacks: Female XLR (Pin 1 ground, Pin 2 +, Pin 3 -)
LINE IN jacks: Female 1/4 in. 3-conductor phone (Tip = +, ring = -, sleeve = ground)
INSERT jacks: Female 1/4 in. 3-conductor phone (Tip = send, ring = return, sleeve = ground)
Inserting plug to first 'click' allows direct output without breaking normal signal flow
STEREO LINE IN and STEREO AUX RETURN jacks: Female 1/4 in. 3-conductor x 2
MAIN OUT BALANCED, MONITOR OUT, and AUX SEND jacks: Female 1/4 in. 3-conductor phone (Tip = +, ring = -, sleeve = ground)
MAIN OUT -10 dBV jacks: Female phono (RCA) jacks
TAPE IN jacks: Female phono (RCA) jacks

MIC IN: -60 dBu to -10 dBu nominal, maximum level +12 dBu
LINE IN: -40 dBu to +10 dBu nominal, maximum level +32 dBu (balanced)
STEREO LINE IN: -15 dBu to +15 dBu nominal, maximum input level +22 dBu
+76 dB, MIC IN to MAIN OUT, balanced
+80 dB, MIC IN to MONITOR OUT, balanced or unbalanced
CHANNEL PEAK LED ON: 6 dB below channel clipping
METER: Peak type
-24 dB to PK (+18 dB over reference at MAIN OUT, 6 dB before output clipping)
MAIN OUT LEVEL (1/4 in. phone jacks) (when meter is at 0 VU):
+4 dBu (1.24 volts) into a balanced load
-2 dBu into an unbalanced load
MAIN OUT LEVEL (phono jacks): -10 dBV (.316 volts) unbalanced
MAXIMUM OUTPUT LEVEL: +22 dBu unbalanced, +28 dBu balanced (6 dB above 'PK' segment of main meter)
MONITOR OUT LEVEL: Same as above, but variable following MONITOR/PHONES control
INSERT/DIRECT OUT (tip): Unity gain
INSERT IN (ring)l Maximum level +22 dBu
HEADROOM: 23.5 dB above nominal output

MIC IN: 50-150 Ohms nominal source impedance (presents 4 kOhms balanced load impedance)
LINE IN: 600 Ohms-2 kOhms nominal (>20 k Ohms load impedance)
OUTPUTS (MAIN, AUX and MON): 150 Ohms unbalanced, 300 Ohms balanced
1.1 k Ohms at -10dBV MAIN OUTS

Noise performance (typical)
Measured at MAIN OUT +4 dBu jacks, unbalanced load, 22 Hz to 22 kHz, all channels panned to center.
MIC IN to INSERT OUT: -128.5 dBu Equivalent Input Noise at maximum gain
Residual output noise (MASTER fader at nominal, channel faders at minimum): < -88 dBu
12 inputs, faders and trims at unity gain, inputs terminated 150 Ohms: < -85 dBu unbalanced (+22 dB max unbalanced out = 107 dB dynamic range)

Distortion (THD+N)
Measured with a 0 dBu signal coming into a MIC IN jack with trim set for a +15 dBu output from the insert jack.
At INSERT jack: Better than 0.0010%
At MAIN OUT (+21 dBu balanced output level): Better than 0.0015%

U.S.A. model: 120 VAC, 60 Hz, 40 watts power consumption maximum

19 in. EIA rack mountable, 3 spaces

For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Phone: 401-658-5760

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Submitted February 13, 2012 by Dave Z in Milwaukee, WI

"Great Rack Mixer for Pre-Mixing Drums"

Overall: 3.5 out of 5 stars
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I use the 12R to pre-mix my drums and just send a stereo pair to the FOH. I play in a 60's through today band. Not a lot of frills but I love having a great drum sound. I mic 6 drums and 2 overheads so taking up 8 channels on a small board doesn't leave much for the rest of the band.So for about $1500 or so I bought this Alesis 12, (3) DBX Dual Compressors, A Lexicon M300 and DBX 2 x 15 EQ. I take the XLR from the Mics into the 12R, insert Bass, Snare, 2 Toms and 2 Floor Toms into the compressors. I take the snare and go into the reverb unit so I can change my sound from song to song. I use the EQ on the snare and bass to totally dial in the tones. The snare is then run into a stereo channel so I have the dry mix and the wet mix. All these are then mixed into the stereo pair and sent to the FOH board.The one drawback is not having the ability to tweak the levels mid-song, but We don't even use a sound guy...we just soundcheck well and make sure the sound is good. Overall this unit does the job for what I need it to do. We use a Mackie for FOH so the signal isn't really being boosted much by this unit.

Musical Background:

Drummer, been playing over 30 yrs

Musical Style:

Rock, Blues, Prog-Rock, Country...Pretty much everything.
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