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June 17, 2022
Mono Cases Buying Guide

Mono Cases Buying Guide

In a sea of similar-looking gig bags and cases, Mono cases stand out from the pack. Thanks to their sleek, minimalist style and rugged construction, Mono has earned a reputation as designers of functional, fashionable cases that are built to last.

With a full fleet of cases for guitarists, bassists, DJs, keyboardists and drummers, there's a Mono case to protect everyone's favorite gear! We've put together this Mono Buying Guide to you help sort through the options and find the Mono case that best fits your needs.
Mono Cases for Guitarists
Guitarists have no shortage of options when it comes to Mono cases. Each line has its own inherent qualities, so which is "best" depends on your needs. Check out our rundown of these lines for electric, acoustic and bass guitars:

The Vertigo series is best known for The Boot, the rubber sole on the bottom that gives this case more balance when standing up. This helps you easily load in and pull out your guitar by the neck with the case pointing upright. Place your guitar in the case and its neck will fit right into the Headlock cradle, for optimal protection.

The M80 Single case keeps your guitar's neck in place via its Headlock system that straps around the neck. The case features foam padding all around the guitar's body. There's a front storage pouch to hold accessories and even a secret pouch at the headstock for personal items. Want to carry multiple axes to your show? With the M80 Dual cases, you can bring two electric guitars, two acoustics, or one acoustic and one electric anywhere you go.

The Sleeve line is where you'll find Mono's most affordable options. These cases feature the same Headlock cradling system as the Vertigo cases, EVA insole padding to protect your guitar's bottom and strap button and a messenger-style front pouch for accessories.

Still need a bit more room? The Mono Guitar Tick is an add-on luggage piece that easily attaches to your Mono case and lets you bring extra gear on your trip. The Tick can hold a small pedalboard, multi-effects unit, cables or any other accessories you need.

Mono Cases for Bassists
Mono Accessories & Pedalboard Cases
Complete your Mono ensemble with a Mono strap! The Betty is Mono's premier strap option with a generously padded memory foam core that's wide to reduce shoulder strain. And Mono's line of pedalboard cases offer military-grade protection for the pedalboard you put so much time into wiring up.
Mono Cases for Drummers
Mono doesn't forget the drummers when it comes to great cases. The Studio and Shogun stick bags hold your sticks, mallets, brushes and other gear, and hang off your floor tom for easy retrieval.
Mono Cases for DJs & Keyboardists
DJs, producers, and people who just have a lot of stuff to carry around will love the Mono EFX FlyBy. This modular backpack features a detachable laptop bag, plus enough room in the main compartment to hold your DJ controller, cables or a small stack of vinyl.

Lugging a keyboard or synth around to gigs? Mono's 61-key keyboard case uses a dual-hinge design so you can remove your keyboard with the bag standing up. High-density foam surrounds your prized keyboard so you don't have to worry about minor bumps.