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Victory Sheriff 44 Guitar Amplifier Head (44 Watts)

Victory Sheriff 44 Guitar Amplifier Head (44 Watts)

This EL34-powered, dual-channel Sheriff 44 head has what it takes to deliver classic British overdrive, but can still clean up for full real-world usability.

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Submitted May 22, 2019 by David R in Birmingham, AL
"ZZ. Top to Blackberry Smoke; Aerosmith to Slash"
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I have wanted a Marshall style head for sometime now, but I have no need for 100 Watts or the desire to lug a stack around. I have looked at the new Marshall minis and this thing destroys them. You can dial in a plexi clean on channel 1 and get everything from AC/DC to ZZ Top and blackberry smoke. Channel 2 was hotter but there is not a massive volume jump to achieve more gain. I easily dialed in an Aerosmith style rock tone that gave me a great rhythm tone and still held sustain on lead notes. The cathode switch in the back helps you obtain more harmonics without busting your eardrums. All the controls are responsive and the preamp volumes knobs work very well with the master volume. I like that I can play it into a single 12 cab and get a great range of tones or plug it into a 2x12 and 4x12 without spinning knobs for hours to adjust. If you’re looking for versatility without having multiple heads drop the hammer on this you won’t regret it! It will gig well and you can practice at home without diving your wife or neighbors insane!
Musical Background:
Electric guitar for 20+ years; national tours and local gigs
Musical Style:
Rock, country, blues etc.
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