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April 3, 2024
All-Star Gear: 2024's Trending Gear

All-Star Trending Gear

The releases that have social media buzzing

2024 is destined to be a memorable year in gear! From Epiphone bringing Gibson-level features (and headstock shapes) to select models, to IK Multimedia redefining what a small-format pedal can be capable of, to Arturia releasing several impressive new synths, you'll find many of the year's biggest stories in this All-Star guide!

Shop our Trending Gear All-Star guide and get the lowdown on these awesome new releases with social media stats and quotes from fans and zZounds customers. And of course, if there's anything here you must add to your own collection, get it sooner with zZounds' fast, free shipping and zero-interest payment plans!

Epiphone Dave Grohl DG-335

Epiphone Dave Grohl DG-335
Originally available as an extremely limited run from Gibson, Dave Grohl's iconic semi-hollowbody returned as an Epiphone offering, the DG-335, in 2024. Needless to say, it proved an instant favorite among followers of the grunge godfather.

Own it for $1,299.00 or 18 payments of $72.17!

From Epiphone's Instagram post:
"@epiphone my 25th birthday is April 24th in case you were wondering. But in all seriousness, you guys have just been continuing to listen to the fans and put out some amazing new guitars."

"I want to play one...will do it once I get to you, Gibson Garage."
- @50ampglamp

IK Multimedia TONEX ONE Modeling and Effects Pedal

IK Multimedia TONEX ONE Modeling and Effects Pedal
IK Multimedia's TONEX ecosystem has already drawn acclaim from guitarists for the incredible tonal realism and tone modeling software. With the mini-format TONEX ONE, they were able to shatter the barrier to entry, somehow fitting all that tech and tone into a mini pedal priced to reach the masses.

Own it for $179.99 or 6 payments of $30.00!

From IK Multimedia's Facebook post:
"That's one of the best and most interesting moves I've seen! Thanks for keeping up the good stuff for everyone."
- Fernando González

"They must be aliens. There's no way humans came up with something like this. This pedal will create a revolution in the industry and there are a lot of R&D folks at some of the major manufacturers sweating bullets right now."
- A Happy zZounds Customer

Electro-Voice ZLX-12P-G2 Powered Loudspeaker

Electro-Voice ZLX-12P-G2 Powered Loudspeaker
Whenever a brand releases a second generation of a top-selling product, it's a big deal. That was certainly the case when Electro-Voice introduced the ZLX G2 series earlier this year. With enhanced SPL handling and more detailed articulation than ever, the ZLX-12P G2 is sure to become a favorite. Learn more about the ZLX G2 series in our Spotlight guide!

Own it for $549.00 or 8 payments of $68.63!

From EV's Instagram post:
"Love my new ZLX12 G2. Now going to get a sub to go with them, looking at the EKX18."
- @10spd_johnny

Arturia AstroLab Digital Stage Keyboard

Arturia AstroLab Digital Stage Keyboard
Arturia has been on a tear of late, releasing the MiniFreak and PolyBrute 12 in recent months. But it was the AstroLab that kicked things off. Designed to help seamlessly integrate your studio setup into a live performance tool, the AstroLab had keyboardists salivating at all the possibilities.

Own it for $1,599.00 or 12 payments of $133.25!

From Arturia's Instagram post:
"Knocked it out the park. But are people missing the biggest thing here? All Arturia software is ported to hardware it seems, will we see guitar pedals with the full FX suite? Pigments hardware version? Arturia FX in next gen audio interfaces?"

"Phenomenal!! I will have to move my Keylab 49 over and make room! @jaedeal did an awesome demo!"
- @iamqueencora

Fender Tom DeLonge Starcaster Electric Guitar

Fender Tom DeLonge Starcaster Electric Guitar
Blink-182's recent reunion with singer and guitarist Tom DeLonge was certainly a huge story in the music world, and guitarists have something else to celebrate this year with the release of his signature Starcaster!

