Akai MPC2000XL MCD MIDI Production Center

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Next sequence key. Multiple memory card storage. 4 bank keys.
The MPC2000XL MPC continues Akai Professional's tradition of providing rock solid sequencing and drum programming combined with powerful sampling facilities in one convenient and portable desktop unit.

New features on the MPC2000XL MCD include Next Sequence key, incredible multiple Memory Card storge, 4 bank keys to effectively provide 64 pads, Track Mute key, hinged LCD, multi-program playback, device naming, MIDI soft thru, multi-track recording, time stretch, resampling, simultaneous playback of a second sequence plus folder file management.

Best of all, though, is that this power works with you instead of against you -- if you've ever used a computer-based sequencer/sampler, you'll know exactly what we mean!

Whether you're producing drum 'n' bass, sequencing a rack-full of MIDI modules or performing live; whether you're programming intricate drum parts or triggering loops, you'll love the self-contained convenience and ease of use the MPC2000XL gives you and the MPC2000XL's friendly and intuitive user interface simplifies the expression of your creativity.

The MPC2000XL's compact and rugged build also means that is equally at home on stage as it is in the studio.

Sampler, drum machine and multi-track MIDI sequencer in one instrument

Storage: Multiple Memory Card formats, compatible with: Smart Media, SD card, MMC (multimedia card), Memory Stick, Compact Flash, Micro Drive

Dedicated buttons for the most commonly used functions

Informative graphic LCD on a hinged, read more tiltable panel

Extremely powerful sampling drum machine/phrase sampler

Extensive sample editing that includes cut and paste, timestretch, etc., with waveform display

44.1 kHz, 16-bit stereo sampling with 32-voice polyphony

Resonant digital filter & envelope per voice

Large, great-feeling, velocity- and pressure-sensitive pads for expressive programming

Note Variation slider for programming a wide variety of dynamics

Stereo Mix outputs & optional eight individual outputs

S/PDIF digital I/O

Built-in SCSI interface

Reads sample data from S1000 and S3000 series samplers, E-mu EIIIx, Roland S750/S760, .WAV

Powerful and easy-to-use MIDI sequencer offers a great alternative to complex computer-based sequencers

Supports both linear and pattern-style (looped) recording

300,000 note sequence capacity

Step Edit mode for fast recording, viewing or editing of any event in a sequence

Flexible synchronization capabilities: MIDI clock, MTC, and SMPTE (optional)

2 MIDI inputs with merge & 2 independent MIDI outputs (32 channels)
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Display: 248 x 60 dot graphic LCD

Dimensions: 405(W) x 106(H) x 331(D) mm

Weight: 5.5 kg

Power Requirements: 100-240 VAC, 50/60Hz, 23W (13W without option)

Memory Expansion Slot: 2 / 72-pin SIMM (70ns)

Sound Generator
Sampling Rate: 44.1kHz (frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz)

Sampling Capacity: 2MB standard (21.9 seconds mono or 10.9 seconds stereo), expandable to 32MB.

Data Format: 16-bit linear

Dynamic Filtering: 12dB/Octave dynamic resonant lowpass filter per voice

Maximum Sounds in Memory: 256

Number of Sound pPograms: 24

Sound Assignments per Program: 64

Simultaneous Soices: 32

Maximum Events: 300,000 notes (maximum 50,000 notes per sequence) (notes equivalent)

Resolution: 96 parts per 1/4-note (ppq)

Sequences: 99

Tracks per Sequence: 64

MIDI Output Channels: 32 (16 channels x 2 output ports)

Song Mode: 20 songs, 250 steps per song

Drum Pads: 16 (velocity and pressure sensitive)

Drum Pad Banks: 4

Sync Modes: MIDI clock and SMPTE (optional). SMPTE frame rates supported are 24, 25, 29.97 drop and 30

Rear Panel Inputs/Outputs
Record Input (both L and R): 1/4-inch stereo phone x 2, balanced -40dBu, input Imp. 39kOhms; Max. input level +10dBu

Digital Sampling Input: RCA-pin x 1, S/PDIF (optional)

Digital Master Output: RCA-pin x 1, S/PDIF (optional)

Stereo Output: 1/4-inch phone x 2, unbalanced +11dBu, output Imp. 100 Ohms; Max. output level +17dBu

8 Individual Outputs: 1/4-inch phone x 8, unbalanced +11dBu, output Imp. 100 Ohms (optional); Max. output level +17dBu

Headphone Output: 1/4-inch stereo phone x 1, 200mW/32 Ohms

MIDI Inputs: 5-pin DIN x 2

MIDI Outputs: 5-pin DIN x 2 (independent)

SCSI Port: 50-pin high-pitch SCSI connector x 1

Standard Accessories
Power cable

CD ROM disc - Sound library disc

Operator's manual

8 analog output and two-channel digital I/O board

Multi-effects processor board

8MB Flash ROM board

SMPTE board

MPC Sound Library

*0dBu = 0.775Vrms
For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Phone: 401-658-4032
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Submitted March 21, 2005 by a customer from phatentertainment.com
Akai MPC-2000 Customer Review
the digi port could have been installed and within the price...
well... mine had a big problem... as i found out later it was a factory error... and my technician had to solder some parts around and a cooling body on one of the E-proms... but now it works ok.
well.. again here a piont to check the price value first... how much you will use it and for how long to make it worth buying it..
Manufacturer Support
not really good...
Musical Background:
Recording Engineer, hobbyist
Musical Style:
Hip Hop and Rap
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