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Friedman Runt 50 Guitar Amplifier Head, 2-Channel (50 Watts)

Friedman Runt 50 Guitar Amplifier Head, 2-Channel (50 Watts)

Explore a universe of tone from pure cleans to insane overdrive with the Friedman Runt 50 head. Includes a cab-simulated XLR out for recording and live use.

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Submitted October 5, 2020 by a customer from poeticode.com
"Amazing Tones, Friedman Rocks, Unfortunately got a dud"
So first, I want to preface this with, all companies will run into issues where a product ends up with faulty parts or construction so this is not a knock on Friedman.I ordered the amp on the 25th and it arrived 2 days later, thanks zZounds! Plugged the amp in and was immediately pleased. I own a bunch of amps, including many handwired amps including a Matchless HC30, Suhr, Dr. Z and Two Rock. This amp stood up against the best, and has excellent unique Friedman tones you can't really get from anything else.Unfortunately, a few days after it arrived all of the knobs with the exception of the Presence knob stopped making any changes to the tone. It's basically stuck on the clean channel and I can't reduce or increase the bass, treble or volume, turning the knobs has no effect. The footswitch nor the switch on the front of the amp will change the channels either. I'm really not sure how it suddenly failed, it's been sitting on one of my 4x12's in my home studio since I bought it.I emailed Friedman pretty much right away and Dave himself replied, which is amazing that he's still providing that level of support for his company. Dave's the best.Unfortunately I'll be returning the Runt 50, but I liked the Friedman tone so much I'll be exchanging for a SmallBox.
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Submitted December 17, 2020 by a customer from yahoo.com
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zZounds is great / this amp sounds pretty good , but if it breaks which mine did after about 2 hours Friedman doesnt have a bad customer service, they dont have a customer service PERIOD! I challenge anyone to even find a Telephone number to get Friedman, He does have a e-mail address which he never answered / So if you got close to 2 gran to spend on amp u better pray it doesnt break/ zZounds has plenty of good quality amps on here , Do yourself a favor pass on Friedman / its not American made its put together here with cheap parts
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