Tune Up and Turn Up

Buying Guide: Tuners

You can add layer upon layer of effects to your signal chain, but if your guitar isn't in tune, your audience will be cringing. Keeping in tune is necessary to play with other pitched instruments -- or to play more than one note on your own guitar! Though many players can rely on their ear to adjust their strings' pitches to the correct tuning, in certain situations it's best to trust an electronic tuner.

Whether you're touring or just practicing at home, the right tuner will make this important ritual a breeze. Our Guitar Tuners Buying Guide is filled with the best and most trusted tuners available. Whether you need chromatic, polychromatic, or just a simple six-note guitar tuner, zZounds has exactly what's needed to get the job done.

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Clip-on Tuners
For a simple and portable tuner, these clip-ons are hard to beat. They're great for tuning while playing live since they only respond to the vibration of your instrument, ignoring the ambient noise from other instruments that usually decreases the accuracy of a microphone-based tuner. Since they don't require plugging in, you can clip these tuners onto a variety of acoustic instruments for easy and accurate tuning.

Compact Tuners
Do you play an acoustic guitar? Not a big fan of playing out in public? A compact tuner is one of the most affordable and convenient ways to stay in tune, with super-long battery life. Most compact tuners feature a built-in microphone -- essential for tuning acoustic instruments. Many of these compact tuners include chromatic tuning and on-board metronomes, making them a practice-room and accessory bag must-have.
Desktop Tuners and More
For immaculately precise tuning, a desktop tuner is the way to go. Integrate one of these into your studio rig, and ensure your playing and recording sounds its best. Or check out an automatic tuner like the Roadie series, for a ingenious solution for quick tuning. Another quick and easy way to tune up your guitar is with the help of automatic string winders.