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February 15, 2024

Spotlight: Electro-Voice ZLX G2 Series

The Sequel Has Arrived

How do you improve upon a best-seller? That's the question Electro-Voice had to answer with their ZLX G2 series, a sequel to the ever-popular ZLX powered PA speaker family.

The answer involved giving users more, and in some cases, less. ZLX G2 speakers offer more output, a wider frequency response, and more ways to control your sound, including the QuickSmart Mobile app, the on-board four-channel mixer and LCD screen, and multiple tilting positions. And as for what ZLX G2 offers less of -- that would be weight, back strain, and time loading in, setting up, and tearing down!

Read on to learn more about ZLX G2 powered and passive PA speakers, and find the right size that suits your needs on stage or in your venue!
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ZLX-8P-G2 Powered Loudspeaker (1x8")

ZLX-8P-G2 Powered Loudspeaker (1x8")
Making its debut for gen 2, the ZLX-8P-G2 is the baby of the family, housing an 8" woofer. But don't be fooled -- this compact and super portable speaker can output 126 dB max SPL, and is rated at 1000 watts -- plenty to handle most gigs.

Its small size and 23.5 lb weight make it the perfect option for singer-songwriters and solo performers, or anyone with limited space in their trunk. Plus, its ability to lie horizontally and angled at 55 degrees makes it excel as a personal floor monitor or as an FRFR speaker for guitarists!

Like all ZLX-G2 series speakers, the ZLX-8P-G2 is available in a passive version!

ZLX-12P-G2 Powered Loudspeaker (1x12")

ZLX-12P-G2 Powered Loudspeaker (1x12")
Within the ZLX family, the 12" size has always been the most popular, giving the ZLX-12P-G2 some big shoes to fill. Thankfully, EV outfitted their second-gen model with advanced features, like standard Bluetooth streaming and control via the QuickSmart Mobile app over the four-channel mixer and its on-board effects. Of course, if you're up-close, you can adjust everything via the intuitive single-knob encoder and bright, easy-to-read LCD screen!

However you choose to use your ZLX-12P-G2 -- in Music, Live, Speech, Club or FRFR modes -- and tilted horizontally, kicked-back vertically, pole-mounted, or wall-mounted with the help of an optional steel yoke, you can expect a well-balanced frequency response that suits your performance and venue's needs.

Like all ZLX-G2 series speakers, the ZLX-12P-G2 is available in a passive version!

ZLX-15P-G2 Powered Loudspeaker (1x15")

ZLX-15P-G2 Powered Loudspeaker (1x15")
The biggest and baddest of the bunch, the ZLX-15P-G2 delivers both the most volume (129 dB max SPL) and the deepest lows (down to 42 Hz) of any speaker in the ZLX G2 family. With a 15" woofer, it's the ideal choice for DJs and electronic artists who dig deep in the low end, and with its easy-to-operate EQ and DSP, you'll have no trouble getting your sound just right.

There are plenty of features in the G2 series you may not notice right away, like EV's patented Signal Synchronized Transducers ported waveguide. This unique design helps low end signal travel further while keeping a balanced frequency response across the speaker's horizontal and vertical coverage area. That keeps crowds happy from the front row to the back of the house!

Like all ZLX-G2 series speakers, the ZLX-15P-G2 is available in a passive version!