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Dunlop Ultraglide 65 String Cleaner

Dunlop Ultraglide 65 String Cleaner

Show your strings a little TLC. This string cleaner extends playing life and wards off tarnish and corrosion.

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Submitted July 11, 2014 by Richard A in Springfield, OR
"Appears to work as advertised"
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At first I almost threw the bottle out. That was because the applicator wouldn't get wet. Then I realized that it takes pressure on the applicator to get it wet. I was skeptical even after I finally got the strings on my Martin HD-28 guitar wet. I wiped the strings and played the guitar and it sounded fairly good. But I was thinking that I hadn't really removed the corrosion or oxidation or whatever from the strings. Then I did a couple more applications and wiped the strings down carefully with a terry cloth rag that I had around here. Then I saw all the black crud on the rag and I knew I had removed something very bad from the strings. The guitar sounded much better after this string cleaning. The product worked well and left the fingerboard beautiful. The fingerboard on my guitar was already very clean and it looked about the same after the application of the string conditioner. The product wiped off the fingerboard and strings OK.I've concluded that the product works well as far as making the guitar sound better and it really does reduce finger friction on the strings without making the strings slimy or gooey or anything like that.I'd buy it again as soon as I need some more. I'm going to use it on my mandolin too once I get the mandolin fixed (mandolin needs setup very badly).
The product gets the strings clean and allows the stringed instrument to sound better.
I think it's the improvement in sound that stands out mostly with this product.
Ease of Use
Fairly easy to use, but remember that it takes some pressure (or at least it did in my case) to get the applicator tip wet.
The overall quality seems very good. The product works without getting the fingerboard or strings slimy or gooey.
I would say that this product is probably worth the price if you compare it with other products.
Manufacturer Support
The Zzounds review system forced me to put in a rating for the manufacturer so I gave that a 5 star, but I've had no chance to deal with the manufacturer directly at all.
The Wow Factor
The main thing is that the product works, but I also noticed that the bottle has a very nice design to it. The bottle appears to be very sturdy. This lets you tighten the cap down pretty well without breaking anything.
Musical Background:
Hobbyist, play at home, have played guitar, mandolin, some banjo (those are the stringed instruments).
Musical Style:
Bluegrass, folk, country, blues, any good acoustic music. Right now I'm interested in acoustic 6 and 12 string guitar. I have an
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Submitted November 2, 2019 by Gary B in Flagstaff, AZ
"Works for me"
Fingertips leave behind human body oil on the strings and guitar body. When bacteria start munching on the body oil, it will turn black leading to corrosion and reduced life for the strings. If you neglect your instrument, you'll see the black patch where your skin makes contact. First thing to do to protect the strings is a good handwash with hot water and soap to remove as much body oil and dead skin from the fingertips/hands/lower arms. I then use rubbing alcohol after the handwash and make sure my fingertips/hands/arms are dry before handling my guitar. When I first used the product, I thought something was wrong with the applicator. It does take some downward pressure---I do this on a piece of paper to judge if the liquid is indeed flowing. If you leave the applicator 'wet' you will apply too much liquid leaving the strings and fretboard 'oily' with excess cleaner. Dry the applicator a bit with a paper towel or the enclosed cloth. I'll put sheets of clean paper under my strings before wiping down the strings with the applicator. You'll catch excess oil on the paper and keep it from your fretboard.
Musical Background:
Piano, guitar, harmonica
Musical Style:
Fingerstyle acoustic, folk-rock.
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Submitted January 10, 2015 by bud w in wheaton, illinois, IL
"dunlap ultraglide 65 string cleaner"
I have been using this for awhile; however, lately I have found that it alwayw leaves a grease layer on my fingers, strings and tuning pegs; then I have to take time to wipe the oily residue off of fingers and strings; there must be something which works better.
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