Laney GH100R Guitar Amplifier Head (100 Watts)

Laney GH100R Guitar Amplifier Head (100 Watts)

The Laney GH100R dishes out 100 watts of EL84-powered British tube tone, with a simple 3-band tone stack that spans both channels, and a master output knob.

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Submitted July 9, 2020 by Nick G in Barberton, OH
"Honest review"
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I’ve owned the amp now for a little under a year now and my favorite thing about it is the feel when you crank output and lower the channel volume. Running clean like this gives you a very open “master volume” type sound and feel. The gain channel reminds me of a mix of a plexi and a boogie. Only down side is it has 0 chug. It gets supper muddy and loses a lot of definition when you run the bass past 3 o’clock. However it does classic rock very well! I run in stereo with a 5150 and it sits on top of mix of the two. Over all if I had to buy again I would skip this one because of the price point that being said...zZounds sent me a amp with a big gouge in the wood on the back near the speaker jack. Granted it was only cosmetic and the box wasn’t caving in or anything horrible so I decided to keep it. To zZounds credit they did take $300 off the price however this isn’t the first defective piece of gear they have sent me. Overall I regret the purchase because I’m not having any luck reselling/trading it off and the price is not worth the limited capability and the lack of chug in 2020 is just not acceptable imho.
Meh it’s nothing special
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Been a musician for 21 years.
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Hendrix to Van Halen to rob Arnold.
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