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Positive Grid BIAS Mini Guitar Amplifier Head (150 Watts)

Positive Grid BIAS Mini Guitar Amplifier Head (150 Watts)

BIAS Mini Head is a guitar amp that captures any tone in the world, down to the cab and mic position, or safely runs your cab with 150W of Class D power.

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Submitted December 4, 2019 by Norman D
"This thing is freaking awesome!!!"
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I absolutely love this amplifier. I have been playing the guitar now for around 28 years and have played through many amplifiers, tube and solid state alike. This thing sounds absolutely phenomenal and is seriously simple to use. I was on the fence about purchasing a modeler before I purchased this, I said screw it I’m going to go ahead and pull the trigger on this one and I’m glad I did. First thing I would like to say about it is that it is extremely easy to use, some people may be scared of digital and all of the bells and whistle‘s etc. but trust me folks this thing is easy to use. Within the first 10 minutes of opening the package I was playing music and within the first 60 minutes I was downloading my own tones and customizing. I’m not a genius or a rocket scientist and I figured it out without any problems. The second thing I would like to say about this product is that it sounds amazing, I was worried that it was going to sound like a solid-state piece of crap and that the tone wasn’t going to be there and Oh was i Ever wrong. The clean tones are absolutely authentic and touch sensitivity is there for sure. The dirty tones well once again amazing and you can dial up any distortion sound you can imagine and they sound like the real thing.. The third thing I would like to say is it is really small and lightweight, I can fit this inside my backpack and take it to friends houses and have every sound I ever wanted right there, the build quality is also first class and it seems like it will last for years. It comes with every cable you need to connect it and those also seem of decent quality Overall I think this amplifier rocks and is worth every penny I spent on it. I still love my tube amplifiers and will always enjoy playing them but for simplicity and ease of use this wins every time. And finally I would like to say that zZounds is also amazing, I ordered it late in the evening and it got shipped out late in the evening and I still got it in a couple of days. Their payment plan allowed me to purchase this item on a budget and their customer service is class A all the way. Overall I am very pleased with my purchase and my experience with zZounds And I highly recommend grabbing one of these if you can. For the money it’s a no brainer, you will not find another modeler or amplifier that does what this can do for any less money.. I now have every tone that I ever wanted and I’m only out 800 bucks. Just trust me grab one.
The sound quality from this is first class. Zero noise and lots of great tones.
The features of this item are great, very easy to use and intuitive. You can connect to your phone or your computer to download tones from the tone cloud and adjust amplifier settings. All of the normal amplifier controls that are found on any amplifier are right on the front panel accessible and ready to use. It features every input and output that you would need to connect this thing to anything you can come up with.
Ease of Use
It is extremely easy, took me less than 60 minutes and I was dialing up tones. Had absolutely zero issues with figuring this thing out. If you understand a guitar amplifier at all you will be right at home.
The quality is great, nice rugged heavy duty metal chassis and all of the inputs and outputs are top-quality, the knobs feel solid and there are no rattles or anything wiggling about. Looks like it will last me a lifetime.
Great value, tube amplifiers cost thousands of dollars this amplifier cost under $1000 do the math
Manufacturer Support
Customer service is amazing, I have had zero problems with this item but did deal with them in the past over a pedal That I purchased. It was damaged in shipping and was replaced promptly.
The Wow Factor
I was definitely impressed with the build quality and functionality of this item, wasn’t expecting what I was getting and I was pleasantly surprised The sound was way better than I expected and honestly for the money this cost I could never get what this can do out of any amplifier without spending my life savings
Musical Background:
Guitar player and vocalist 28 years. Not a professional but have experience with live music and music production.
Musical Style:
I play mainly blues and classic rock. When I’m feeling a little froggy I bust out the Jackson soloist and start chugging away on
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