Own it for $1,199.99 or 12 payments of $100.00!

From Fender's Instagram post:
"This was the best birthday surprise I could have asked for! Already ordered the shell pink one! ❤"
- @13rvnd

"That pink is so beautiful. Looking forward to trying it" - @theguitargeek_

Lewitt Audio Ray XLR Condenser Microphone

Lewitt Audio Ray XLR Condenser Microphone
It seems like devices of all sorts just keep getting smarter, and microphones have proven no exception. Released in 2024 by Lewitt Audio, Ray is an intelligent condenser microphone that automatically adjusts levels based on your proximity!

Own it for $349.00 or 8 payments of $43.63!

From Lewitt Audio's Instagram post:
"This thing is a game changer in the podcast/livestream/Zoom world! Can't wait to get my hands on one!"
- @40wattpodcast

"Innovation at its finest. Is the circuit built after the 440 pure?"
- @juampi_ns (and per @lewittaudio, yes it is.)

Sheeran Loopers Looper X

Sheeran Loopers Looper X
It's not every day that a pop superstar starts their own pedal brand, but it happened in 2024! The Looper X and Looper + are the first offerings from Ed Sheeran's Sheeran Loopers brand, and definitely generated major waves upon their announcement.

Own it for $1,299.00 or 12 payments of $108.25!

From Sheeran Loopers' Facebook post:
"I was reading Ed Sheeran's biography book and watched his videos of him looping, got me to quit my job that I hated, started learning how to loop and sing live and since then I've been doing what I love and make a living out of it. Thanks Ed Sheeran for the inspiration, for now I really can enjoy life as a musician."
- Bodzio Świerczek

Epiphone 1959 Les Paul Standard Electric Guitar

Epiphone 1959 Les Paul Standard Electric Guitar
A long wished-for feature came this year when Epiphone officially started producing guitars with the Gibson-shaped headstock. Starting with the Adam Jones 1979 Les Paul Custom, the classic "open-book" style got a wider release in the Epiphone Inspired By Gibson Custom collection, which features several electric and acoustic models, including this stunning recreation of a 1959 Les Paul Standard.

Own it for $1,299.00 or 18 payments of $72.17!

From Epiphone's Instagram post:
"I bought one. The factory burst and for once I can say the neck and sound on this thing rivals Gibson. It's the best LP from Epiphone I've ever owned and played."

Zildjian Z Custom Mega Bell Ride Cymbal

Zildjian Z Custom Mega Bell Ride Cymbal
Zildjian's biggest, baddest ride returns, and 30 years after its original launch, the Z Custom Mega Bell ride made a huge splash in the drum world. Drummers were quick to recall their fondness of this 21" cymbal built to slice right through even the thickest mix.

Own it for $419.95 or 8 payments of $52.49!

From Zildjian's Instagram post:
"I have a Z Custom Ride from the early '90s. I love it. I have beat the hell out of it over that whole time and it always asks "is that it?" Couple that with my 13" K/Z hats….nuff said!"
- Gerard Gallagher

"My go-to ride has been a 22" medium heavy Z3 ride. It's a beast and much more versatile than you might think."
- Iain Robert

Ernie Ball Cloud Comfort Guitar Strap

Ernie Ball Cloud Comfort Guitar Strap
Yes, we are going to talk about a strap now. Ernie Ball is known for smartly designed accessories, and their Cloud Comfort strap had everyone feeling a little...lighter. Sure to be a hit with gigging bassists and those who love vintage instruments, the Cloud Comfort reduces the pressure on your neck, shoulders, and back thanks to innovative padding material.

Own it for $39.99!

From Ernie Ball's Instagram post:
"Truly a great strap. I grabbed one over other companies because it just looks like a strap and it’s not goofy looking!"
- @actual.matt.torres

"Well...all my straps are gonna be replaced by this!"
- @mingliiang