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September 10, 2023
Fender Tone Master Amps + Pedals: zZounds Spotlight

Fender Tone Master Amps + Pedals

The Cutting Edge of Timeless Tone

If Fender's Tone Master amps look familiar, it's by design. They sound familiar too, capturing not only the exact tones, but the response and intangible character of the original Fender Twin and Deluxe Reverb tube amps you know and love. In fact, you'll only notice a difference when you pick them up -- because these solid-state amps are about half the weight of their tube counterparts!

To round out your Tone Master amp rig, we'd highly suggest Fender effects pedals. This complete line includes staples like overdrive and delay, plus a few truly innovative designs that compete with the hottest boutique pedals out there. Their uniform look, brushed metal housings, offset jacks and lighted knobs make them a durable, dependable, well-designed additions to any player's pedalboard.
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Fender Tone Master Twin Reverb

Fender Tone Master Twin Reverb
The tones of the Fender Twin Reverb amp is beloved among guitar players. What's not as beloved is carrying around its 64-pound frame. Fender's Tone Master Twin Reverb faithfully recreates all the glorious chiming clean tones and tube grit of the original with advanced solid-state circuitry and digital processing in an amp that weighs just 33 pounds!

The front panel remains exactly the same as an original mid-'60s Blackface Twin, and the controls interact with each other just like the original, too. That's because Fender meticulously engineered and programmed all points of the amp to model the original, from the preamp to the power amp, reverb and tremolo circuit, to the twin Jensen N-12K neodymium speakers, which emulate the Jensen C-12K speakers in the '65 Twin Reissue. Its 200 watts of power also afford you similar volume levels to the tube version, with all the headroom of the original.

Besides toting it up the stairs with one hand, there's another thing you can do much more easily with the Tone Master Twin: crank it! There are six selectable output levels on the back, letting you go from full power, to a level that will get you nice breakup on stage, to one you can dime at home and enjoy saturated Twin goodness in places never before possible.

Fender Tone Master Deluxe Reverb

Fender Tone Master Deluxe Reverb
If the iconic original Deluxe Reverb amp made a name for itself as a more giggable way to get that Twin Reverb tone, then the Tone Master Deluxe is now the most gig-friendly option for players seeking authentic Blackface-era tone.

This 1x12" solid-state combo perfectly replicates the chassis and control panel of a '65 Deluxe Reverb reissue, at about half the weight. The lush spring reverb and tremolo (labeled vibrato) are faithfully recreated using digital processing, and all controls interact with each other just as they would in the original Deluxe. You'll find the amp breaks up naturally just like a tube circuit -- but these saturated tones are now much more accessible, thanks to the six selectable output levels on the back.

The Tone Master Deluxe's Jensen N-12K speaker emulates the tube reissue Deluxe's Jensen C-12K, and its open-back pine cabinet resonates brilliantly. And like its bigger brother, the Tone Master Deluxe nails all the vintage aesthetics and features of an original Deluxe, from dual inputs on both channels, to the iconic silver grill and red jewel light, to the tilt-back legs.

Fender Overdrive & Distortion Pedals

Fender Overdrive and Distortion Pedal
At the top of many a guitarist's list of go-to effects is any pedal that adds gain. Fender's roster includes multiple overdrive, boost, distortion, and fuzz pedals designed to do just that.

If it's warm, classic overdrive you seek, the Santa Ana overdrive lets you dial in your dream tone, and gives you two switchable voices plus an on-board boost to really kick it into high gear. Tube devotees will want either the vintage-voiced MTG Tube Distortion or hard-rock-leaning MTG LA Tube Distortion, both of which cover a ton of ground from mild breakup to powerful tube saturation.

Are distortion pedals too one-dimensional for you? The Pugilist is a thinking person's distortion, with two blendable distortion circuits tailored for different levels of gain, which you can also stack for more insanity. The Compugilist takes the best of the Pugilist and adds a compressor, which is controllable via a second footswitch. Closing out the high-gain lineup is the Full Moon Distortion. Powerful tone controls, like a 4-band EQ, switchable symmetrical/asymmetrical clipping (texture) and a bite switch to emphasize pick attack make for fully customizable sounds.

Fender has fuzz freaks covered, too, with The Pelt, an original silicon fuzz circuit that covers vintage and modern tonal ground via a bloom control to affect the attack, a midrange switch and a thick switch to add low end. If you just can't decide on one tone, The Trapper Dual Fuzz lets you dial in two discrete fuzz tones, then select between them instantly via footswitch. The Trapper also gives you an on-board octave switch for emphasizing lead parts.

And last but not least, if your signal just needs a bit more oomph, the Engager boost has you covered. With a three-band EQ, midrange frequency selector switch, and selectable true or buffered bypass, the Engager goes above and beyond the call of duty.

Fender Delay & Reverb Pedals

Fender Delay and Reverb Pedals
Fender's delay and reverb pedals use powerful digital processing to add pristine ambiance to your tone. With three types of reverb along with two variations for each, the Marine Layer Reverb can add a little bit of space or put you in a swirling, shimmering soundscape. The Mirror Image Delay covers the classic analog and warbly tape echo, as well as precise digital repeats. A dotted eighth-note switch gives you that instant "U2" sound, and you can choose to have delay trails on or off when you disengage the pedal.

Can't decide between those two? The Reflecting Pool combines both incredible reverb and delay with additional features, like tap tempo and seven selectable beat subdivisions. The Tre-Verb draws more from Fender's past than any other pedal, modeling optical, biased and harmonic tremolo, along with Fender's '63 and '65 reverb sounds, plus a plate reverb. It's a vintage effects rig in a box!

Fender Modulation Pedals

Fender Modulation Pedals
Chorus is a staple for many guitarists, and Fender's Bubbler explores the limits of what chorus can do. Choose from triangle or sine wave chorus, and instantly switch between two preset speeds using the dual footswitches. The Pinwheel is Fender's take on a rotary speaker effect. Choose from three modes, dial in the right amount of drive, and enjoy swirling tone. The sensitivity knob can make it so your playing dynamics change the effect speed.

Phaser effects are an instant way to add a psychedelic touch to your tone, and the Lost Highway gives you more control than most. Choose from triangle or sine wave phase in 4 or 8 stages for unique textures, plus instantly go from preset slow and fast rates via footswitch. Envelope filters act as sort of an automatic wah, giving guitarists a uniquely funky effect. Fender's Pour Over gives you robust tone control over the filter sweep, which frequencies get cut, plus an on-board gain circuit for a pronounced crunch.

More Fender Pedals

More Fender Effects Pedals
A good compressor can be that missing link in your signal chain, and Fender's The Bends enhances your tone with an original circuit that lets players dial in the right blend of dry and compressed signal, and control the rate of recovery. If you're picking up a few of these Fender pedals, you might want to add the Level Set Buffer in too. This utility pedal brings back the volume and high-end tone that can get lost with longer cable runs. A dedicated tuner output helps it fit in with your board.

Fender's pedal lineup isn't just for electric 6-string players. If your main axe is an acoustic guitar, a couple of pedals can add versatility to your sound. The Smolder Acoustic Overdrive is designed to add a bit of dirt to the unique properties of an acoustic guitar. Dial in the right amount of drive, and set your treble and bass tones to taste. A pickup compensation control helps mellow out the occasionally harsh piezo tones. And if you play bass, check out the Downtown Express. This comprehensive bass tool puts compressor, overdrive, and equalizer circuits at your feet, letting you fine-tune your bass signal before sending it out to your amp, other pedals, recording interface, mixer, or PA via the XLR output.