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Egnater Tweaker 40H Guitar Amplifier Head, 40 Watts

Egnater Tweaker 40H Guitar Amplifier Head (40 Watts)

Egnater named this guitar amp head the "Tweaker" for a reason -- it's loaded with ways to customize your sound and dial in that tone you've been chasing.

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Submitted October 5, 2012 by Michael S in Huntsville, AL
"Grown Up Tweaker"
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This is a follow-on amp to the very popular 15W Egnater Tweaker. It has a little bit more meat than the original Tweaker with 40W, push-pull power tube structure, and two channels to let you switch sounds on the fly. It is an excellent bigger brother, and it is a must for people who want to take the Tweaker from a beginner tube amp to a real friend on the stage with a full ensemble. It may suffer from dual personalities in that way, but I think people can and should start adopting the 40W Tweaker as a grown-up amp with a lot of tonal options and just plain good tone.
The sound of this thing is great. The clean is a perfect sparkling to bluesy clean. This alone is the best reason to buy this amp. The gain channel leaves off just a little bit weak. It's a great blues/rock sound and can be tight or smooth, but it leaves a little bit out there when you dime it.
This thing has gobs of features, if anything too many. There are a lot of great sounds to be had flipping through the switches. The two channels is exactly like having two Tweakers running side by side. You might be better off to find a sound or two that suits you and not reinvent the wheel with the switches every time you play, but it has a great range of sounds, and there should be something to dial in for everyone (except metal).
Ease of Use
This amp is not easy to use. A lot of people's ideal amp is something you plug in, crank, and play. Something like a JCM800 with about 5 knobs. This is not that amp. That being said, it is not as hard to use as it may seem. With so many more options than most amps, it is a lot easier than it could be. You can't just dial in a classic by flipping the logical switches. You have to experiment, but you can dial in a more Voxy sound, or an 800 series sound, or something shimmery clean and Fender. It just takes a little scrutiny and patience.
The quality is excellent. It will almost always be great out of the box. If it's not, they will fix it. If you buy it used, be assured it will hold up to normal wear and tear and hold its value. I have had mine over a year without the slightest of hiccups.
This is not a cheap amp head, but it's a good value. You get a whole lot of tube amp goodness for $600 new. 40W is the advantage for the stage because you can compete with a drummer for volume without having to dime volume knobs and overwork tubes. It could be anybody's first amp or anybody's back up amp (except metal), and it could easily be most people's main stage amp. For the price, that is a very good value. Minus 1/2 a star because of the metal thing. Blackstar is a better option for metal in this price range.
Manufacturer Support
Did not use manufacturer support.
The Wow Factor
I don't know if this amp will "wow" anybody. It is not the balls and guts of a JCM800 or the flash of its namesake. It has a lot of variety, but is it blow away tone and versatility like a Mesa Mark V? Can you easily crank a tone from your favorite band right out of the box like with a high-end Marshall, Mesa, Bogner, Vox, or Fender? That kind of thing is "wow" to me. This amp is a versatile tone machine, but if you want to wow people with it, you are going to have to put in your time practicing and tweaking.
Musical Background:
20 years, non-professional
Musical Style:
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Submitted December 12, 2013 by fred h in jackson, NJ
"twk 40 head"
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what an awesome amp does it all, nice cleans great distortion, until it blows the trans former under warranty and there is no one in customer service to answer the phone or e mails, total ignore, so iff you want a nice paperweight, because there is no customer service, by one, don't get me wrong it was my favorite amp, all good till I needed a ra # and someone to tell me were to send it, thanks egnater
Musical Background:
25 years exp. guitar
Musical Style:
rock blues
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Submitted March 28, 2017 by Ed P in Smithtown, NY
"Really solid buy, a good solid 8/10 amp"
Immediate caveat: This amp is not a metal amp at all. This will get you some incredible clean Fender-y tones, while also being able to venture into both the VOX and Marshall realms. So if you are still sort of undecided in what you like your tone to sound like, this could be a good first step to finding it, or if you need a whole multitude of sounds, again, this can get you some of the way there. Whatever you do, write your settings down until you get a good feel for the latitude of the amp. I have a whole array of guitars and all depending on what I am playing and how the amp is set, will dictate how good (or even bad) it may sound. On my Les Paul, with my 490/498s, this can truly wow, even with the gain up past noon, however once I plug in a Burst Bucker equipped LP, the sound gets very gritty and noisy when the gain is higher, however set lower, and not too cranked, I get some great tones. My reissue, with this amp is just incredible, there is so much depth to the sound at almost any setting.
Musical Background:
moderate player, home player
Musical Style:
rock, blues
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Submitted January 6, 2014 by Chris Ashcraft in Yellville, AR
"Egnater Tweaker 40H Guitar Amp Head"
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Awesome amp for the money!! Really a large array of sounds you can get out of this little setup....Love it!!!
Musical Background:
44 years, played in a couple of bands...Jam at home now.
Musical Style:
Rock, Metal, Blues
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Submitted February 21, 2014 by John Fenton in Vancouver, WA
"Little Amp, Big Bite"
Verified Customer zZounds has verified that this reviewer made a purchase from us.
Been using this amp for about 6 months now and I love it. Pair it with a tube screamer and it's awesome for heavier music as well. I did a review at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uCA-00_F11Y Purchased from this website, couldn't recommend it more!
Musical Background:
Guitar 4 years, bass 8 years
Musical Style:
Rock, metal, alternative
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