Want to expand your sound? Add sonic depth with these echo, reverb, and delay pedals.

Buying Guide: Reverb, Echo, and Delay Effects

Delay, reverb and echo are some of the most essential effects in modern music. The quest to emulate the acoustics of certain rooms and spaces -- and to find a way to "jam with yourself" -- began with large and impractical tape machines, vibrating metal plates, and enormous echo chambers.

Today, musicians can tap into these classic effects with compact and efficient effects pedal stompboxes. This buying guide will help you get acquainted with the top spatial effects pedals zZounds offers. Whether you choose to go ultra-modern or vintage-inspired, all of these effects pedals will add depth and expression to your sound.

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Reverb and Echo Pedals
In the beginning, creating reliable echo and reverb effects was tricky. To create echo, a loop of analog tape was recorded and replayed through a reel-to-reel recorder, creating warm and richly textured echoes. Analog tape echo sounded great -- but was difficult to manipulate. Reverb was even trickier: to create reverberations, sound was fed through metal plates, springs, and even humongous chambers and entire rooms.

Modern reverb and echo effects take inspiration from the classic sounds of these vintage effects, but come in a much smaller package. With ways to manipulate the amount, type, decay time, and tone of the processed sound, these reverb and echo effects pedals make it possible to create textures and soundscapes never before imagined -- while retaining the vintage warmth of analog technology.

Reverb and Echo: Classic Sounds

Why live in the past? As technology has advanced, so has the sonic potential of reverb and echo effects pedals. With modern features and controls, you can create blankets of sound never thought possible with only one guitar. Use these effects pedals to blend multiple reverbs, control the actual waveforms of the sound, or match your effect to the rhythm of your playing.

Reverb and Echo: Modern Sounds

Looking for the best reverb pedal under $150? Manufacturers can now create affordable reverb and echo effects pedals with just as much flexibility and sonic accuracy as the more expensive options. Try these budget-friendly delay and reverb effects pedals for under $150, and hear what you've been missing.

Reverb and Echo: Pedals Under $150
Delay Pedals
Capable of sounds both soothing and eerie, delay involves repeating the input audio signal a specified length of time after the original signal. Thus, a single note becomes a series of rhythmic beats, and a sparse sound becomes a densely layered one. The first delay effects were created by playing an audio signal or hand-made tape loop through a reel-to-reel recorder, which was then duplicated and played back a fixed length of time after the original sound, utilizing the multiple tape heads contained in the machine. Engineers could vary the length of the sample recorded and the speed of the loop to shape the effect.

With the advent of portable effects pedals, musicians can create their signature sounds without the heavy machinery. These pedals offer the vintage sound of analog tape machines -- with the ability to control the amount of delay, length of delay, speed of regeneration, and overall mix between the dry and wet signal.

Delay: Classic Sounds

The incorporation of microchips and computers into delay effects pedals has opened the door to greater sonic exploration. The ability to create multiple delays timed to the rhythm of your playing, and to trigger them manually or with your instrument, has allowed a single musician to be a one-man band. These advanced delay pedals offer unrivaled control over your sound. With multiple types of delays, multiple playback options, looping abilities, filters, and contour options, your sound has no limits.

Delay: Modern Sounds

What's the best delay pedal under $150? If you are looking for a great delay effect without hurting your wallet, look no further. These pedals are packed with the same features found in their more expensive cousins, but at a price anyone can afford.

Delay: Pedals Under $150